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  1. Trebonth: Pain and confusion... As soon as I got up from the tree shade, my head started to pound badly. I gripped it with a left hand, almost grunting from pain. “You gotta be kidding me…” I growled from a pain and disbelief. As much as as I tried to avoid these situations, it wasn’t possible to cover all the possibilities. “Curses on the stealer, he wanted me to die from dehydration, am I right?” Wait, but dehydration is different, and even despite headache, this could be also a heat wave that hit me or the hyperthermia that hit me. If it was the case, I was the only one to blame. Suddenly, I felt like a sucking sensation… I couldn’t breathe, and promptly begun to choke, yet I wasn’t at same time. God knows what kind of grip did I get on the neck. I couldn’t take it any more, anyway. I promptly fell to the roadside, with a loud thud and lots of pain from this. I was still awake and conscious, yet I wanted it to end. I wanted just to go asleep. I just wanted anything to happen. Paved road made of simple red bricks, heated by sun didn’t give me the occasion to sleep, or even close the eyes, though. I could roll around to the patch, but I felt mass of an elephant trying to crush me, yet it wasn’t. “Ow… This wasn't supposed to happen... to me.” I coughed up and tried to close the eyes. I couldn’t, but I could still hear some voices. - (The hell just happened to the foreigner?) - (I swear it’s almost like Warsaw…) I couldn’t hear it any further, head was ringing further and further. Simple things were the only ones that were still around… sight and touch. Pain was getting bigger and bigger. Pain. Pain that never seemed to end. Pain that would’ve caused me to faint… wait, why am I not fainting? Pain, just pain. I wished that I just was knocked unconscious, to have a dream, to have a dream of shot killing me over and over again, I preferred these from this state. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, and years into eternity… eternity that didn’t want to come away. And that wouldn’t be true if Poland was still there. The vision was fading from pain, but I was still left with thoughts. Urgh, I wanted to faint this instant. I heard the bizarre judgment. I saw news about three first Poles missing in arson and three creatures killed the same day. Maybe they would kill a creature that was taking my place and I wake up back in Katowice? That would be heaven, but my home became ruins like three or five days ago from bomber aircraft, or so I heard from the soldiers that occupied my city. I just wanted to shut down my brain, but it was impossible, how am I supposed to knock myself faint when I literally can't move or feel anything? Was I left only with my own thoughts? And when I thought it wouldn't end, I began to feel once again. But how? My eyes still have the dark fog that doesn’t want me to see anything, I was deaf to the sounds, I couldn’t smell anything. The annoyingly hot surface I felt before was somewhat hot, and air was, too. Wait, would it be the same location? I forgot the time, it was so painful, it wasn’t in any matter funny at all. The next was the smell of- oh hell, it is really bad, I wanted to cough, but I couldn’t. It’s like smoke, but who’d set me or anything nearby on fire? Then, I could hear- wait, what? OWWW, okay, this awakening hurts badly, very badly and smells like a smoke. Normally, it was only annoyingly loud. Now, I felt like I’ll explode all over again. And again and again, like an never ending cycle of pain and ouch. Why do I have to suffer like that? I suddenly and instinctively gasped for breath- wait, what happened? I swear I didn’t gasp this way, I think I heard something else. Just as I opened eyes, I noticed that everything seemed to be more blurry than it already was, only road was sharper. It also seemed to be... greener? What happened to my sight? I almost were to hold my hand, when… wait, I can’t reach my head with these. Or are they missing? No, I still feel these. Another thing is - did the world just get bigger? I would probably imagine myself as a dwarf, with a bad vision, short arms and lying on ground, with funny voice and overly sensitive smell, needing help to get up, but when I tried to get up, I couldn’t, I collapsed to ground as shortly as I only felt ground from two feet. Ah hell… I thought a curse, it was just laughable. Great, just… ugh. Not just my head pounds from noise, not just do I smell smoke, not just I couldn’t talk… I was also quite defenceless. I could only sum this situation with three words: What an embarrassment. I only hoped that nobody else would see me like this, failing to get on two legs.
  2. Left 4 Dead 2 - Hunters aren't a joke, nor is wasting a fine piece of aggro drawer. Thankfully, after the death, I had no other deaths.
  3. This post starts the RP. Trebonth: These days today... Past is what killed my family, it would be no surprise to kill me in close future, I taught myself since destruction of my home city. But who was to blame about? I didn't think that even if the people responsible for that were killed, it would mend my mental injuries or restore Poland. I was forced away. Away with me to Barcelona. Never before I was in other city than Katowice... well, except Warsaw and Kraków. Who cares about these details? Probably none but... well... my relatives- wait, they're dead. Scratch it, it deemed to be a bit nostalgic. Another thing - I still kinda wish that Judgment Day will come and these idiots who destroyed my home city will pay for that. Okay, calming down, I was walking, or rather limping around street, putting more weight on my left leg rather than right one, as it was stronger, apparently left from La Sagrada Famillia. It seemed to be early afternoon, as the sun mercilessly whipped me and made me thirsty. I went a bit into shadows, as these were the only ones to give me this kind of protection against sunlight. Ah yes, the palms, these were quite high. And it was my first time I saw these for real. I was listening to the prayer recently, but I didn't know what meaning was in it. I kinda just repeated all these words while others were saying that, and it wasn't successful even a bit. I never was a crowd person. As if I wished I had none of that, I guess. Since I had no relatives, no job, no friends, I had to beg. It was a hard rock to swallow after all, as I was living as rich... well, maybe it was a bit forced, but I wasn't able to complete my education either. I wondered about the future. It wouldn't be the same. One person, supposedly a Spanish tourist, insulted me as "worthless Pole" in English. I couldn't help but bear a grudge, since he was clearly stronger at me. Anyway, the living as beggar also had it's visual side... wait, what did I just say? Nevermind me. Anyway, my clothes, bright blue hoodie and fabric jeans, which were damaged the most in the fire and attempt to escape, the hoodie torn off near my chest and left arm... yeah, it hurts whenever I'm touching it. Under these, I wore white shirt, which was one of the two belongings which survived the destruction. I wore black socks along with sandals, as it was forbidden for my family to put off socks outside the house. As my sight at greater range was bad, I mostly used glasses, as without them, I couldn't see too far, maybe 20 or 30 metres for biggest letters to become blurry, smaller ones typically being blurry from 1,5 metres away, maybe less. Yeah, this was a bad side of having short-sight. As I was thinking, I found myself walking in the park, looking at various people. Most of them seemed to say strange words. Probably their native language, Spanish. As I went further, there was an interesting sight - a Spanish protesting. But I was a Pole, in addition exiled with no knowledge of Spanish at all. All I could say was kinda broken greeting between Spanish and Polish. Most of people had smartphones, only I had none. I pulled out a sign and glanced at it... {In need - a victim of Three Days War. Donations are nice.} I pulled out my cardboard box, also salvaged. Inside, there were only like 2 or 3 Euros. "I have to get more of the money, I need to be well-fed." I said that to myself, before sitting on a bench, setting myself up. I put the box first, then the sign, all while nodding the anthem of Poland... if anything, this made me sad. A tear jerked through my right eye, but I swiped it. Real men doesn't cry. I mentally slapped myself. Wait, these words still rang in my head. "Be brave, John, just be brave. Be strong, you will find yourself in the environment you know nothing about. And you might need to adapt..." Right, my dead mothers speech. She was quite a rich businesswoman, who kinda wanted me to be a businessman. But I wanted to be a builder or IT technician or other job, to be active, and not just sitting in a throne of money. She was dying from a wound in the abdomen, but before the hit and death, she told me these words. I heard all of this. My mother's shriek when she was hit in the abdomen. A lot of bullets piercing the body. And the injury that was pretty much not so fatal. I heard falling skyscrapers and explosions, I heard tanks and planes. Blood and pain... Deaths favourite place. I asked myself why did they want to destroy my city. I didn't know the answer. I left my question unanswered. --------- Just as someone was going, maybe to give me some Euro... THAT ONE BAD THIEF! HE TOOK AWAY MY BEGGAR STUFF! Wait, is he... same Spanish who said I'm worthless? I'm going to show him soon, what is Pole able to do. But first order to do... "THIEF!" I shouted angrily, but the thief ran away! Well, maybe he didn't steal anything too important, but still, he took away what I got for a drink! I saw nobody to help me... There was nobody interested nearby. I felt powerless again. I guess I have to make the sign and the box again, eh? Well, screw it, I'm going near the pond and ponder about meaning of my life first. Just as my mother... well, dead mother predicted, I have to adapt. Then, I heard some Spanish saying something I couldn't comprehend. - (Dios mio, this person seems to be troubled.) - (Indeed, Rodrigez, also he doesn't seem to be speaking Spanish. If he did, he could reply.) - (Paulos, who is he then?) - (I think he's probably from country with language not being Spain... And that recently had a war. Look at the rip. This could be a bullet, right?) - (Easily I could dismiss as Syrian refugee, but the war in Poland... and the coming transformations in a city in Poland? Erm, I mean, Free City of something... I mean - people turn there, but to be optimist, why would the virus turn a human into something? Especially there, in Barcelona?) - (As far as I know, I see no logical reason. The virus in some city of Poland doesn't matter. What matters is... Hmm, either Libyan or Syrian or Polish or Ukrainian refugee.) - (Well, there's three major flaws. First - there was almost no Syrian or Libyan with such a skin. Second - Donetsk and Lugansk are already Ukrainian as part of agreement with Russia that Ukraine will help Russia in the war against Poland. Which means one thing.) - (Which one?) - (I don't know, I'm already wasting a lot of time, but he's probably Polish... unless I'm wrong.) - (Well, we only know Spanish.) I was honestly surprised at what did they say. I couldn't get any meaning of it, as I was still focused on the lake. Slowly putting my one hand for support, getting up and straightening my legs, I walked more, but I needed to go to shadow. A nice, cool shade of tree. Otherwise I'll dehydrate, and just die or whatever bad thing will happen, like having to go to hospital or getting beaten up by my weakness.... Urk, sometimes I really wish that the bullet in Katowice hit my heart instead of arm and killed me before, but if I did, what would I gain? Some less days of precious life, no chance to enact the revenge and eternal peace? No, I'm better alive... At least not everything is as bad as I thought it was. Especially the prayers reminded me of the lost home country.
  4. Halt - Impulse as an action. Halt was honestly surprised when he saw the strange humanoid-shaped construct somewhere in the alley, as it was the first visitor for ages for him. Not that he had anything to do with his stuff, he followed silently. As in a construct would believe my job offer, heh... He started to move just behind the construct, taking the closer look at it. Now he realized, he forgot to cover right part of the stall with iron plate, and it didn't look good. Well, one more more thing to fix after I find out what does it offer to me, or anything. I just don't want to be jobless any more. He didn't forget to grab his belongings - they were heavy, though and Halt wasn't sure how much would he be able to drag entirety of his inventory in situation, he had to follow it. He joked a bit around how did he see the world, but coming from his tongue was nothing but a sarcastic thought. Most of the time was actually looking thoroughly through the papers with job lists, that were expired. Yeah, expired, but nobody made a date of expiration visible, anyway, as date of expiration was mostly fifteen days from giving a offer - an old and unwritten rule between those such as him. One expired just before Halt left his latest job. Just as Halt was trying to stay a safe distance, he stupidly tripped on the stone while his eyes were trying to grasp most of the visitors' details, lost the balance and almost fell, while trying to desperately regain the balance. He just went before the construct, as Halt would've called the robot, unaware of this fact. Wait, where did the construct go? Just the thought that he could miss a potential client could make someone such as Halt nervous, very nervous. "Ah for Dead Gods' sake, why am I such an idiot?" He angrily cursed himself, most likely because he wasn't taking enough care of the narrow road, his memory was well enough to remember the road.
  5. Halt and the Mysterious Offer. Halt was doing various stuff today, for first and foremost important seemed to be cleaning stall, and comparing the offers for various villains. A lot of them weren't promising, though. Yet another offer not revolving about gains... what can I do with like five coins? Nothing. The stall was ruined from age and clearly recycled, the wood under the clean plate of iron rotting, and various attempts to hide that - crimson-red paint, paper and feather to sign the offer as acquired. So why was he in the otherworldly bazaar? He had just enough working as private paid assassin. Too much of hassle, not enough pay-off. Especially with my powers being useful elsewhere. Some trophies included skulls of fallen from his crossbow, a beak of a big bird, hunted illegally, a diamond stolen from a rich citizen. The alley Halt was in wasn't bright - two or three lamps lighting the road with some stalls completely hidden. The stalls were long-empty, too, as nobody was running them. Some even were just pile of wood. As he looked again, some offers were entirely different from what he wanted. Some wanted him to fight in open, which he denied absolutely, as they only offered like single coin for being most valuable alone. Others were just bland boring, with low payout. He denied most, but two. But he waited. Waited for more offers. There could be more offers standing off the others than two "prevent saving the world" jobs, paying just slightly more than his last job, which paid fifteen coins per kill, for high ranked nobles only. He waited, for more visitors to go near him and send him an offer, slightly sighing by the time he was getting bored. I swear there is always prey hunting to do. Why there's nothing with a surplus for me to do!? He sat, bored, on a chair. It was in better state than the stall, and somewhat safe, but still ugly due to age nonetheless. Time hasn’t treated the chair well - it was bleak, with some wood coming off, rotten.
  6. I am like super bored, so here you go. Name: Halt, the Slayer. Origin: OC, not from any game. Info: Really bloodthirsty bandit, who felt like being villain pays less than being a hero. A born mercenary, but really flexible for that job. Doesn't really tolerate whoever comes to abrupt the task. He also hates being found, too much foes, impossible missions,and that goes on. He's in reality just a bland boring human for all the time, excluding his abilities. On the back, he wields his crossbow, Halbvatr, and the bolt, called Whisper. He wears the pitch-black armour, apparently made of bird leather (which was called Greater Shadow Drykl - normally a dog sized elemental birds, but Greater are size of an adult mare.) He is pale with green eyes and black, short hair, and beard that only covers the jaw and the mouth when not shaved. Well-built, is shorter than average human, though, but nimbler fingers, though. He's 23 right now. He was born in poor noble Magi family, which abandoned him when they couldn't feed him. At twelve, he was doing various crimes, he even had been called Halt because 'Guards always call halt to criminals to stop them, but stop themselves by the awe of the crime his criminal has done, while he just disappears in the thin air.' The eighteenth birthday was a time of first paid job - illegal hunts. There, he killed his first Shadow Drykl. He chose a skin as a reward, not the usual coins. Changing jobs often, he gained more and more tools to do his bidding - Whisper for example is a trophy from dungeon raiding, Halbvatr is a weapon stolen from first guard. Also, he got a lot of non-combat trophies, so much he has a bag for them. The assassination was the latest job he had - he was paid well, but compared to some jobs - still not enough. The recent trophies - rusty iron bolt, a skull and vial of rotten blood are from the first paid murder. Abilities: Ranged mastery - While Halt was a bandit, he learned a lot of the motto "Never let your opponent hit you." Being trained with the ranged weaponry, Halt can utilize them to his advantage before his foe can go into melee range. In case of the multiple people fighting, Halt will always stand behind the team. Gusting - Halt has some magic of his own too. This ability makes him able manipulates any sort of air, and moves them around, creating gusts of wind, short-lived, but potentially powerful. It's not precise - suffocating people is a very hard task, perhaps even impossible. Banditry - Halt has almost no moral quails, coming to battles, as well as to questionable moves. As long as it's worth the effort, he will do it, no matter how immoral is it, ranged from simple crimes like theft, ending with pure evil, like assassination. He's skilled in these immoral things too. Vigilance - Halt will always check twice the room, allowing him to swiftly deduct the amount of traps and various hazards, including natural one. Ambushing on Halt is somewhat harder, but still possible, barring the good luck of the ambusher. Sneaky shadow - The training also left Halt with decent amount of sneaking skills, further enhanced with his armour. The sneaking peaks in darker locations, and combined with the banditry, makes Halt deadly from behind. Sometimes, he's called Death, due to the style of killing - unseen, unheard, and mostly without any witnesses. It doesn't help in battles much, though. Link to wiki: Nada. Others: Halt has a left hand clawed. Contrary to what others say it could act as, the claws mostly seem to be to grip the string of ranged weapon with ease. His passion is only one. Thrill of having a job to do. Halt only shaves the beard around his mouth, as this is the one of two parts (the other being hair for obvious reason) being shaved by himself. Whisper always returns to the quiver, but is somewhat weaker than most bolts, except wooden ones. Halt speaks Common and the special, banditry words are sometimes snuggling in his wording, like lost and grabbed - stolen. Often the crimes are lengthened this way. He will have nothing against brawling with others over single plan detail or something less important, that feels important to Halt.
  7. RP Advertisement Name of RP: Unusual Occurence Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/183298-unusual-occurence/ # of active RPers: Only me as for time I wrote this, freshly approved. Plot Summary: People turning into creatures after the substance was spread in the Three Days War, taking place in real world in Europe. That's all you need to know. Other: PM me if you're writing a character sheet. You can use either Discord if you have it, or OOC thread, if you're afraid of PMing. More info about the RP can be found when you click the link. This RP is actually flexible partially, but sometimes it will also influence the characters, so you won't get stuck with chattering while having fun and freedom.
  8. This is an OOC Thread for Unusual Occurence, which can be found there. The link to Discord is there. Rules, character sheets etc. can be found in the main file, the first link highlight. Here, you can discuss the roleplay itself, ask help with dice, discuss characters and ideas with the RP without clogging down main page, if you don't have access to Discord.
  9. News: The OOC thread can be found there:
  10. Terraria. We called Ichor Stickers a lot of bad names that much, we infamously called the Crimson bad name too. Destroyer battle - A lot of stupid deaths. Mostly because of Destroyers ridiculous HP and damage.
  11. Seeking RPs Username: Trebonth Preferred style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): Pretty much medium to long posts, and best if it's an open RP. I don't mind 1x1, although I want other people to speak too, nor do I mind GMed games. Preferred genre: Anything that includes changing from human into something. Can also do Pokemon and medieval. Other: I am an RPer who wants to increase his skills in writing. I tend to be somewhat trigger-go-happy with the fights, blood and death, being sometimes too serious, but I can consider myself at least semi-literate. If someone includes people turning into something as the plot and rules required, expect me to jump in blindly!
  12. Seems like I got it from the same character from other forums. The forums username literally was at first duellist, then I had an idea to make an OC out of the name. It fit the OC very well. The scrollname is remnant of the playthough of Terraria I once had, but not finished for some reason. Yeah, I was pretty lazy back then, I am lazy today too.
  13. Yeah... probably not going to rely on bots... Tank wiped the team quite a lot of times. Just due to trivial mistake, argh.
  14. Stranded II, Left 4 Dead 2, P: SMD (Aka PMD4; 2DS)... Also Bound by Flames, Terraria and Starbound. Obviously all games except Pokemon one are for PC.
  15. Grr, Left 4 Dead. Smokers + me = they being Nemezis of me, especially when you only have Melee weapon. (Last Samurai fail)
  16. I am royally standing Royal Blue hatchling, who wishes to already mature to become the 'king' of dragons.
  17. This and perhaps even a lot of these conversations went too silent for my feeling... What did I miss? As in I feel like some of the warnings (namely the one about approving taking week or more) is true today. From myself I can also add two no-no's 1. Deviating story too much and focusing on two characters that are in romance. 2. Whining about timezones. Just accept that and write walls of text when others are gone!
  18. (Sighhhh... look at my profile, then you see Contact methods. Just replace https://dragcave.net/user/xxx with https://dragcave.net/user/Thartler) Why have you killed me ;_; I was going to be Avatar of Creation
  19. One word: Smokers. Cause of all the deaths of mine in Left 4 Dead 2. Died like three times from these Smokers, twice bots weren't going to rescue me. But once, it was just that I didn't predict where will Smoker pop. Bam, wipe after Tank incapacitated other bots. This was no one fault, it happened, it was just unlucky death.
  20. Current avatar is nothing out of ordinary, just a shiny Snivy that I decided to paint using Gimp. But it seems to be somewhat also my recurring avatar from old time ago. I made my own Snivy when I found out the stock one had a watermark.