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  1. Av-value The slime noticed another shapy thing - odd and dry? It still was a bit confused, but it let itself around the organic, that didn't feel like it's existing. Still, along the weird shape had it moved, to feed on the organics, that's it. It was the only way it could go, as it felt promising to it. And so, it decided to absorb whatever was near the dry organic. It was still hungry. It still needed some organics.
  2. Avvalue As the slime noticed the sludgy organics being hard bad, it tried to shift the body upward against the organics. It was only way it could go, and as well it was the only way to freedom. It doesn't like the thought of spending so much energy to try to swallow it too, but it was a necessity for other tasties. The bottom was nothing it would want to swallow, though - nothing that could be worth of interest.
  3. Trebonth: Who's there? Or what's there? I was going back to where I last have been to. Well, there can't be anything other wrong, I guess... just me as a lizard, maybe the noise of driving car being somehow occasional... It's just a question, how I wanted to spend time. I needed to understand myself in other way than self-mind reading! Then I arrived and saw... oh well, the pigeon clearly was bleeding, and it didn't surprise me. Maybe it's just its own fault? I glanced at the wild-living one. Some blood pooled around it. Disgusting, but the similar wound I've experienced in the fight. Oh well. Guess I had nothing to do, and the pack seemed like being locked. How would I open it though? With legs not in my line of sight and my mouth being the only one, I still wasn't sure if I could do it. Wait, what's the car noise? Ack! I tried to swerve to a side to notice it's not near me, but like good chunk of distance from me. Still, it was a scary encounter, and I hoped that this won't happen again. Wait, what's the grunt? I looked around. A lizard, probably bigger than me. It rubbed me in somewhat... different way, like what was this stench coming off from it? I didn't flee, maybe because of remaining memories? The grunt made me curious. Had he been illiterate? Or does it have the similar past? I thought about it. The bigger one didn't seem like one dangerous. Nor would it probably eat me, right? I tried to greet it-oh, it still went out garbled. The intention was good, though, and I heard a curious hiss... from myself? But the strange birdie was gone as well. Did it abandon me? I shouldn't think about that, I should think about what intention has it for me, though. If only I was sated... maybe I would be more focused, though.
  4. Trebonth: Curiosity is always first step to hell. As I thought about why my belly was demanding the food, I listened to the pigeons, one from the wild and one city one, who strangely also were saying in sort of alien language, but weren't just cooing or whatever, but actually... sorta speaking? Well, this couldn't be weirder than it is currently. I thought light-headedly and confused. Besides the conversation, though, I noticed how the strange crimson bird woke up and- Saints, have me at your mercy... what is THAT? I stumbled back and promptly fell on belly as I lost the thin balance, as I got disturbed by the sight of it. Indeed, it looked like an eldritch abomination, just gross, but for plus I could just tell myself that it ISN'T a soldier from NATO, because that would be just... a slap into a face... grr, them soldiers, they fight for anything but not for freedom. And it looked... I would puke at sight of it, but thankfully I didn't learn that yet, whatever I am. Well, guess I had to go somewhere, just to get away from the sickly thing. I moved away from the place, and decided to find something to drink, hopefully that doesn't get too ha- huh. What's it- Agh, I blinked hard, but the sign nearby still looks like six-year old tried to paint something. I can't identify even part of it. Guess I won't get any information from it... damn, I'll just go further then. Well, that was quite disappointing, but I am not the one who was reading that anyway. I looked away from the sight, wondering why I can't get any of that. But then I still needed to find water. Hmm, I walked some more, still not used to that low 'crawling'- wait, did I see a puddle? Water! I can finally drink from it! Well, it takes some time, especially when I don't see arms myself, but- wait, this isn't water, it's a mirror. When was it abandoned there, anyway? This is a waste of a good glass. What is that beige underside? Is a snake looking at me? If you're really there, are you understanding me? Well, I had stupid ideas, this one is also one. I tilted my head, in confusion and curiosity. Reflection did the same, looking at me with one, green eye- wait, what's the matter with pupil? Is it the entire eye? I gasped and the 'grass snake' did the same, still sounding funny. I tried to say, and not only did it go garbled. It also made my... tongue move? It also seemed to connect with the 'snake' What even happened with me that I look like a grass snake anyway? Not only that. I can notice the yellow eyelids when I blinked, which normally would be taken as a manicure... Eww, I didn't manicure my face, really. I didn't do it at all, it was a job for some women who act cool. The crimson-red... scales? What kind of the colour was that? The beige underbelly? Now my head was pounding from confusion, that much, that I tried to reach the head again. Turns out my arm... shortened by a lot and had been build like a lizard... one? This didn't happen, I'll just pretend this never happened. Shock slowly turned into disbelief in my case, but primal urges aren't to be ignored. Hmm, now that I know what roughly I am, a weird grass snake with lizard limbs and leafy tail, what would I do? Oh god, I'm confused. I'm very serious and sure that this isn't natural. How would have I turned, when there was no case of turning in Katowice? Did I catch a virus while my home city was besieged? Or was it rubble with dead people? Never-mind, I still feel dry in the neck. I still need to find a puddle now. Being parched is worse than being hungry - I still needed to drink water- and here it is. Water. As in the puddle water. Now I drank some water. Well, that wasn't good, but it wasn't that disgusting as I thought. Okay okay, I have to calm myself now. I'm still hungry, but what will I do with my stomach then? I can't fill it with the air, because first - it's no use to do it, second - even if, I can't eat air. Maybe it would be a good idea to check on the 'bird' again. But still, how come that on the feral day I became a grass snake? I was really sure that no infected person was near me, even at war. Ugh, I can't even focus at all, that much confusion I had. As I returned back to the 'birds', I was quite trying my best to adapt to the body. First, I tried to say hello multiple times, but all of the attempts failed miserably. Ugh, if I was able to speak, I would give anything for just the speech ability. And understanding one, too. Well, guess I'll try to learn on my own hand how to speak and understand myself then. Maybe I'll return to under bridge, because I spent so much time being confused by myself, and I just don't want to get lost.
  5. Trebonth: I can't even stooooooooooooop! As I followed the stones, into freedom, I noticed the trees. But was it really the freedom I wanted at first? What even happened when I turned? I felt strange urge of leaving the human alone, but at other side - to stop, but - whaaa!? I couldn't even dig my fingers deep enough to stop! I wanted to check on myself in peace, but I kept running for some reason. Did I forget how to stop hardly on the ground, or was that I just couldn't? What in the world? A hole, in addition out of nowhere!? No, please no, no please- phew! That was very close, as I turned around in very wide arc. I had no idea how, though, and I ended up almost colliding with... what happened to human, anyway? Nothing important, as long as I can at least avoid crashing on the obstacle I'll be good. But I was getting tired, and as adrenaline crashed on me too, my legs finally stopped, and I landed on my own belly. And I stopped, but was barely thinking. No thanks to you, exhaustion. Wait, but did I hear thunder? No time for this, I had no energy for moving. Still, that was somewhat near a person, and that's when my eyes were going to close to sleep... guess the check would be tomorrow, then. This wasn't like I expected. A war, being poor and sudden clumsiness isn't what I expected over the last five days... I could only think this, but then I finally... curled? Anyway, I closed eyes. Good night to me, I'm too tired. Uuuuurggh, the headache. How much did I sleep? And something didn't change. The same tail I saw yesterday? I gulped, with the heaviness unexpected by me. So this can't be... this can't be a dream. Maybe I had lizard attached to me or whatever else, but it doesn't relate on why is this world that big. Would be more than possible. But still, my limbs didn't want to move at all - last day was too stressful, and I'd likely want to sleep more, but... I stood on fours again and looked around- a big moment of what the hell. It was a bird...? Eh, it really didn't look like what I saw before. But mostly it was still hidden. Maybe I'll just go and check on myself... yeah, I could do that, and so - walked around... wait, I was so thirsty, so hungry, why did this kick in me now? And why not before I checked on myself.
  6. And it was Celcius that was revolutionary scientist. (Read the bolded letters carefully and not carelessly.)
  7. I often had dreams or flash dreams or even daydreams about me being Snivy/Serperior, some being human self, some even getting different form than this, but there's a few really interesting ones I could catch. First one (which was flash daydream) was set in a real world, I guess. I was walking on the paved sidewalk down the street, and noticed a dying Snivy. Then I noticed it and tried to help it, but it vanished, with a stone on my hand. It vanished too, and suddenly I had a hand made from 'grass matter', or so. Another one was more weird. I was still walking down the road, but instead noticed that the cobra that oddly appeared from the tall grass. It intended to bite me, but I managed to stop and scold it. Suddenly, it decided to coil around me, as I decided to take more time with it, and less (and even forgetting about) with my own laptop. The instincts shortly started to kick in, so did the disdain, which changed slowly into fight. First, the dogs attacked my snake, which at the time was the 'only friend'. I managed to knock them down and leave the easy job for cobra to kill them. Then someone came, and when she noticed dead dogs with us, yelped out loudly 'Monster!' I lost myself, and while she was trying to strike me, I bit her. The snake did the exact same. It bit her. Soon the stranger died, and I noticed I was looking at the sky from weird angle. Turned, completely. And that's when I had some sort of conversation in the forest, when we slithered into it, with me finding out... well, a surprise, but I couldn't focus, as I felt groggy from the adrenaline, with my former snake and me both trying to defend ourselves, but then I landed on net... And then I was sent to India. And then there was a dream with me (yet again a human) jumping into a plot in middle of the Serperior family, and farmer, who thought they were some sort of the weeds. I got hurt badly on the legs by the sickle, but I got away, somehow. At home, I decided first to learn to converse with them, then their diet. It seemed more like they were herbivores, and were acting more like literal lizards/snakes. After some time, when I was taking good care of them, they revealed their deepest treasure. A stone, with them somehow 'saying' to touch it. I decided to do that on my birthday. I requested no presents, nothing. At 10 AM I walked into the same room my leafy 'snakes' and bedroom were (which grew a bit) and used it. The mother came in and couldn't disguinsh me from the ones I once adopted, which lead in the spring to release of all four of us into wilderness because 'her son forgot about them'. And then we all lived together, not limited by the protections.
  8. I think I'll be hoarding books, games and science. Well, a stereotypical XXI century dragon am I, I guess.
  9. I had some fun glitches and some... hellish ones. Hearts of Iron IV - The soldiers are dancing around, shooting, dancing, shooting and not reloading. Plus it flashes the 84-56-84-56. Most common bug in the Spanish Civil War. Left 4 Dead 2 - I managed to make tank stuck. And if you stand on the roof, a witch runs, even though she should incap me. And she incapped someone else (also a glitch, since she wasn't molly'd/aggro'd or bile bombed. Also, the grenade jump glitch. So much fun for an almost useless weapon, it should be the Grenade Jumper, not Tank Killer, heh. Spellforce 2 - When you talk with Jared after he was revived, he'll give an error conversation. On worse glitches: Spellforce 2 - Camera freeze bug - this is what I got for spamming Right Mouse Clicks on Jared... Also the surroundings bug out if you patch them out by yourself. Same game, Citadel mission. The screen blacked out when I skipped Shadows dialogue I had two people dead in the party, maybe that's why.
  10. You know you've played too much Spellforce 2 when you knell over a dead body with intent to 'give some dragon blood' to it.
  11. Technically not a death, but still counts as lots. I had my avatar killed various ways in SpellForce 2. Thank god for reanimation in the Altar of Life. I could've gotten a total party wipe or worse.
  12. Avvalue: The slime started to think and was somewhat intrigued, as the organic thing was very tempting, but felt wrong and not tasty. But inorganic... It was hard, bad hard. There could be something organic, that could be tastey tasty. There had to be one. The slime slowly started, using the feeling before it condensed as reference, to move or at least tried to.
  13. Trebonth: Huh, how even did I do that? Ugh, this darkness... and pain! This wasn't very nice, but it was only fair when the darkness opened up and faint light came from the hole on. I could probably think, what he said, but not exactly - it felt muffled and cut off a bit. Like some of the records? I didn't really know. But the air was a... a lot better anyway. But two words stuck to the memory: 'sorry' and 'grabbing'. Wait, what was the hand- was that all... feathers? What just happened? Then the words 'infecte-', 'hell' and 'humans'. Ugh, what's meaning of this? I tried to figure out, but really couldn't. I cocked the head sideways, blinking occasionally. Then a piece of... meat? I took it a try and... ! This not tasty as I thought it would be! I almost retched, but feeling parched too, I tried the water. It was refreshing, at least, not like anything I have drunk. It killed a bit of my thirst. But then I noticed some sort of similarities. I had to crawl under ruins to save the bloody life. I had to use all four limbs to save my life in the rubble, ruined buildings, against the never ending destruction and war. All of that in the heated days and dark nights, on full alert... Wait, something reminds me, that I didn't do something... ...use all four limbs... ...all four... Even if it was unthinkable in my opinion, and the fact, I was once again on the rough ground... Wait, but last time I was at soft one and darkness! Anyway, hearing a semi clear instruction 'run', I decided to use left arm and right leg. Right arm and left leg. Huh, the view was shaky a bit, but it worked? I felt a sensation. A strange one - the method I used was kinda... natural? I spurt forward. even though the stones weren't good for running on, but what choice did I have. Onwards, as fast as possible. Adrenaline fueled me, not knowledge. War was my teacher, but I had to learn again.I forgot for a moment that there was a tail and a leaf, or that my arms weren't visible. I thought like the one trying to hide from endless war.
  14. Naw, I do only need hussars. Or Snivies. Or being similar to two aforementioned things.
  15. Lately I wish I re-bought Spellforce 2. Why did young-me break it!?
  16. Trebonth: A breather from action. I couldn't really help but ponder where was I going. I couldn't really know when would I get to stand- OW! Thank god that the surface I landed on had been relatively soft, as soft as bed I had- wait, the person, as I saw it further, seemed to have- feathers on hand? Waaaait, but I had yet to see my body and I’m jumping right on conclusions. Then… rye bread? Uhh, I remember I was very hungry for some days after war and before the incident, so I wouldn’t just abandon it because it wasn't looking tasty. After I got on fours again, I tried to move forward. but it was getting nowhere - I wasn’t moving, when only moving my legs. Then arms? Erm, it still didn’t work- wait, how’d it even work? Would I have to crawl to keep moving? On all fours? Great, back into crawling kiddo stage… But it wasn’t necessary, the bread seemed to be in reach of my mouth. I actually did pretend I still had a human body, and the thing is just trying to crush me. Anyway, I took a bite from it- a bite? I wasn’t able to sink teeth on it. I decided to help myself with arm-didn’t work, I couldn’t still see it. Then, I literally shook my head and it worked somehow on the bread, and swallowed it. It tasted bland, but it didn’t make me disgusted somehow. But it filled my belly a bit… wait, a bit? It killed my hunger literally. but… I think I made my surroundings a bit too messy with all that rye. Then seeds. Eh, I loved sunflower and pumpkin seeds as a kid, so I just mentally shrugged and just picked one for a taste- again, bland, not good, but not bad either. But I didn’t see anything reflective. Nothing at all. I couldn’t prove my point till I had strong argument. Like really - a leaf tail or the god-forbidden smell of smoke or the recent failures - blame it on something sitting on my back and crushing me. Lack of teeth? Blame it on the fall. Not seeing an arm? Blame it on amputation. All three of above? Blame it on some weird and bizarre dream. But… I wasn’t really napping, were I? If I was, I'd likely would be in warm bed in Katowice, shivering from fear against planes, soldiers and stuff... ugh, why am I even thinking of that? Are my current troubles not important enough? Ugh, maybe they were, so I couldn't really neglect them. I tried to nod a Polish Anthem to calm myself - and I couldn’t. And then, when I was trying again, I felt that warm, humane arm scooping me once again in the tight grip. Not again, I tried to say, but it was the same gibberish, with a faintly hearable… hiss? Or was it another thing? What was it at all?
  17. Whatever, guess I'm going to make two more. Name: John "Trebonth" (Avatar & Tweaks in the appearance, as well as info and backstory.) Origin: Unusual Occurence / Pokemon OC w/parts of Alternate Earth OC Info: Appears to be three months-forward version of Trebonth, a human painfully changed into average-long crimson-red Snivy by the thing called "Polish disease" - a substance altering DNA of humans - three months ago. Hardened with survival arts, and cynicism (mostly against humanity - he has nothing against creatures) being a side effect of attempts to kill him made Trebonth a bit locked in himself. On other side he also became a bit more timid, because more often he fled than he fought the danger. Abilities: Plant matter manipulation - Snivies and their evolutions are known masters of plants. They can manipulate their own limbs to various shapes, as well as nearby plants. This also allows them to grow various weapons out of their body - whips, blades, razor-sharp leaves. Unlike other Snivies however, he can do it without needing to use Moves, but doing so will tire Trebonth (treat the stamina as PP). Lightweight - Due to the density of plant matter, they are exceptionally light-weight and thus able to float on the water easily. Maybe they aren't able to put big enough pressure, but this makes them more mobile than any other animal with flesh and bones. Photosynthesis - Plants and the like do feed on the sun. So could do Trebonth. No more dependency on food, as long as sun shines he's fine with creating oxygen out of water. He needs to drink water enhanced in minerals or feed from fruits though. Sensitive smelling - Compared to most animals, Snivies have incredible smelling, allowing them to smell any sign of pollution from two hundred feet. As for that. they're natural bio-indicators - downed tail or absence of them may be caused by pollution. Evolution - like their Pokemon counterpart, they can 'evolve'. But signs of evolution are usually masked until every four to twelve months when shedding occurs, depending on how well did the Snivy/Servine feed (the more they did eat, the shorter will be the time for evolution). But with it comes the bigger and evolved body, as well as more adaptation for the choking the target. Link to wiki: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Snivy_(Pokémon) (It's for the form and some abilities. He has tweaks on them too. On Earth history - normal wikipedia pages apply) Extra: Is not exactly a canon version of Trebonth. He also speaks more of broken English mixed with some Polish (italics), but can get his emotions with hisses and body gestures if necessary. Probably permanent character (because he is still able to die). Name: Totec, the Protectorate Graduate Origin: Starbound OC Info: The one of Grounded born with no faith to Kluex - had a very interesting history prior to getting Matter Manipulator, as well as past it. A member of Terrane Protectorate - usually laid off, calm and a tad bit timid. Worse if you start annoying him - first sign is sailor tongue, then passive-aggressive behaviour, and if it fails, a completely unpredictable and dangerous foe with no backing off. He was a prisoner thrice - once before fleeing Kluex followers, once in local Minikog Outpost and once in Floran village. Abilities: Matter Manipulation - Using the localized device for displacing objects - Matter Manipulator, Totec can clear some obstacles. Its range and abilities are limited however - it won't clear off bigger or heavier obstacles. Enhanced agility - As an Avian, Totec has aerodynamic body, and thus is more agile than other humanoids. The talons work as additional countermeasure and increases range of gliding. They also have ability to change into Morph Ball at any time. Too much, and they tire too fast. Weapon proficiency (Bows, Swords and Spears) - Trained with these weapons, even before the incident, he is more proficient with these than average human wielding these or a swordsman. They're no master at that, though, but that's still more than enough to handle a foe. Link to wiki: https://starbounder.org/Avian Other: Actually tweaked for the needs of XDRS. Lost his weapons and armour when the Ruin destroyed the Earth. He often pecks at food. Only has Broken Protectorate Broadsword until he gets some gear of his own, though.
  18. Trebonth: Grabbed. I saw more and more blurry shapes looking like humans. Ugh, how even, are they calling 112? Or 997? Or just looking at me? This didn’t matter, their voices seemed heavy, somewhat unreadable… Uhh, what is happening? I swore something happened there, but as soon as I thought that, I felt… a human hand holding me, and on the other side a fading black fabric? Strange, it seemed MUCH bigger than it was before, that I was just confused what was going on. I decided to take a look. The streets and colourful buildings, as well as cars seemed to be a lot bigger than before. A lot of the people seem to be pushed. Ugh, I noticed that I was also curled- wait, I swear I just saw a leaf. A crimson one, and... tail? I yelped loudly, but I heard sort of a gibberish. Ugh, did my language become this bad even for me to not hear it correctly? Then I remembered something. Morning, Katowice. When I was walking on the streets, a lot of people shouted out the betrayal loudly, but many of them panicked when first aircraft came a lot of them tried to hide in buildings. But that was trap - the planes dropped napalm on the streets and buildings. I kept running. I was getting more and more exhausted. Then the soldiers came to the city. I felt pain on the arm, so I hid in the ruins of an office building. The city was destroyed just in one day, and it was horror just to see it. Corpses of various unlucky people, burnt or with bullet wounds lying everywhere, waiting for burial, heavily hurt people not able to help others, dying themselves or yelping for help, military forces occupying the city. And then most people in there were exiled into various parts of Europe. Including me. And now? What matters any more? I had enough abuse. But this might be a new beginning. I still didn’t see myself fully, but I had to when there’s water or a mirror to look at. A crimson tail, hand and hisses couldn’t really matter much anyway - I could be either faint or unconscious, or that something else has it… but I was awake. Oh god, I still need a rest, my head is still pounding from all these sounds. But the hand vibrated, not letting me to. I was becoming more and more stressed each minute… and I didn’t know how to get out of there. Was that what I’ve wanted? But, maybe I could pull another Katowice in this form and somehow do it. But noticing, how high it now became, it was no sense jumping there. I’d die or hurt myself badly if I fell into the road, I thought. I just needed to stay as silent as possible... Wait, these voices were new- “Cawaw, what are these cawalking ones doing on cawtone ground?” Huh? I barely understood it, though. Ugh, felt like yet another language I didn’t know. I tried to rephrase it in my memory, without effect. Yet another language to learn, and I only know Polish and English… just great. My best bet would be probably to ask when we’ll stop… gibberish, yet another time, I couldn’t hear myself either… great. I can’t understand myself, I can’t understand people, I can’t even understand the noise. I wished that a bullet didn’t miss me, once again. But it was futile - I wasn’t in Katowice, I am not there. How would they even get a gun to kill me anyway?