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  1. I haven't even seen any egg in the cave recently and I've been on for more than an hour now. Either the drop rates are borked or I have the worst luck.
  2. So...here I am now. I just finished Junior High literally yesterday (Moving-up ceremony) with honors. I am now currently deciding on what track to pick. I enrolled in a new school because, in all honesty, the new administration sucks. There had been a recent earthquake and instead of not allowing us to go to school, they still said that we need to go. It literally only took a word from our mayor that made them change their mind. Seriously? What the hell are they going to do if another earthquake happens and the school suddenly collapses? They didn't even assess the damages done despite having a current reconstruction throughout the entire campus! I want to leave my current school, that's why I enrolled in another school, however, I'm now currently contemplating whether should I stay or should I go. I'm not missing a lot of faces, however, there's this one person that I really will miss that will stay behind. The idea of starting from scratch is nice, but the fact that I'll never see her again is somewhat depressing. I'm not "officially" enrolled yet because I still need to get my final report paper. I still have the option of staying, but I also have the option of leaving. I don't do well in these situational dilemmas
  3. I feel like I lack something important in my life. I noticed that my everyday school life is rather dull. As a smart person, I can often answer hard questions easily and by doing so, I can hear my classmates badmouthing behind me. I honestly don't mind and want to keep my neutrality. There are some times that my mind just breaks and I suddenly get a crash and burn if my mind does break. Unlike the majority of students my age, I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I sacrifice a lot of things just to learn - my time, my hunger, my friends, even my sanity sometimes. I sometimes wonder if I strayed too far on the path I took and whether I should traverse forward or abandon everything I acquired and return back to scratch.
  4. Whoever was my partner...you really had me thinking about what to choose. Due to fate's mysterious workings, we both got upside-down mints because I chose correctly. It was really a tough decision on how much you trust your anonymous partner xD
  5. uhh...I don't care about lineage. What I care is rarity Keep: Black Sweetling Abandon: Floral Crown Kill: Heartseeker Paper, Cheese, any SAlt that you desire (please specify)
  6. To be precise...any ice cream flavor with mint is an ok in my book TPBM does not spend his/her daily school allowance and only saves it
  7. True. I play the uke :V TPBM loves animals :V
  8. I have several people to thank this year, but I'll save the best for last 1. Thank you @Montre for giving me my very first chicken (also unbreedable) which I have properly named 2. Thank you @Zimtie for the several AP CB Hatchies that you gave to me! It really helped me reach gold trophy...although some of them were traded away, I wished them nothing but a happy life! 3. Thank you @The Dragoness for my very first Neglected Dragon which I won from Glittering Gold Giveaways (also my first win in a contest) 4. Thank you @Artius for my second prize won from GGG which is a 3g Argent Shimmer! 5. Thank you @jennyworld for giving me some free dragon eggs a long time ago! 6. Thanks @Harebelle for being nice to me...although you are 15 years older than me X) 7. Thanks @AharkiraNighthawk for also being nice to me although being a completely random stranger 8. Thank you random people who posted free stuff in the Trading Hub! 9. Thank you more random people who abandoned several goodies in AP 10. Thank you more random people who gifted me random free stuff And most of All... 11. Thank you @QueenAquariusDragon for entering into my life! You showed that you care for your friends and you are also worried about them. You are always strong and happy despite having emotional difficulties at the present. Although I only met you like only 3 weeks ago, I feel like I already know you a lot! I first noticed your presence throughout the forums and I got to communicate with you when you suddenly PMed me saying that you care for me. I may often trick you because you're a year younger than I am, but only because I'm the youngest in my immediate family X) The time I spent trying doing your sweet dragon requests, the times we spent talking to each other, and even the times I teased and tricked you...I did them all with care and passion! I'm sorry I have not gifted you a physical gift this christmas, so instead I decided to gift you a 3g Argent Shimmer! "You don't deserve someone better! I will make myself better to deserve you!"
  9. Mittens12.... That was easy xD (P.S: Sorry to the next person if my IGN is long )
  10. Hi...uhh...sorry for wasting your time So here's the question: I made an alt design of a "specific" dragon and, although it is NOT meant for official use, is it ok to use it as a profile picture? A friend requested that I should make an alt for a dragon and I did and she wants it for her profile. Is it alright to use my said alt design for profile use without spriter's consent? If the picture of the dragon is needed, please say so and I will send a picture in my next reply. Thank You!!!
  11. Hmm.... :3 Beautiful, introvert, smart, honest, loyal, innocent (LOL), smol, flat-chested (pfft HAHAHHA), non-materialistic, loving, caring, content and...preferably younger than me, but within 1-2 years is okeh with meh Sorry!!!! Sorry!!!! Sorry to all flat girls there!!! 😧
  12. 1.Do you shoot archery? As of now, no. My last archery session was 2 years ago. 2.Do you own a bow? A crossbow? Yeah, my dusty, composite bow weighing at 14 lbs. 3.Do you hunt? Oh yeah, living in a urban area with the nearest forest/jungle in the province? Oh yeah, I hunt :V 4.Have you been in archery competitions? No, and I have no intention of joining because I will "ULTIMATELY" fail the moment I take my first shot.
  13. Hmm...hard to say. I have to say....the "Fake Roast Pork" I had last time :3
  14. My biggest fear? Hmm... Besides me suddenly seeing ALL my beloved dragons dead on my scroll one day...My biggest fear? The zombie apocalypse :V
  15. Stupid things...stupid things.... I remember two years ago, I serenaded to a girl I "like". The serenade was complete with a violin player, a guitar player, a banner saying "will you be mine" and a box containing a pair of earrings and a necklace. It was "about" to be perfect until I started singing. Jeeeeminy Cricket, my singing was horrible. From a scale of 1-10, my singing was -100. So stooopeeed!!!
  16. Is it wrong to hope for something hopeless?
  17. During my childhood days, I was a very big bundle o' joy. I'm always happy, helpful, and supportive to others, especially to my best friend who I loved so much above all others (she's also my first love). But 5 years ago...Ever since she moved to another place, I changed... I began to have abnormal outrages, I became silent and neck-deep into academics, I became 8/10 level of introvertedness, I became depressed often, and all of that happened because...I lost the person I love the most. In Highschool, I receive grades starting from "meh" to "still meh" xD When we started talking frequently in Messenger, my grades went from "meh" to "o.O who tampered this!?". I did it all for her...But now...The worst has happened. Last July of this year...I finally confessed my feelings to her (I loved her for almoat 10 years) but she wasn't happy. She said she knew that I love her but...she said "You're too perfect. You managed to love me for almost 10 years without giving up. You've done so much for me...I don't deserve you...Sorry". After that, my world became monotone. I don't talk in school often, I only receive mediocre grades now, and I don't eat often now. She was my reason to live, but now...I can't go on. Even after all that, I can't let go of her, and I'm just a mere 15 yr old.
  18. @The Dragoness oh!!! I...may have misread the rules. I read that you can only own 4 prizes at max, but that limit was for "how many" prizes you can win per raffle. Oops XP Also, take your time with the links, it's not like I'm gonna keel over tomorrow
  19. And...with that conclusion.. I am now the proud owner of 2 prizes: The CB Neg and now, that 3rd-gen Shimmer. @The Dragoness, if I win 2 more raffles, am I ineligible to participate in future raffles? Also...to whoever owns that shimmer, I'm waiting for the link xD
  20. Well...there are only 2 mobile games that I play "as of now", namely: Dragon Village 2 and Dragon Village Mobile As the name suggests, they ARE filled with dregs.