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  1. My holiday tree and wreath are pretty simplistic. Never made any before this year as I lacked the time. It was fun to be able to dive in and make some a few years late. My family actually didn't have a christmas tree this year irl because holiday spirit was kind of limited given the current world situation. I'd say it made being able to decorate something at least virtually even more meaningful for me. Thanks for the event, DC!
  2. Really loving these two special 2G Holidays I picked up today. Wrapping-Wing x April Fool's Mint - Thank you @Zareni! Yulebuck x Silver Tinsel - Thank you @Rare_Hunter21!
  3. I myself am okay with whatever happens to the /n/ page. If making the link to a specific name lead to a page with the first dragon who had that name makes people who care about the fate of /n/ happy, I'm all for it. I do think the page should also have a link like "See other dragons of the same name", but I wouldn't consider that a hill to die on. I would like that just for curiosity's sake ("What kind of dragons share their name with my dragon?"), but even without that it's fine. I personally only care a lot about improving the experience of naming dragons by removing name exclusivity. That comes first and foremost. Whether the default page /n/ leads to showcases a single dragon or a dozen is just a side detail to me - doesn't matter so long as other players are not locked out of using the same name.
  4. I personally don't get what the deal even is with this whole "half a million Smaugs" argument that keeps popping up. I myself am generally put off by ultra popular fandom names to begin with since they really are nothing original at all. At the same time it feels like some people are arguing against removing name exclusivity by saying "Oh but then my dragon with this super generic name taken straight from an ultra popular franchise would no longer be special". Frankly speaking, it was never unique or anything special to begin with. You literally just were the first one to snatch a name from a popular story, anyone could have done that. How are people so hard stuck on defending something that standard and uncreative, when they're practically just forcibly making it rare? The name has zero value outside the artificial value that is forced upon it by keeping the name exclusivity system in play. Just let people have their half a million Smaugs or whatever. A name like that is so unoriginal that your dragon deserves to be one of hundreds of thousands that have it if you go for it. That shouldn't keep you from using it anyway if you really like the franchise a lot like those half a million other people do. Having only one dragon with that name basically glorifies what is essentially a very boring name. One could even consider this as one of the arguments against the name restrictions "promoting creative names" - it doesn't really put creative names on a pedestal, but the truly unimaginative ones. For those that delight in coming up with really original names, it's not like a new system without name exclusivity would fundamentally fight against you either. You could always check the page of the name even in the future to see whether it has been used already or not. I'm all for even implementing an informational message to the naming page that says something like "The game currently has an x amount of dragons with this name" just to make that easier. You could gauge how original your name is easily that way, yet those people who don't care about their name being unique could also have things their way and just make their dragon the 1000th or so dragon with that same name if they so wish. Being the first one to snatch a great name could still be a thing you can do - other people being able to pick the same name later doesn't particularly change that. You would know your dragon was still the first one and the original in your mind anyway if you picked the name back when there were 0 dragons with that name. In a way, removing the name exlusivity would just plain support more playstyles than the current system and I would view that as a positive thing.
  5. I'm in full support of the name exclusivity being completely removed. Having unique names has always felt like a very outdated feature to me and I'd imagine it certainly does not help make the site more appealing for new players. Wiping or stealing names from inactive accounts both sound like features that should not exist in a game as casual as this in my opinion. I would much prefer that we modernize how the site handles names in general instead of trying to work around it with some name wiping feature. I don't think name wiping/stealing from inactive accounts would even fix the issue either - the players that have popular names many people could want would probably guard their scroll like crazy anyway and you'd never see many of the popular names freed to other players. Considering the whole negative effect this kind of a thing could have on returning players also, I just don't think working around it by punishing inactive accounts would be worth it. Much better if everyone simply gets to name their dragons whatever they want like in most games these days. I can kind of understand the appeal of unique names, but in the end in a game as old as this it just feels super restrictive and takes fun away from the game in a major way. There are so few things you can do with your dragons in this game to begin with. I think you should at least be allowed to name them freely at this point.
  6. Since people are having a hard time grabbing these, I thought I'd share some tips that seem to be working for me. I definitely recommend checking the biomes in between resets every once in a while. I've gotten lucky a few times already, visiting all the biomes in between resets and snatching a random new xeno that got revealed after someone took an egg at just the right time. Probably best not to stare at them for too long and exhaust yourself though, unless you see some desireable egg at a biome and expect someone to pick it up. My tactic is also to linger after reset and keep checking the biomes for a little while for this exact reason when I hunt. The resets themselves are super crowded and eggs get snatched so instantly that it's really hard to grab them. Of course it's still always worth trying to catch eggs from them too. On another note, it may pay off to try and stalk the biome with the least people instead of the one that has the egg you need on reset. I've been able to find new xeno swaps at the trading hub with relative ease these past couple days so I tend to just stalk in whichever biome I feel my odds of catching something are the highest at whenever I'm not patrolling all of them. I have not been able to catch a single new Staterae even then though. Or even see one? Not sure since my eyes are only focused on the word "Mana" whenever I hunt for Xenos. Could have easily seen one without it even registering.
  7. I've been trying to assemble 3G and 4G checkers from male Silver Shimmerscales ever since I won my male Silver Shimmerscale in the raffle two years ago. So far I've only managed to scramble together a 3G-4G checker from m Silver Shimmerscale x Omen and 3G checker from m Silver Shimmerscale x Mistletoe. Really boring checkers, I'd much rather do 2G prizekin swaps and assemble some common pairing checkers. Getting any spontaneous bloodswaps from the trading hub has been so difficult however that I'm starting to consider making inbred checkers or just stopping even trying. 😣 How do other people manage to get any prize/prizekin swaps done? Are there any fellow male Silver Shimmerscale owners out there that'd be interested in collaborating?
  8. I picked up two common eggs by mistake while hunting for the new Xenos. After some deliberation, I figured I would try and use Bite on them to yeet them to the AP early. Of course both of them turned yet neither of them got tossed to the AP. How? 😆 Oh well, at least they did not die and end up taking 24h to clear...
  9. I've been working overtime for three hours and counting today and the code of this hatchling pretty much sums up how I feel.
  10. Looking at the armies some players have I definitely agree my initial statement of 100+ individuals being an army may have been a bit of a low number. Inspired by all of the fun armies people have, I've decided to indeed start collecting Pillow dragons on the side of my main goal which is getting 2 CB males and 2 CB females from every breed and CB color variation possible. The Pillow Fort is currently only 13 Pillows strong, but you gotta start somewhere, I suppose. I think my first goal will be getting to 500, then 1000 or 1500 depending on how it goes.
  11. I remember many people on this site have come forward with their 'breed armies' before in other topics, but I started to wonder which dragon breeds those armies were dedicated to again as it's been a while since I saw those posts. I'm considering starting a Pillow army myself, but I'm not sure if that has already been done or if I should pick some newer breed. Anyhow, I thought I'd start this topic since I'd be curious to see what kind of breed armies or breed army plans other players have. So my questions are basically: Are you planning to collect or actively collecting dragons of a specific breed to make an army? Do you perhaps already have so many dragons of some specific breed that the group could be considered an army? For me an army would be 100+ individual dragons of the same breed, but you're free to consider a smaller group an army as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully a topic like this hasn't been made yet. I couldn't find the same kind of topic on a glance at the search results, but I could have missed it.
  12. Still supporting this idea, a year later. Last year when I was present for the Christmas event for the first time I was struggling with the same issue many others have mentioned here - the biomes did not move and that made it really annoying to try and grab CB eggs of the holiday breeds I was still missing. I managed to get all my CBs that year, but I imagine many others were not that fortunate if they had bad internet or couldn't camp the biomes all day waiting for them to move or refresh. This year on the other hand, was simply boring since I had no hunting to do whatsoever. I could not come up with that many new checkers I would have wanted to start so I didn't even actively participate in the event like I did last year. Just bred a few eggs and dropped them in hatcheries. The AP with all of its messy eggs is simply not worth trawling through if you have anything better to do with your time. Had there been no limit I could have made it my goal to grab an additional 2 CBs of each breed like I did with Halloween, but given that I couldn't, I simply wasn't that interested in this year's event at all. I expect to be similarly bored with the coming Valentine's Day event if this keeps up, which is sad considering that these events seem like they are supposed to be the best times of the year for this game. Things would be so much livelier without the limits, just like on Halloween.
  13. So I want to suggest a simple adjustment. I noticed today when trying to plan out some event lineages I'd be interested in that the Sakuhana lineage image looks really cramped. It's almost like their nose is being squished to the left edge of the frame. Not to mention that their head and horns together form this awkward triangle in the top left corner which gives me the impression of their head being stuck in there. Could we possibly get the dragon moved down and to the right a bit to give the sprite more 'breathing space' on the top left, similarly to the Royal Crimson image shown in this example lineage? It wouldn't need to be as dramatic for the Sakuhana though, I just think they'd look much better in various lineages if they had a little more natural space in between their head and the top left corner. I know the wing pattern would be nice to show and all, but I would much prefer some of it being hidden to the dragon in the image looking so uncomfortable.
  14. I agree that the 3 day limit on influencing is a little bit silly to begin with and should probably be removed completely. It might affect the usefulness of Aeons to some degree, but at the same time I'm not a huge fan of how Aeons currently share their specialty area with the Pinks anyway. Maybe Aeons could foresee color variants and such instead of the gender, which is already fully in our control most of the time?
  15. Have Want A different correctly influenced/gendered or influencable 2G Arcana from named parents. I'm not a huge fan of names that contain tags like "CB", but other than that feel free to offer any pairing. PM me proof of influence or precog if it's a hatchling/uninfluencable egg and the gender is not visible. Make an offer on my hatchling!
  16. Tried making zombies for the heck of it and ended up getting my first two Undead dragons ever. I suppose I have some new collecting goals now. x x
  17. This ended up being my personal best. (This was my setup.) I don't think I'll have the time to beat that anymore. What a fun event though! I'm amazed that some people are managing to make it past round 700.
  18. Well, this sure was an adventure! I don't believe I have the time to beat this personal record anymore, since it took them so long to survive that amount of rounds. Super excited that I managed to make it past round 500 in the end though! This was my setup, in case someone is curious. Very offense focused with only 3 Whites and 2 Purples for a bit of support. Pulling the line way back seemed to work pretty well, since I didn't lose a single dragon (save for that bonus vampire that was there for decoration) before round 487. (As can be seen here, on a screenshot of round 486.) The line withstood the zombies one dragon short until round 502 when the zombies finally found the Thunder that was left unprotected and started paving their way to my fortress from the right side. This was a very fun event!
  19. Almost breaking round 300 for the first time
  20. Round 17. The lonely vampire extra I put in the frontlines didn't last very long, as expected.
  21. @Astreya I think they stay at 2 damage at least in the 200s, since that's the amount of damage my base took from the zombie that finished it off. I'll try and confirm this if my new setup makes it past level 200 and I'm actually awake and not at work when it happens.
  22. This is the setup I'm going with this time. (The vampire has no intended strategical value - he's just there because I had extra points, lol.) I noticed that last time some of my Magmas were getting hit by zombies that spawned on the same turn, so I decided to try and move my line back a little bit. If they only spawn in the swampy tiles, perhaps this'll give my line a bit more space and opportunities to grill the zombies before they start getting hit in the face. I also replaced the two second row Magmas with Thunders as I figured there wasn't really a point to having the Magmas back on those tiles. I'd imagine that the two Thunders who can hit anywhere on the board instead of just set tiles might give me better damage output in the end.
  23. Well the setup I posted earlier with two Purples, three Whites, two Thunders and a wall of Magmas worked pretty good in the end. Let's see if I can top that.
  24. I'm quite curious to see how long this setup will last. So far they are absolutely decimating the hordes, but that's not really surprising considering it's only round 36.