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  1. wow, somehow i nabbed almost 1 of each kind. im impressed. hope they don't die though...
  2. Wow, that colorful one looks nuts. im not the biggest fan of pygmies...but did enjoy that one spooky one. giving this one a chance but ill prob enjoy the colorful one more...
  3. im only upset i didnt get one because i've never done this beforeand didnt know i only had one chance. if i HAD known i'd have tried to be smarter instead of spamming one choice blindly.
  4. what's the discription of this new dragon? i missed it. (the egg btw)
  5. ...im new. why is everyone saying they know these new sprites??..
  6. got 3 of each...im pretty happy. (it never, ever....Ever hapepns. lemme enjoy le lil things of me not having any eggs before a new release.)
  7. thanks for the tips, i'll leave it fogged indeed then!
  8. so my Silver dragon i grabbed recently has gotten sick...i did use BSA Ward, so it says it's fine..but should i leave it fogged anyway or can it come out now?? i'd hate to lose my first silver i randomly snagged (it's CB and im still shocked i got it..) all it's details incase needed. code is named wutS1
  9. ....okay, don't get me wrong...the other breed is cool for being different colors depending on their location...but hearing the mimics and seeing their lore..and everything. well im glad i got egglocked with 5.
  10. sleeping, working on books, writing on other sites, trying to get a shiny starter on pokemon SS on my shiny run....many, many things...but im here...in le fourms. *shrug shrug* one day.