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  1. I got Tsoko, Ion, Mordred, Olivia, and Alun. I need Harle and Wilda, but they seem impossible. Olivia isn't impossible to get to the dance! What I did: I loved the enby addition with Ion, they're great too!
  2. - All adults are named. - My first three dragons are CB, because I didn't know that the AP existed. - Trying to collect all rares, except for holidays (if I can get them I will). What I don't have: GoN, Neglected, Black alt. I recently got an alt Undine. - I only have one of each species so far, except for those that have variations. (For example, Xenowyrms.) - I have a group of all-female Xenowyrms called "The Snake Sheilas". They're all different types. - A few really detached Dorkfaces? I'm petty so I put it in the name anyways... - I had* a few dragons whose names were* in Saurian! Edit: Got GoN and Black alt. Also, a few things changed.