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  1. oooh, I'm a bit late, but how would the carinae work with the siyats? They look nice, but they're a bred thing so ;-; love to try that out though
  2. It's a fourth gen prize, I accidentally abandoned it in my frenzy to get a new release egg ;-;
  3. Huh, that's weird. I'd think all new releases would be picked up quickly
  4. It may be a glitch, but the Forest and Jungle biomes currently still have eggs! None of the other biomes do, I managed to snag another pygmy! Hurry! note: Other eggs are being mixed in!
  5. Managed to get one of each! I feel awesome because this is the first I got anything during a flood. I had to abandon a floret wyvern and a prize to make space though, that's kind of sad
  6. Thank you! Unfortunately I keep on missing them ;-;
  7. Oh, I mean there aren't any eggs at all.... I'm still new and not used to the terminology here
  8. I'm pretty early but already the cave is blocked???