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  1. Hi! I'm new, I thought I'd try this codes: hjaoe VmAer X6f2g
  2. Not really a great lineage, but thank you to whoever dropped this CB Zyumorph
  3. congratulations to all the winners! Thank you Feesh for all the NDs, will continue to follow this thread!
  4. the small ones! I clicked on one because the description looked unfamiliar and.... bam! It's new
  5. Caught this vampire from the AP yesterday, it's my first and I'm very excited!
  6. I wish, but it'd take a lot of time and I don't have many Xenos lol
  7. A lot of xenos being abandoned I guess, because I found this just yesterday!
  8. Thank you @Herk for this lovely horse, I've just influenced it to be female!
  9. Ooooh, codes! Congrats to the winners!
  10. Thank you!! I forgot that there could be multiple pages on my scroll
  11. My black dragon egg isn't showing up on my scroll, it does on AoND and my status says I have 6/6 eggs....
  12. wow, I'm actually here again! Thank yo Feesh, this is amazing!
  13. Support! Honestly that would be awesome, especially if you're working on a lineage project and the influence goes wrong
  14. congrats winners! *sticks thumb up* I'll be back...
  15. HHHHH I actually came in time Well, broccoli steamed with salt is nice, I guess. I only eat the tops though That's a nice idea! Must consider it
  16. Thank you Lagie (please tell me their forum name if anyone happens to know) for this awesome silver right here I really wanted a male silver to go with my female this this one will be perfect!
  17. Ah I think @MessengerDragon answered my question! I was using - at the front. Thank you everyone for answering!
  18. I tried to name my dragon with either a - or a ' but the site keeps telling me that I'm not allowed to use those characters. I don't understand why as it specifically says that those are allowed characters..... And it's not a duplicate name either, it's the 'contains several invalid characters' message
  19. God, I thought I was early. Turns out there aren't any eggs. Oh well
  20. Thanks to Herk (not sure of their forum name) for these beauties I got from the AP today! There were a lot more, but I'm currently egglocked https://dragcave.net/view/WXruZ (lovely PB moonstone, I love this breed) https://dragcave.net/view/e8bXS https://dragcave.net/view/PYLx3 (This one must have taken so long to make! Love it!)
  21. Other languages work surprisingly well, I ought to use it more. I saw a scroll not long ago absolutely filled with German, it was awesome
  22. Viscount Raoul de Chagny Arrows of Love and not as much but Elf of Love A Work in Process as well as she had the code InWPE which made me think of that Just nabbed Bon Voyage (two spaces, sadly) for https://dragcave.net/view/AxUGh (name holder until I think of a good breed for it, any suggestions?)