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  1. Yup! I read that and managed to get them. The flower is very pretty!
  2. Thank you! I just got the jar
  3. I can't catch the fireflies at all??
  4. Late thanks to @Nandeenah for this pretty- what an interesting lineage!
  5. Thanks anon(s) for these: 3G Black tea x Gold black tea and this silver shimmer from silver shimmer x hellfire!
  6. So many things from @tjenni !! This mutamore X sunsong and this canopy x snow angel! and thank you @Green Eyed Lady these two dorkfaces! love their lineages Thank you anon for this sunsong x silver tinsel tinselfail
  7. oooh what a coincidence! Congrats!
  8. I've been having great luck in the AP these days, just picked up this tinselfail tidal wyvern and this shimmerfail moonstone realized they're both from @elihris, thank you!
  9. Oh, I got that reference. Nice seeing you here too! Imagine a huge group of people just chasing after an ND 😂
  10. Thank you @Tomtom92 for this amazing soulpeace, soulpeaces are one of my favorites, and this lineage is amazing!
  11. Thank you kigyptnee (not sure of their forum name of if they have a forum account at all ;-;) for this lovely white x rosebud, it looks beautiful and thank you anon for this beautiful silver x moonstone lineage!
  12. That's.... one lucky person. Me too, one lotto would be really nice 😂
  13. I keep on mistaking pillow eggs for cheese eggs and almost clicking on them in the ap.
  14. Congratulations, animatedrose! Wow, I never expected to be that close lol
  15. Several??? wow, those are some lucky people. (Personally, I have terrible luck and I literally cannot remember any time I've won a lottery)
  16. Ah, I see. I do understand both sides of the argument, I was kind of surprised because, well, the odds of winning twice didn't really seem that big to me at first
  17. Really? I didn't know that TJ said that, how come?
  18. Awww, that person is really lucky. Does seem kind of unfair though
  19. Is it possible for one player to receive two prize dragons? I just saw a egg from a CB bronze eastern bred with a CB gold western (both from 2018)
  20. Little Feathered Angel and Gusty Wind for the new releases!
  21. Well, technically both haha I've seen you around, you seem very cool!