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  1. Oooof missed it. Congratulations, Prophet
  2. Not really a stupid thing, but I just bred my Tinsel while egglocked. well I thought fxxx it, let's do this and bred my shiny things while at it, so there's some shimmers, tinsels, and kin, along with a lunar in the ap, have fun haha It's always a treat for me to find stuff like that
  3. I can't believe my luck in the AP today!! First: This vampire from an anon, it's my second vamp ever! Second: This 3rd gen silver from blacks, with the second gen black an alt!! thank you @Saartje!!! Third: This 2nd gen Xeno from magma, thank you scroll name empoleon4070 Finally: a shimmerfail tsunami wyvern, thank you @sylphoflights
  4. Thank you @NazDrag for this lovely Aria x Radiant Angel, must find a mate next Valentine's!! And @Aie for this amazing ridgewing, look at all the spriter's alts!!! and late thanks to anon for this Avatar!!! It's 2 gen!! *screams*
  5. Just woke up, I knew it'd be gone!! Congrats to all the winners!!
  6. well, I've been on and off hunting and I haven't seen any!! Good luck!!
  7. Oh no! Best of luck to you, I hope you get your egg back. I once lost a shimmer to the ap in the same way, but I didn't have any luck with it. I'll be keeping my eyes pealed
  8. Thank you @Natayah for this amazing white. Wasn't originally going to keep it, but its parent's codes are so naughty! and @lolahighwind (I think) for this lineage, it's a pairing I hadn't thought of, must try it!!! finally anon for this nebby, I hope it colors right!!!
  9. Thank you @mayheam for this bolt X heart stealer egg, it's beautiful! and not really a great lineage but thank you anon for this low time CB xenowyrm egg
  10. OHMYGOSH thank you!! I wasn't expecting this at all ;-; Small problem, I won't be able to receive it until tomorrow morning if I'm lucky??? Or in the afternoon if I'm not??? I'll try my best, I'm sorry
  11. whoooooooppppp I was so lucky to be able to enter then! I've got my fingers crossed, good luck everyone
  12. Wow, that's amazing. She even gendered right!! I forgot to give my thanks to @dragonheart1999 for this baby, I forgot to influence though and I'm madly hoping they gender right haha
  13. I wanna try with my first ones, I'm too lazy to think up new ones hjaoe V1Aer X6f2g
  14. Thanks to @quinney for these two 2 gen Zyus!! I can't believe I was lucky enough to catch them!
  15. Yup. The Hatchie wall is amazing, I've been collecting quite a few. I think I saw the same omen as @Laura-Borealis, I was like Omen!!! and woosh! Aeons, Reds, and Pinks are definitely on the breeding list for me too
  16. 'Wizened Wizard' -perfect for halloween, can't believe it wasn't taken! Also 'Guardian of the Dark Cave' -come on, I thought this was a game about dragons Little Pumpking - yeah, she's a female but I couldn't resist
  17. First Halloween with DC, happy hunting everyone!
  18. There was no five minute drop at the halloween biome???? I'm so confused
  19. Ooooh is that a Jacksepticeye reference in the treats???
  20. Awww I only have 14. But that's okay, it's my first ever event