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Please call me Citron or EC

  • Daydream & White hoarder
  • I'm currently collecting CB Freckled dragons for a lineage! I'd be glad to trade for one
  • Loves shiny things may or may not be a crow
  • Will breed on request! PM me

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    Under a pile of homework
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    Uh, lots of fandoms. Some are mentioned on my dragon names, actually.
    Naming scheme:
    Don't follow this that much anymore as picking languages that use the Latin alphabet (or a modified version of it) is too hard ;-; but originally I'd take the breed's elemental affinity, and two colors and smush it together and stuff
    Of course there's the special families like the d'Evreux family, the von Maydell family, the Schoenberg family
    and the d’Aragon family
    I like shiny things! I also hoard Daydreams, Whites and would love to be able to hoard Nebbies, but that's a bit hard. Pinks are also cool

    I love history, languages and international issues! PM me too talk about them?
    I may be late on replying because 1. Time differences 2. I have a busy life ;-;

    Gold shimmer
    Gold Tinsel

    Nebbies, Daydreams and Whites are always welcome!
    I'd be happy to breed you something in return!
    I also breed on request, please ask nicely and we could set something up!

    ((I also frequently breed into the AP for fun, mostly shimmerfails/tinselfails/the occasional shimmer or tinsel))