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  1. Why am I always the most recent one to have posted I don't know the rules on double-posts sorry for the double-port
  2. realicraft

    TinyURL Broken

    So, recently I noticed that the TinyURL URLs don't load, for some reason. Images:
  3. Well, it should be. You can only see some of the description, and sometimes none at all! Plus, on the page with all the dragons, it's scrollable there. Image:
  4. On the page where you click five dragons, the dc page that appears when you click an egg cannot be scrolled. Image:
  5. So... did this die? sorry for double post
  6. 'Step 2: Program (Please refer to the example code in LEARN -> Get Tutorials on our website)'
  7. Why isn't this more popular Did we forget to mention Borf anywhere Anyone wanna know who Borf is
  8. Wrong. TPBM has a snow leopard as their OC.
  9. O H N O (also comic sans is best font)