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  1. 8 hours ago, Infinis said:

    I just need some internet hugs I guess. 


    My cat had a vet appointment this morning because he developed concerning health issues, and based on finances and other factors, he has to be put down tomorrow. I'm so broken and so is my mom. He has been a good kitty, a loving kitty, and he had a good happy life here with us, but those things don't make the fact that I get to come home from work tomorrow to no kitty to pet or greet me or cuddle. They're doing a home visit for it so he goes surrounded by the people and places and things he loves. I've had to put a cat down before but I was little and didn't fully understand, not really, but I've had this cat for over a decade (I'm now 25) so I knew him better than any other pet we've had, and this all is a shock and it hurts. A few days ago he seemed fine.


    There's no one to take my shifts at work so i can't take today and tomorrow off to spend as much time as I can with him. Hopefully I don't break down and cry at work because the reality is that I can't afford to lose hours, either.


    What I wouldn't give to have a million dollars.


    ) :  


    I'm so sorry this has happened, I too have had many pets and they all died. When my hamster died, I made her a miniature coffin and buried her along with many flowers in my garden. I kept all her socks that she wrecked and other photos so I would always keep her memory with me. Now, plants are growing over her grave and I visit her often.

    Saving physical memories and objects really helped me deal with loss, I hope this helps you too ❤️ 



  2. *hugs everyone in the room* *sips hot chocolate and eats cookies*

    I feel ashamed of myself sometimes because of one of my flaws. That is, my mind wanders far too often and I often can't concentrate. When teachers instruct me NOT to do something, I listen, and remember their warning. But sometimes, my mind blanks out and I do exactly what they told me not to do. It's not on purpose, I don't know how it happens, but when I accidentally disobey them, the teachers think I'm ignorant or stupid. I don't like it.

    I've considered talking to them, but I'm afraid they wouldn't believe me.