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  1. *hugs* I'm so sorry this has happened, I too have had many pets and they all died. When my hamster died, I made her a miniature coffin and buried her along with many flowers in my garden. I kept all her socks that she wrecked and other photos so I would always keep her memory with me. Now, plants are growing over her grave and I visit her often. Saving physical memories and objects really helped me deal with loss, I hope this helps you too ❤️
  2. *hugs everyone in the room* *sips hot chocolate and eats cookies* I feel ashamed of myself sometimes because of one of my flaws. That is, my mind wanders far too often and I often can't concentrate. When teachers instruct me NOT to do something, I listen, and remember their warning. But sometimes, my mind blanks out and I do exactly what they told me not to do. It's not on purpose, I don't know how it happens, but when I accidentally disobey them, the teachers think I'm ignorant or stupid. I don't like it. I've considered talking to them, but I'm afraid they wouldn't believe me.
  3. I thought that the "growing dragons limit" also limited my total dragons. So for a while, I only had 12 dragons total and kept releasing old adults. Whoops 😑