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  1. Definitely a surprise for me today in-cave! More draggos in one month = extra cool. Thanks!
  2. I'm a 2008 user that would love to be able to change my name. It is 10 years of baggage on a username. I would like to change it because I have an online stalker. I'm trying to leave that part of my past behind me, and that name is tied to it. It would be amazing to be free of that situation. The person doesn't play but they can see my scroll and years of dragons and it just makes me uncomfortable; I have friends I'd love to share my scroll with but I can't because I keep it hidden now. If I could just change my name then they'd lose immediate access of viewing my account. I do not link my scroll on these forums, and if I was able to change it I would just conduct trades on-site. I do not think that displaying the past username is helpful in any way and no one should be "tied" to a past name on the site. There is no reason for it; a player wants to change their name to escape the old one in most cases. If you have a problem with scammers, those situations occur off-site, so deal with it that way. Please let us have a way to change our names. I see I'm in the same boat with a few others -- the stigma of our scroll names really inhibits us to play comfortably. I believe that is way more important than the possibility of losing a few pixels. And re-directing should be opt-out IF implemented, it's the only way I could agree to it. And don't even say that making a new scroll or just stop playing are even valid options, that's just inconsiderate and rude. A one-time change would be good enough for me. If everyone is that concerned about keeping track of people's scrolls or whatever -- which I'd like to add, if someone changes their name, you should respect that they don't want to be associated with an old identity. I support an on-site blocking system. Blocked users cannot offer on two-way trades or claim one-way trades. If someone changes their name while on your blocklist, the old name would still display (you don't get to know their new name but that does not matter because they are blocked anyways).
  3. Thanks for the insight!! /pats my eggie/ I'm happy to have him. Your alt luck is something to admire haha, congrats to you as well~ ^^
  4. I caught my first Blue? Zyumorph in the AP !! It's a CB too! Are these rare? Assuming by trades I've seen, maybe?...Idk! I'm just excited.
  5. The colors on the Pyrovar are so striking, so pretty! I can't wait to grab a few in the AP when player start breeding them 😻 The description on the Truffle is so interesting?? Poor things I wanna save them all