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  1. Ooooh sweet! New eggs! Excited to find them both~!
  2. Ooooh, my favorite types are most likely Dragon, Dark and Psychic. I'm debating on either Shiny Reshiram or Shiny Latias as my favorite for both Pokemon and Shiny.. But Latias is just so cute, so I'd probably say Shiny Latias.
  3. The chief prosecutor sure looks frightening. Also just.. the code of one of my eggs...
  4. I had just gotten The Balance Of Dusk and Dawn, Exotic Dark Chocolate Truffles, and I was actually surprised that Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth hadn't been taken yet. Probably because of the "chief" part though. I saw that Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth was taken.
  5. Edgeworth is my favorite character in Ace Attorney, and I just couldn't resist choosing my boy for my avatar.
  6. 1. I am able to manipulate my dreams before I actually fall asleep, as in create my own dream in however way I want it UNTIL I regain consciousness. 2. I can manipulate what time I wake up in the morning, as long as I give a range of when to wake up. 3. I don't "sketch" when I draw, I just freehand and it actually doesn't look too bad. 4. In MMOs and other online games, I am usually very quiet and shy. 5. Whenever I'm cold, my knees shiver more than my body. 6. I actually learned how to animate when I was around 5 years old, but I had a very long break from then and now, which is why I'm "reteaching" myself how to animate. 7. I draw male characters better than females, even though I am female. 8. I prefer learning modern and video game music on the piano over the classical songs. 9. My voice is deeper than most of my friends' voices, which the majority are girls. 10. I still remember a dream that I dreamt about when I was about 4 years old.
  7. Whoooooaaa, the Truffles are so pretty as adults 😮 I love the rainbow patterns on them, makes them a LOT more beautiful~
  8. Recollection - DL-6 Incident from the Ace Attorney soundtrack. Cause we all need feels.
  9. I mostly pronounce it as Cari-BE-an, both unconsciously and seriously. Personally, I like it better as well.
  10. Oooh yeah, ships are great. Gotta love em. For me, I ship quite a few pairings. Vikturi (quite obvious providing it's canon xD) Winterwatcher (from Wings of Fire) Wrightworth (from Ace Attorney) Klance (from Voltron) Septiplier (from.. YouTube xD) and more that I can't find a ship name for xDD I'd say my OTP's gotta be Wrightworth. Those two... they're just cute together~
  11. At some point I did jump back into my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game, just to get the nostalgia back. I spent like 772 hours on that game... Also recently went back onto Minecraft for absolutely no reason, but I had fun doing some stuff there too. I'd also kind of just jumped back into Elsword, and I feel like I'll be a lot more active than before.
  12. Today's been normal and fine for me. I got onto my computer and mostly played Elsword, ate lunch, and just lowkey skipped dinner. I was able to talk to my friend, who is currently on vacation though, which was really fun and it made me happy.
  13. Last visit was actually fine, did the regular thing that they always do, and praised me for keeping my teeth clean! They even said they were "almost perfect" and that made me happy~
  14. Pretty new eggs! Looking forward to finding them~ (although I am egglocked atm;;;)
  15. Hobbies, huh... I mainly like drawing and writing. I feel like I've found a passion in artistic stuff and I plan to pursuit it in the future and move onto animating stuff like anime. I do also enjoy gaming a lot. Whenever I have time on my hands I do not hesitate to take some time and play games.
  16. He yawned and batted Luna's talons away, pretending he'd been in a deep sleep.
  17. Elsword. Recently was pummeled by monsters and my teammate was too focused on other monsters to help me.
  18. I should honestly be working on drawing some chibi art right now. Boy, do I love distractions~!
  19. I'm playing quite a few things. Mostly The Last Guardian, Ace Attorney Investigations, Elsword, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Fire Emblem Fates, etc. Hopefully I can start Shadow of the Colossus soon but we'll see.