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  1. This was a surprise, I wasn't even shiny hunting yet though I had planned to.
  2. Interesting new look to the forums.
  3. How do you melt a vanillite?
  4. You can see your released pokemon, that have been adopted from the shelter, if you are on the regular site, not the mobile site, by clicking the silhouette of the Pikachu on the main page.
  5. I feel your pain, I accidentally released the only shiny legendary I have ever hatched, Virizion, I was crushed.
  6. Who are you paying off at GPX? Is GPX down for everyone? I don't think I will get a pokemon in for the weekly hunt.
  7. Shiny Harvest Farfetch'd is pretty.
  8. Finished another old SWSH!
  9. So excited to have finished this SWSH!
  10. 11!!! I have only found one. Congrats on your shiny!
  11. You need to look down to get the egg.
  12. Cool, since I didn't get the prize I used a Legend Voucher Plus to get Hoopa.
  13. Well, March sucked all the way around for me on GPX. Maybe April will be better. What does the prize for the SWSH do?
  14. Nevermind, it's foggy now.
  15. I fear I am going to fail this SWSH just as I did the last two.
  16. Yay! I had totally forgotten about this! Happy Easter everyone!
  17. I know! There are thousands of users and very few got rewarded for their work. They should have established levels for the prizes so people knew what to aim for not percentages. I bet only the top .1% got the top prize if even that.
  18. Only 205 people got vouchers for hatching all those eggs, that sucks! Feb. 29th '16 at 11:32 PM Carbos, Heart Sweets, Pokéchest, Escape Rope, Sweet Honey, Calcium Feb. 29th '16 at 11:31 PM 1 Credit, Pokéchest, Pokéchest, Dark Stone Feb. 29th '16 at 11:31 PM Sweet Honey, Pokéchest, Heart Sweets, Pokéchest, Iron, Dark Stone Feb. 29th '16 at 11:31 PM Reveal Glass, Pokéchest, Heart Sweets, Pokéchest Feb. 29th '16 at 11:31 PM Protein, Snowball, HP Up, Escape Rope, Sweet Honey Feb. 29th '16 at 11:30 PM Heat Rock, Pokéchest, Dreidel, Heart Sweets, Escape Rope, Blue Stone Feb. 29th '16 at 11:30 PM Pokéchest, DNA Splicers, Pokéchest, Carbos, SlowpokeTail Feb. 29th '16 at 11:29 PM Heart Sweets, Zinc, Iron, Star Piece, Pokéchest, 1 Credit Feb. 29th '16 at 11:29 PM Pokéchest, Reveal Glass, Snowball, 1 Credit, Pokéchest, Pokéchest Feb. 29th '16 at 11:29 PM Pokéchest, Pokéchest, Zinc, Sweet Honey, Flame Orb Feb. 29th '16 at 11:28 PM Flame Orb, Light Stone, Pokéchest, Pokéchest, Carbos Feb. 29th '16 at 11:28 PM Calcium, Pinkan Berries, Pokéchest, Pokéchest, Damp Rock Feb. 29th '16 at 11:28 PM Enigma Stone, Heart Sweets, Heart Sweets, Pokéchest, Protein, Protein Feb. 29th '16 at 11:27 PM Potato Battery, Pokéchest, Pokéchest, Saltwater Bucket, Pokéchest, Pokéchest What are dna splicers???
  19. Thanks, found out I am 216.
  20. how do you see your coin rank?
  21. You all are killing the curve!
  22. What is this shiny legend voucher you speak of?
  23. No shiny for me this time but I did buy the voucher to get the novelty.