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  1. Jake: anybody, anybody please? I've been in the pit for about an hour, at least that's what it felt like. All of a sudden, I see a blur; the blur was getting closer and clearer. It was a human! I tried to call for help, but yet again, only a hiss. the human descended into my pit and helped me up. "don't worry, I won't do anything to harm you." he called for his teammate to throw down the rope. i bit onto it, and just like that, I was pulled out. "on our way here, we say another turned getting hurt. it isn't safe here. we'll bring you to a safe location." they loaded me into a wagon attached to the human's truck. we drove and drove, until all of a sudden we stopped. "Another one?" the driver sounded confused.I decided to look out of my wagon and then I saw it; a small, lizard-like thing. Without question, I jumped out of my wagon, and tried to greet the crimson lizard. It came out as only grunts, annoyingly. whether the lizard understood or not, I was unaware. Just then, the truck drove away. Welp, just me and him now.
  2. Characters: human: Darkmega5 Pluto Swordsmith male 32 A bald, short, and slim adult, always in ninja wear. He always wears a bandanna around his mouth sword east The Swordsmith family line has been around for almost forever. It seemed to be that every descendant had greater swordsmanship than the last. When the invasion started, he was alone at home as a child, because his parents had gone to battle and died. He spent most of his time training. When he was offered a chance to help stop the madness, he was skeptical. But 2 years passed, and he decided to join.
  3. Have you ever wondered... What happens to the spirit of a dead person? the soul gets trapped in the gem blood realm and turn into the substance known as gem blood.The gem blood came in 7 colors. The mortal realm has established connections to the gem blood realm. When an orphan tried to use this technology to bring back his parents, something went horribly wrong. A pulse of energy swept though the gem blood realm, transforming the gem blood puddles into ghost-like beings, able to enter the mortal world. The ghosts dubbed "gem blood phantoms" have already made wreckage of the world we know. However, the orphan in his adult age made tech able to seal the gem blood phantoms into glass cages. It came in many different varieties. He had figured out they cannot bypass physical matter. However, this tech might malfunction from time to time. Because the army had been wiped out, the tech called "gem sealers" were supplied to any survivors available. one recruit found a notepad entry that read the following: Yellow phantoms have electric powers Green phantoms can manipulate the ground Red phantoms can control fire Blue phantoms can freeze things easily Cyan phantoms can create dangerous winds Purple phantoms can manipulate minds Pink phantoms can teleport ...the rest was unreadable. With this knowledge, the resistance made their way to the cursed mansions, where the phantoms resided. Character forms: Human form: DC name character name character gender character age character appearance gem sealer variation (sword, gun, other) starting cursed mansion (North, South, East, or West) backstory Phantom form: DC name Phantom type Phantom Appearance starting cursed mansion (North, South, East, or West) Rules: no irl dating here, but characters may date No swearing above hell no porn one alive/unsealed character at a time. If your character has been killed/sealed, you may make another one. PM all forms to me Roll the die to determine if a phantom is sealed or not. (rules found on discord server here: https://discord.gg/zNqHDzQ) 3rd person RPing only put a sword in your form if you have read all the rules
  4. Jake: Up and at em... Emerging from my hole, I hear faint sobbing in the distance. questioning what I heard, i tried to call out to whoever was crying, but all I can do is hiss. OH COME ON!!! well, this stinks. I start to tread my way to the poor soul. Why must my new form be so slow?! Not like there's anything I could do about it anyway. while I'm walking, falling every now and then due to my new form, I see a pit. deep but small. Do I try to pass by it? One fall could make me slide in there. I decide to try and pass. foolish mistake. I fall and land on my back. I hiss angrily. Great, I can't call for help, getting up will take a while, and I'm vulnerable. oh no.
  5. Ugh... what happened... I wake up, finding myself in the local forest. I feel... different, somehow. I realize I'm on all fours. What??? oh no... I had turned in my sleep. My parents must've thrown me outside, thinking my turned self killed my human self. I smell an awful stench nearby. Wherever I go, the stench follows. I see a rabbit in the distance. Well, if i'm like this from now on, I'll need to hunt. I ate the rabbit whole. I start returning to town, but there's caution tape surrounding the forest. Great, now I'm like the devil to my town. I go deeper into the forest until sundown. Using my new claws, I dig a hiding-hole for the night. Before i fell asleep, one last thought went through my head; I'm stuck like this forever.
  6. Jake: Bye dad! I'm going to a friend's house! Can't wait to play some video games with my friends! It's gonna be so fun! I arrive at the house and knock. No answer. I knock harder. Still no answer. "Seriously? If this is a prank, it's not funny.' I try the door. It's open. "Looks like nobody's home, but why wouldn't they lock the door? Weird..." The floor is covered with blood. "OK, it's DEFINITELY a prank." I notice the news channel is on the TV. I watch a little. "This just in, a creature was seen breaking into a house, and then walking out, with blood stains all over its mouth. Here's the video." The very house I'm in is shown on TV. "It's a turned! A turned killed my friend and his family! From that moment on, I was terrified of turned people breaking in, or even worse, becoming one. One night, I couldn't sleep. I overheard my parents chatting. "Jake's been acting... weird lately" "I know honey. It's about these creatures." "I understand why he's afraid. One of them killed his best friend!" "I'll talk to him about it tomorrow morning." "Thank you." "they're worried too." I thought. a few minutes later, I was asleep. As I heard the night before, dad was waiting at the bottom of the steps. "Good morning, how was your rest?" "I heard the conversation last night." "About that... you've got to stop worrying!" It's concerning me and your mother!" "I know, dad. If you were in my shoes, how would you feel?" "the same as you." They want me to "move on." They don't understand! I wish they could feel how I feel. Well, maybe someday.
  7. Characters: Scroll name: pyromane Character name: Quyan Weapon/Power: Magic Paintbrush Character appearance: Has shoulder-length dark hair that curls outwards and streaked through with seafoam green. Three particularly stubborn curls tilt up behind her left ear. Wears a worn but sturdy jacket studded with amethyst dragon scales, light blue pants embroidered with arcane runes, and tough hiking shoes. Character traits: Can use her rune magic to paint effects for her teammates and against her enemies Character strengths: Versatile, dependable Character weaknesses: Mute, can hold and be fixated on grudges Your character’s hometown (starting location): Flatlands Character stats: Health: 85, Speed: 99, Attack: 100, Defense: 99, Stealth: 98 Dead Characters: none yet...
  8. Setting: The world of Ironhelm in modern times: it consists of 6 main locations. Each location has a town besides cave of the dead. everywhere is located on one continent. Flatlands Seaside Volcanic mountains Jungle of mystery Silver glaciers Cave of the dead (cannot be the starting location.) Each area has a unique stat boost, found in the flora and fauna in the locations. Flatland=health Seaside=speed Volcanic mountains=attack Silver glaciers=defence Jungle of mystery=stealth Cave of the dead=none These stats will allow you to do actions more efficiently. In the villages, you can start side quests, from which you may get a reward. My role? I will be the RP master, who tells the roleplayers about events and what their actions do. a map: lime=flatlands, dark green=jungle of mystery, light yellow=seaside, orange=volcanic mountains, light blue=silver glaciers, dark red house=village, cave=Cave of the dead, brown=death bridge Village contents: for each village there is: 1 general store 1 enchanter's workshop 1 inn 1 merchant's tent The general stores sell 4 items, which are randomized every day. when you enter the store, you may buy 1 item for the price. You may enter the store only once a day. The enchanter's workshop allows you to increase your stats in exchange for magi orbs. Sleeping at the inn for 25 coins will fully heal your character. You may sell things at the merchant's tent for coins. Currency: As of now, the only two ways to receive coins are side quests and selling items. Magi orbs may only be obtained by side quests for now. Story: Long ago, there was a kingdom ruled by a cruel king. He issued cruel and unusual punishments for minor crimes, made overpriced taxes, and more unforgivable deeds. The king used to have a wife, but he killed her. Every time the king kills his wife, the townsfolk have a raffle to see who would be next. By the 22nd raffle, the townsfolk grew sick of this tradition. They sent the raffle "winner" named Isabelle with a knife with which she stabbed the king at the wedding. She then married a different man whose name was Tim. Tim and Isabelle then buried the wicked king in a cave far away from town. Many years later, the king's bones were bare, with no organs or skin. However, his spirit remained in his skeleton. His spirit was filled with hatred. So much hatred, he awoke from the dead as a skeleton with one primary goal: get revenge on humanity. He crafted an army of skeletons to do his bidding. Now, you must defeat the resurrected king and save the world! All your actions have consequences. You have been warned. The cave of the dead is protected by a magic barrier to prevent the skeleton king from escaping. in order to bypass that barrier, 5 parties of heroes must posses a barrier key, found in each of the 5 locations. In order to claim a key, you must fight a barrier guardian. These are listed below: knight of the spear=flatlands king of sting=seaside Sizzle Stalker=volcanic mountains Cold Hunter=silver glaciers Moonlight wizard=jungle of mystery Character form: Scroll name: Character name: Weapon/Power: Character appearance: Character traits: Character strengths: Character weaknesses: Your character’s hometown (starting location) Character stats: (1 strong stat, 1 weak stat, the rest are normal.) You need to make parties of your characters (groups of 3) in order for them to act together. (you must notify me of new parties.) Combat: for weak hp characters: 45 health for normal hp characters: 85 health for strong hp characters: 125 hp when in combat, the the fighter with the highest speed goes first. The more stealth you have, the more likely your opponents will miss you. This rp has permadeath. You can heal with items and/or at the village inn. Rules: No swearing above hell. Only reasonable weapons/powers. (no instant-kill swords or anything else of the sort.) PM your character sheets for approval. Do not post until approved! Please use correct grammar. English only. If you will be inactive, please tell me via pm. Only post on-topic here. Talk in third-person. 1 side quest at a time. Most recent update: none yet!
  9. ((Can someone update the wiki? Or should I?)) Honor was sitting inside the hatchling cave, watching over some young hatchlings. It was his job to raise and protect the little ones. However, rather than tell them about humanity's wrongdoings, he told them stories of his past with Lucas. He hoped one day, peace would come. Until then, this was the best he could do. When the hatchlings were all asleep. he would talk to the action figure on his neck, pretending it was Lucas.
  10. Lucas left the comfort of home, ready to overcome anything on his search for Honor. "The sooner I find him, the better. Maybe once I find him he can convince the other dragons that not all humans are so terrible." He said. When sunset came, Lucas sat on a small rock and held his charm. "I'm coming for ya, buddy." He got little to no sleep that night. The next morning, Lucas made a dummy out of a nearby haystack. He practiced with his spear for a few hours. He stopped due to a sudden rainstorm. Luckily, he found a small hut to stay in. While waiting for the storm to pass, Lucas fell asleep and had a dream that was less like a dream, and more like a vision. He saw a slightly older version of himself playing with young hatchlings. Honor was sitting nearby, watching happily. At that moment, Lucas woke up. He thought of it as "just a dream" for now, but it would be a big help in the future.
  11. oh okay, I was just curious.
  12. okay, so my friend has eggs which have over 4 days left, yet they are on the verge of hatching. They're only hours before though. (example: 4 days 18 hours.) Is that a glitch? or am I just reading the hatching rules wrong? My egg has 4 days 11 hours left (guardian dragon) and is only on stage 0, while my friend's egg, (This glassy egg has a single stripe on it) is on stage 5, with 4 days 18 hours left. Seriously, what's up?