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  1. So uhh, turns out these files are Very Big, so links it is. Sorry for the unappealing look. M Aether x F Tri-horn / F Aether x M Tri-Horn M Aether x F Ember / F Aether x M Ember M Aether x F Monarch / F Aether x M Monarch x Diamondwing
  2. Templates, since I haven't seen anyone post them yet: I'll do some with some of my own ideas later (and maybe some others too. There's already a lot in this thread and barely any mockups). Maybe I'm a little bummed out that we got yet another blue dragon when there's already so many (I have a spreadsheet with all dragons listed by colour. Blue is by far the largest group), but these guys are so pretty and look so nice in tiles, I can't be mad.
  3. Both breeds look absolutely gorgeous as adults!! I just love everything about how the Pipios look - the feathers, the poses, the cute little tail, the overall detailing and shading, and their grace... And the colour of the Aethers got just the definition I was hoping for! I love the tones on the wings and all the fluffiness on the body! The descriptions, too. Air dragons who are a bit clumsy with their element are very endearing. (All in all, both are definitely hoarding material. Maybe the Pipios a little more since we have less pygmies than regular dragons/wyverns to choose from. But both are going on my "to hoard, maybe" list.) Thank you to the artist for the wonderful release
  4. I have a pair of Indigo and Gold Lunar Heralds that I need an Indigo offspring from and they keep giving me "no interest" every time I breed them. Yesterday, as Indigo time rolled around again, I tried again. Again, no luck. Only looking at my Action Log today did I realise that I gave the wrong CB Gold Lunar the fertility boost. How did I mess up that bad?
  5. Both hatchies look wonderful!! (And ooh, the cooing pygmies made me think of doves/pigeons. That could be cool!) I've been hoping for a plain white or grey pygmy anyway...pairing them with Dark Mysts sounds really good right now! But I think white will look good with anything. We'll see
  6. 99 people in Alpine Jeez, no more release day Gusties for me, I guess You people talking about hoarding the pygmies are getting me really excited for these babies! Edit: wow, AP time's dropping already!
  7. I'm hoping on that pretty blue turning out equally nice on the adults for sure And even if I don't personally breed a checker with them, I'll be happy to offer a bloodswap/freebie from a Gustitch-Gusty pairing of my own anyway (Oh, they're horrible! I wonder how long they'll go without giving me a tea. But my pyrovars are still doing the same too. Uncooperative dergs)
  8. Reminder to hide your scrolls and vulnerable eggs and/or remove scroll links from your sigs if you post here! Be careful, keep your critters safe from sickness. Anyway, I'm glad to hear both new releases are DR concepts! Always feels good to see some of those released
  9. Depends. Let's see what they look like grown up first. But i do hope they'll look good together. (Plus I still haven't gotten a tea from my own Gustitch x Black Tea pair. Breeding new dragons is always gonna be a one-sided pain)
  10. Oh wow! Was very very surprised to find something completely new on the hourly refresh. Grabbed one of each, don't have room for any more until my stubborn ERs hatch! And look! The Gusties!!
  11. I did do Brutes too, but they wouldn't fit in my post, so here you go
  12. I absolutely love these guys, both for their design and their description! And I had just...way too many ideas for what to pair them with, and now I can't decide. (Albino, F Gold, Ember, Freckled, Diamondwing, Magma, Red Zyu, M Monarch, F Celestial, Royal Crimson) I also like them with Glacewings
  13. At this point I'm too done with this release to go pull my hair out over it in the biomes. I might try to grab an egg later if they're coming easy, but since I need 2 CB pairs of each breed for my goals anyway, I might just wait until tomorrow when people stop caring about them. Meanwhile the AP is a very fun place right now, already got two CBs and a BSA out of it, all ER. Really not a fan of this New Hot Trend of glitched releases.
  14. (Apparently I just needed to complain and some of my reds came off cd) Regular eggs are dropping already and I reflex clicked a dark myst pygmy -.- Frick this, I'm gonna hunt the ap instead and get these when they become dirt common
  15. Oh great, a new release when I've been stuck in egglock for a day and will be for another 9 hours because all my reds have gone poof! somehow. So much for the thrill of hunting, I guess The egg sprites look gorgeous though, I especially like the grey one. ETA: I'm super happy about the raffle variety as well (and the improvements to the trading hub. FINALLY)
  16. Thank you. I'll try breeding another mate, then. By the time I'm successful in that and it grows up, the metallic should be way off cooldown as well.
  17. Is it common for a metallic x uncommon pair to show no interest three times in a row (with fertility used every time)? First time trying to do a checker with a metal and I don't know if this is normal and I'm just being too impatient, or if I should just try breeding the metal another mate instead.
  18. I think Arias are going extinct again...In the time it took me to find one (1) Aria egg in the cave, I also saw two fire gems, a magma, a thunder, a copper, a zyu and a lunar herald (caught some, missed most. I'm sluggish with allergy). And I still need one more. Come on RNG, I just wanted to do a mini checker with them (I can also second the feel of near-constant hatchling-lock. I hate sitting there with three eggs but being locked by hatchlings and the next one growing up in 12+ hours. Today is the first in like a week when I'm locked by eggs instead. Why did this only start happening to me after I got my gold trophy? What changed??)
  19. Oh dang, apparently my PM notifs have decided to kick the bucket Thanks for the heads-up and sorry to have kept you waiting!
  20. My initial reaction upon seeing this suggestion's title was "really, guys?", but reading back a bit, my mind has successfully been changed and I'm totally in support of the idea! I would find it nice to have multiple water-based biomes instead of just the one Coast (let the distinction be salt vs freshwater or land near water vs actually in the water, either sounds great to me!), and another biome that is cold while having nothing to do with mountains. A grassland sounds neat too for covering the large gap between "desert" and "forest" (which I never noticed before but feels very strange now). I'm not gonna say anything on the Coppers because their breeding still bamboozles me half the time, but about the Xenos and Zyus, I don't think new ones need to be added for each new biome (not all biome-specific alts are nor have to be 6/6) and breeding-wise I agree that they could breed with dragons from the new biomes the same way they do with Cave/Market ones.
  21. Is there any consensus on a) abandoning Gustitch eggs, b) trading them away to people who don't have CB Gustitches/aren't interested in the traded eggs being Gustitches and c) using our CB Gustitches for other linages? I assume b) and c) are fine, but I'd still rather ask than have it later turn out that I Did A Bad. I'm most curious about a) becuase that's the most relevant to me right now. I wanna try pestering my Gustitch/Black Tea pair into giving me a Tea egg already, but I don't want to consequently end up raising an army of Truffles until I get there.
  22. Got a lot of new ones since I last posted here... NEzaY HEX2i Should be a good mate for HEXCp Hopefully it doesn't defy the influence and they don't refuse each other ZSuxJ (Sucks that I have no particular interest in Z-codes more than any other code, huh?) jeePD GAYyB One of my best CB catches alonside the two HEXes! Gonna be the mate for ygayY! beEeT IwZex 77ZZj Machx hDMed Either a high definition medicine (whatever that might be), a user of direct messaging, or a dragon that just really enjoys DnD TVdvD From word coded parents as well! SHiP1 XRoBx Mmmyy djExj a DJ! ZRFat i9990 A beautiful AP catch as well. Now if only she would breed true already... 0RlXI vAfUL A very strange waffle... CaTzY
  23. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! Thank you, purplehaze!
  24. So my phone and laptop that both connect to the same wifi are different IPs? Weird. I would have thought they'd be the same Either way I'd still love a session history/device manager like the /settings/devices page on the forums, if that's even possible to do on the site.
  25. I got an offer I quite liked on a trade I have up in the hub. I thought to myself "hmm, nice! I think I'll take that when I come back in ten minutes after doing this IRL thing I have to, unless I get another offer I wanna consider in the meantime!" Of course the offer was gone by the time I got back. What is it with people not being able to wait even minutes? Hours or even days I get but 10-15 minutes. Really? There isn't even any guarantee that I have actually seen your trade in that time, let alone had the time to consider it.