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IOU Friendly!


Art and character in my icon by me.

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    Slowly building up CB zombie fodder for Halloween. I never kill dragons with offspring or ancestors on other people's scrolls, I'm not a jerk.


    Current breeding projects:
    - M Glaucus/F Honey drake checker (Currently 3G)
    - M Melismor/F Purple floret checker (Currently all CBs until Melismors settle down)
    - M Leodon/F Anagallis checker (On hold until Leodons settle down already)
    - Gustitch stuff
    - Rainbow stair (working on CBs. This is going to be an Experience)

    PM if you wanna discuss trades. Not looking for bloodswaps at this time though.

    Finished/discontinued breeding projects:
    - 5G PB Spinels (Still open to offers of 3G or higher bloodswaps but not actively working on it anymore)


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