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  1. Man I was lucky to have 0 eggs today. xD Glad I woke up in time too~
  2. I think I have 52 eggs..? Grinding for eggs between family dinner on Easter and then not being able to get on until around 4 PM EST cuz of work each day (like heck I'm gonna attempt to get on before work each day when I'm up normally at 5 AM EST) means... it's hard to get all the eggs w/o burning out. It's a fun event, ngl, love seeing all the egg creations, but it's a bit of a chore to track them all down when I'm away for basically 2/3rds of the event's run time...
  3. I want one of everything.
  4. Evina's works fine for me, but the AOND site seems... neglected.
  5. If I'm not on the computer (and even when I am lol!) I'm usually playing Monster Hunter World on the PS4. It's a lot of fun, especially if/when you get a strong team working in perfect sync with you. ❤️ It can be a pain in the arse tho if you have that one purrson who faints all three times... >A<
  6. I love playing LD. I have a Smilus Primal king on my main and a classic/original Primal on my side. I love them both to bits. ❤️
  7. When I first started with MonHun, it was with MH4U; I'd been watching my friends play MonHun in the past and just had to join in. Then I got MHS & MHG. (I play with a 3DS (upgraded to the New 3DS XL when it came out; have the limited-edition Monster Hunter Generations design one in blue~ ❤️ ).) This year I blew my tax return on a PS4 Pro & MHW. I have no regrets. TwT
  8. Added mine to the mix! Enjoy the soup! x3
  9. It helps if you've got several ER-worthy babies. eweb
  10. Right now I'm using two; Sherwood and Evin's. So far it seems to be working. A nice, steady pace. Really good for ER hatching & growing.
  11. Thank you for providing this service! Put my babies in there (running sorely behind and in dire need to catch up lol).
  12. The same issue is still active for me too, unfortunately.
  13. Thank you for this service! I just plopped my babbus in there~ ❤️
  14. Might be in need of some mentoring, but to be honest I'm so new I have no idea what I'd need help in/with lol! (New to both Dragon Cave and here, the related forums.) I live in the EST/EDT and tend to be online around 15:00 to 22:00 most days; this is just informational and by no means a requirement. owob Many thanks in advance! ❤️ (( Also, Fuzzbucket, I love your icon. ))