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  1. Thanks for your reply (I had just edited my post to add a few more ideas before your reply landed -- in case that helps). Just to clarify: No, it's not entirely about same-breed walls... I think what all of us want, really (although we've kind of tiptoed around it), is for a limited number of players to stop having the power to basically hold the AP hostage (for whatever reasons they may have) and thus ruin it for everyone else. If you can keep people from outright abusing the game mechanics in a way that detracts from other players' enjoyment and gameplay, that will be
  2. The AP is an ugly wall again right now... meaning that either 1) more than one breeder collaborated to make this happen (WHY?), and/or 2) it's that situation where people pick up an egg to look at the lineage (or to see who is to blame for the wall) and then abandon it again -- thus causing the AP to refill with the same eggs on the bottom row. @TJ09 I hope that this update can be re-tuned to target the ORIGINAL abandoners/breeders, and not just base it on "whoever touched the egg last." I realize this may be trickier coding, but we're talking about keeping the AP useful for everyo
  3. Wow, that must be something that was changed in the past year or so? I don't recall that kind of limitation in the Trades viewing area before. (That seems kind of harsh.) How do we unlock them? Find a scroll with several on it and click on them all? Is there a little guide that tells exactly what is needed to unlock a species? Thank you for your kind help! I'll check out those links.
  4. I think a lot of us appreciate the admission that some players DO do it just to be annoying -- along with the explanations of some legitimate reasons to do it. Quick clarifying question: When you say "trying to balance ratios" are you saying that creating a massive dump of a certain breed in the AP forces the system (i.e. the egg generation script, with its algorithms to maintain certain ratios) to stop generating as many eggs of that breed in the cave? Thanks for clarifying this!
  5. That's exactly what I wanted to find out. Where's the fun or the benefit in doing that?
  6. Hi, guys! :Last year was so stressful that I missed ALL of the DC events (starting with Valentine's Day), and now I'm trying to catch up. I have the previous years' Valentine eggs, but I totally missed out on the Erador Lindwyrm (only re-started here yesterday, after the Holiday zone was closed)... Given that I've been gone for over a year, I don't have much to offer in trade, but... Is there some way to work out a way to acquire a couple of Erador Lindwyrms? I see them (for about a nanosecond) very occasionally on the AP, but I've never been able to beat the bots at cl
  7. Thank you SO much for this improvement to the AP! It was super frustrating to see endless walls of identical eggs... and (in my experience) they were usually really unappealing ones at that. (Who wants to breed a zillion gray eggs? Where's the benefit in that? I always wondered what that was about...) This is a great upgrade! I would just request that if you DO reduce the numbers of same-player abandoned eggs (which would be fine with me), please DON'T reduce the number of Holiday eggs that display. Those are highly desirable, and are available for a limited
  8. Right, of course... I just forgot that they don't grow up on their own once hatched. Also... the Abandoned Cave (AP) stopped responding to clicks a little while ago. I was manually refreshing the page (like always) and now when I click on an egg NOTHING happens. I don't get the message that someone else grabbed the egg... it just re-loads the page with different eggs as if I refreshed instead of clicking. What could be the problem? I tried re-starting my browser but... it's still not working. And it was fine about an hour ago. [Edit]: I re-entere
  9. Oh, wow, I forgot that hatchies need clicks too... All right, thanks for the detailed suggestions! (Here's hoping I can get back up to speed here, after so much time away.) Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for your help, guys!
  11. Thanks for your reply! I followed the link that was given to me in order to post here, and it led to a page that had 2015 as the most recent post date. (The link must have landed me somewhere earlier in the thread?) Two more quick questions: 1) What time zone determines "midnight" here? It looks like maybe US Eastern time? 2) Any hints on which hatching sites are working best nowadays? Thanks again!
  12. Someone just now told me to post my questions here... although I see that the last post here was in 2015. All right then: I've been away for quite a while, and could use a quick reference guide as to which dragons have which abilities.( I used to breed a lot, and I remember that there were special functions for red, purple and pink dragons, for example.) Can someone provide a link to a thread or a place in the wiki that explains the various dragon abilities so I can start being active again? Thanks if anyone can help!
  13. @pinkgothic Thanks for your help! Somehow I could not seem to find a help forum (really "out of the loop" after my time away. From what you said, breeding season must start before the new eggs start dropping? (I'm going by the date of the forum post introducing this year's dragons.) Since I don't know what last year's eggs look like, I would not know what to look for on the AP. Can someone point me to a wiki page that lists the pictures of the eggs and dragons from each holiday? I used to refer to a page like that earlier. Thanks again!
  14. Hi, guys! I'm not even sure where to ask this (been away for over a year), but here goes: Last year was such a stress-fest that I missed out on most online events... including Valentine's Day and all other DC holidays right through Christmas. I'm trying to make a comeback with this year's Valentine event, but some things seem different than I remember. 1) Where are the CB eggs for the previous year's Valentines? I seem to recall that previous years eggs are usually mixed in with the current year, giving us a chance to catch up on ones we missed... except this time I see
  15. I just want to say THANK YOU to TJ for making CB eggs from all the previous years available to us! This is my first chance to participate in a Valentine event here, and I'm so thankful that I can still acquire all the ones that I previously missed. Thanks and kudos to TJ and our gifted spriters for all the lovely Holiday dragon designs over the years! ❤️
  16. Thanks for your reply! Does TJ read this thread? I hope he'll fix this when he has a little spare coding time.
  17. Hi, guys! Reporting a small but annoying bug here: The stacking of Snow Angels (Holiday Dragon 2009) on the scroll is wrong, placing the frozen hatchlings BEFORE the adults instead of after them (like all the other frozen hatchlings on my scroll). All of the other Holiday dragons seem to be stacking correctly, and the Snow Angel seems to be the only exception. If this glitch can be fixed, it will make the Holiday section of our scrolls more tidy. Thanks, and here's wishing you all a great New Year!
  18. OK, sorry, you must be right. I just successfully picked up an abandoned (bred) Solstice egg. It's hard to fathom someone abandoning a CB Holiday egg though, since we can't really pick up "extra" in the first place. Thanks for the replies, guys!
  19. Thanks for the replies! There's no way to know for sure on its origins, since it won't let me look at the egg when I click on it. But would someone really abandon a CB Holiday egg, given the scroll limits? I guess I'll see if I can try again on that breed if/when another appears on the AP.
  20. Hi there! It looks like the Solstice has not had the code fixed to allow us to pick up bred (non-CB) eggs yet. I have room on my scroll, but when I tried to pick one up from the AP it said this: " You are already at the limit (2) for this breed of dragon. This limit includes eggs, hatchlings, and adult dragons." It is letting me pick up other types of eggs from the AP (I have 2 CB of each of those too), but this one seems to be buggy. Hope this can be fixed, thanks!
  21. PPS: It looks like the Solstice has not had the code fixed to allow us to pick up bred (NON-CB) eggs yet. I have room on my scroll, but when I tried to pick one up from the AP it said this: " You are already at the limit (2) for this breed of dragon. This limit includes eggs, hatchlings, and adult dragons." It is letting me pick up other types of eggs from the AP (I have 2 CB of each of those too), so this seems to be a bug. Hope this can be fixed, thanks!
  22. PS: How rare are the Leetle trees? Of course I would love to find one if possible. Do they only drop in the regular zones, or in the Holiday zone, or both?
  23. Many thanks to TJ and the spriters for the lovely new eggs, and for all the other parts of the Holiday event! It seems that the game won't fully load in my web browser, no matter what I enable in NoScript. I get sound only, no visuals. (I am on a somewhat older machine, but my browser is the most updated that my OS can handle, and works fine on everything else). But hey, at least the badge appeared on my scroll once I loaded what I could. Guess I'll spend the Holidays fixing up my IRL house instead of my snow fort (unless anyone has suggestions on how to make the game w
  24. Just in case TJ is still reading this thread: Thanks for the great Halloween entertainment! This is my first DC Holiday event, and it's been super fun. The "choose your own adventure" story is clever and well-written, with nice touches of humor. The "trick or treat" items are well-designed and fun to catch (thanks, spriters!), and overall this has really brightened my month. Kudos to TJ and to the talented artists (and admins) who keep DC fresh, fun and friendly!
  25. It seems that the Stats on the scroll are buggy. After adding a new egg from the AP tonight, my stats said this (all time stamps are in US Pacific time): 11:31 PM Friday, August 31, 2018 Stats Joined in2008 Grown Dragons306 Growing Dragons18 Unique Breeds100 When I refreshed the page few minutes later, without my changing anything, the "Unique Breeds" number had dropped: 11:43 PM Friday, August 31, 2018 Stats Joined in2008 Grown Dragons306 Growing Dragons18 Unique Breeds98