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  1. Wow! Very late to this, but good to know! Thanks, TJ!
  2. Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! I came super, super late but managed to grab one of each kind. They're so beautiful! Thank you to TJ and spriters.
  3. Congrats!! Enjoy the broccoli kid!
  4. Entered! Best of luck to everyone
  5. Oh, bother. I missed this. Time to try to catch up. The eggs are beautiful, as are the dragons! Thanks, TJ and spriters! ❤️
  6. Congrats, winner! Enjoy the broccoli kid! And thanks Feesh again for the raffle ❤️
  7. Congrats @purpledragonclaw! Thanks again for the raffle and thanks again to the donor :3
  8. Thanks to whoever donated! :D Entered! Good luck everyone!
  9. Dang. Saw only two of the speckles on the hour drop, and only got one of them. They're super slippery! 😮 Just need to catch two more hopefully. edit: Just as I say this, I scoop up two more in the xx:05 drop. Good luck to everyone still hunting!
  10. Wow! A new release! What cuties. Thanks TJ and spriters. Time to go grab one!
  11. Congrats Nqli! Enjoy the broccoli kiddos And thanks for the opportunity Feesh!
  12. Oh wow! What a big brocc-ortunity! I'm in! Good luck, guys!
  13. Ahh, I missed it RIP. Congrats to the winner, though!
  14. Congrats on winning a broccoli kid! And thanks for the chance, Feesh
  15. Awesome! Thanks for the fast reply! In that case, hopefully breeding what I've got will help me start somewhere with it.
  16. *Picks up a no-win cookie belatedly* Congrats to the winners! Do we know if the sea serpents have to be CB? I assume not, because it doesn't say they have to be CB, but I just thought to ask to double-check in case anyone knows?
  17. Oh boy! A broccoli friend! Thanks for the raffle, Feesh, and good luck, everyone!
  18. Almost that time again! Good luck, everyone!
  19. Ahh! I completely missed this! Congrats to the winners! What a creative idea, Feesh!
  20. Congrats! *takes a brownie* Thanks again for the raffle, Feesh!
  21. Broccoli kid! Yay! Thanks Feesh, and good luck everyone!
  22. RIP. And here I was kinda hoping I'd actually get my first CB golds since I'll never be able to catch one in the caves. At least my shards are back tho?
  23. I saw that Golds were 700 and in my panic of excitement I bought two. 8') I really hope it's not a glitch. I would rather that they're not taken away. I feel like the theory about Halloween affecting it sounds pretty solid, but who knows.