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  1. Granted, but all eggs past the normal egg limit start out sick when first laid/stolen and can get sick again extremely easily. I wish I could communicate telepathically with my pet cats.
  2. I used it for fitting all of my wants when I couldn't fit them all in the wants box. For example, here's the link that got me trade-banned: https://www.quotev.com/CloversandKittens/journal/5346324/Wish-List Because of the character limit, I wouldn't have been able to fit all of that without some sort of link. I now recognize it might have been better to put it in a forum post and link that, but that would still be a link.
  3. Well, there's more of a risk with links. the worst that can happen with a "precog"/"influence" is that you don't get what you wanted in some adoptables game while links could be malware. but about hovering and not even being able to do those kinds of links in the cave in the first place, exactly.
  4. Yup https://dragcave.net/view/DhIH2 The thing is, I'm pretty sure you can't do that in the cave. If I'm correct, the way you do that is through a hyperlink that you then titled, making it look like a different link, correct? You can't do that in the cave. Whatever is there is the url of whatever site it will take you to. You have to manually copy and paste whatever link is there into your URL bar. So this really only applies to the forum, not the trading hub on the cave. (Yet if I'm correct links are allowed on the forum but not in the cave.) Still, I do see what everybody means now, as I've been told that numerous times in this thread.
  5. Yep. Didn't get told until I posted this on the forum and got a message saying why. I also didn't get told how long the restriction was/whether it was temporary or permanent, which also bothers me. I feel like I'm at least entitled to information about what my punishment actually is (and why it is in place, like you said). And yeah, the way everything relies on the forum is starting to really irk me, especially as someone who's been on the cave for two years but didn't join the forum until around a month ago due to being very shy and thus intimidated by this place, plus I didn't know how important the forum even was.
  6. So apparently doing exactly what the box says, just in a link (I can provide the link here to prove it's appropriare if that's allowed here. Not to ask to be able to use it in trades in the future, as I now realize that and why links aren't allowed, but just to show that I meant absolutely no harm and that permanent restrictions are not necessary.) is misuse and worthy of a potentially permanent trade ban, but putting something that isn't a have or a want is fine? interesting. (Btw, not the entire post is directed at the quote, as could probably be told. I do apologize if this in any way comes off as aggressive.)
  7. Just as you could choose not to click on a link if you're so worried about it.
  8. Another gray area to ponder: what about putting what you DON'T want so that people don't offer it? ( "won't take new releases" , "no long lines", etc) or saying that you use decline? Technically not a want or have, but useful information + I see a lot of people doing it.
  9. Except that is I'm pretty sure fraud is illegal IRL. Also, your explanation simply puts it on the same levels as links - there are malicious uses and non-malicious uses. Yet one gets you banned and the other doesn't.
  10. Exactly. I think a lot of these problems stem from the character limit of the wants box.
  11. The first one would probably work very well. The second one still seems a bit vague to me. THIS. Very much this.
  12. Yeah... I can't really attest to the part about the trading forum, but I'm really not a fan of perm-bans and perm-restrictions being the go-to punishment. Sometimes, people just make mistakes and won't do it again if they just get a warning from someone or even a restriction or ban lasting a week or so (if told why so they know what not to do). I get it if someone continues breaking the rules even after being warned by someone or after a temporary restriction/they show malicious intent, but permanent punishments right off the bat for everything just deprives tons of innocent people of a chance to learn from their mistakes and use the site the way it was meant to be used, especially if the things that can get them punished aren't even made very clear. In a previous comment I heard that all punishments on the cave are permanent unless you work something out with staff... not sure if that's true, but in that case there should at least be a subforum for ban appeals. Preferably one easily accessible from the cave.
  13. I think the biggest problem and source of confusion, at least in my personal experience, actually kind of the opposite. My problem is that DC seems to rely so much on the forum without actually stressing enough how important it is. Like, from what I've seen here like half the rules can only be found by digging through the forum. But I wouldn't know because, even though I've been on DC for years, I just joined the forum around a month ago, a story I've heard many times in the introductions subforum. I'm really asocial and shy, so I rathered just collect my dragons in peace and solitude instead of venture into the big scary forum full of people. I thought this was a valid option. But if it isn't, and having an account on the forum is the only way to properly avoid the ban hammer, this needs to be stated in the cave somewhere. At least in my opinion. I know there's a link to the forum there, but that's about it (at least to my memory, correct me if I'm wrong), so as I said I thought it was an option. If you want to keep a lot of the important stuff on the forum and rely on it so heavily, that's fine, but at least inform users on the cave of the important things the forum is used for other than chatting and finding out about new releases, or make it mandatory to make an account on the forum to activate your DC account, or something else like that to further encourage being proactive in the forum. Either that or put all the essentials on the main website.
  14. Thank you for your support. I hope it gets resolved soon too (obviously 😅) And it's completely fine. I'm actually glad my post has opened discussion; I'm glad people are taking these issues so seriously (I didn't even expect any replies honestly; the forum's still a new, big, scary place for me), agree with almost everything that's been said here and have felt the compulsion to click a nonexistent thumbs up button on 80% of them, and if nothing else at least my problems and this post resulted in some positive change or at least constructive discussion.
  15. But there are some gray areas- like, I recently found out that what I got the trade-ban for is putting links on my trade. The links were to a list of things I wanted. The content of the link was perfectly within the rules; I just put it in an external link and I didn't know that wasn't allowed. And there are probably other things similar to this that I haven't encountered yet to list, that other people could fall into. And given that I've seen other people do that exact thing before I don't think I'm the only one who could benefit from more specific guidelines.
  16. I just tried to make a public trade, and I've found that I can't, getting the message "Your account’s ability to create public trades and add messages to trades has been removed." I'm not sure why? I didn't think I'd broken any rules? it was fine earlier today, but just now I checked and I can't. Is there any staff that can tell me why/is there anywhere I can appeal?
  17. What if we have to wait for, like, ND kind of low time? (Or maybe not that low, but one day or lower)
  18. Agreed. I don't want to wait until the wiki page is up to know how to get my purples.
  19. It's only 2-3 days if you incubate. So unless I read incorrectly that is normal according to the current theory.
  20. Thank you so much. 😀 thought my math was off 😅
  21. Run Run while you can The war is coming