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  1. Have to admit I felt a new release coming soon, but it still snuck up on me! Regardless, I was able to abandon two and get one of each and am super happy to be here for the in cave flood for my second time now. Thanks so much for the updates and the new eggs. Really looking forward to watching them grow up 😍
  2. I'm a relatively new player to Dragon Cave, so I may not understand a lot of the sentiment towards the topic (and I haven't been here long enough to accurately tell how people feel about this) so please don't hate me, but I was wondering if alternate solutions could exist? (again I don't know if these have been suggested before?) Firstly, I want to establish that I fully support that prizes should be special and the lucky ones who do get it should have an advantage. That being said, I also believe that everybody should be able to get one eventually. I still think it's unfair for some users who have been active for so long to never get one, even after say 8+ years of playing. So I was thinking..What if: 1) The market will offer you an option of buying a prize dragon (I still think it should be really expensive like even 10k+) if you haven't ever gotten a CB prize dragon in say X number of years of playing. That way it will be accessible but only if you have never won one in X many years. I think that way it's still special and will help counteract the randomness that could keep you from ever getting a prize. and 2) Market prizes are not able to be bred. I know that sounds harsh and many may disagree and believe it a horrid idea, but again I don't like the idea that somebody could never get one in all their years of playing. This way, you can get a CB prize, but you will not have the advantage of creating lineages with it, which is an advantage reserved to the special lucky players who actually win the raffle. This will keep the specialness of winning a raffle and creating 2G prizes/ lineages with the prizes. Again, I just wanted to pitch my thoughts so please don't get angry with me. Perhaps there is some logical fallacy in my reasoning, so some feedback would be nice though.