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    I've loved stories about vampires since forever, from which I drew inspiration for many of my dragon's name. For this reason I'm always lookin for codes related to books, movies, series vampire-related. Feel free to contact me if you find something relevant, we can arrange a trade!

    Many of my interests IRL are also related to great apes, aimed at knowing their behavior, the possibilities we have to communicate with such extraordinary animals closely connected to the human being. For this reason you can easily find many names, in my weird naming schemes, randomly assigned to dragons that fit perfectly the great apes features (such as strenght, big dimensions, smartness, and also cuteness!!).
    I own a beautiful CB female silver shimmer I called K o k o L o v e after the cute Koko, a western lowland gorilla able to use american sign language.

    I love low generation Spriter's alt kins, I prefere stair lineage because I find EG a quite boring but.. You know.. If I'll find some EG with an extra rare SAlt kin in it, I'll easily hold it.
    Always lookin for weird Spriter's Alt kins, I mean where the SA is bred to a non CB mate. Even If they're messy, even if people usually don't like them because they're not tidy.
    Specifically I'm always looking for 2g SAlt kin (regular or "weird"), if you find one feel free to write me, we can arrange a trade.
    I love, desire, I'm craving for (!!) the following SAlt kins:

    - blue radiant angel
    - floral crowned
    - arsani (both)
    - sakuhana
    - blue omen
    - kohraki (both)
    - wrapping wing
    - aegis (both)
    - starsinger (both)
    - wintertide

    Also l00king for MCU codes, esp. from the Thor movies, e.g. loki, hulk, thor or similar.

    I accept IOUs

    contact me on forum
    or discord