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I will be out of the country from May 15 to Jun 10, 2019.  I will not have internet access and please do not send IOUs to me during this time.  My IOUs will be postpone until I am back.


Queen's Prize 2G list: CLOSED                    Queen's Prize status: next breeding May 15 mate: Kingcrowne                  Queen's Prize trade: May 8 - prizekin! Traded Thanks.

Queen's Prize next holiday breeding - Halloween 2019: OPEN;

IOU friendly, PM to discuss trade option.  More info on profile.


I am always looking for Prize x Val 09 checker (any gen, any colour prize, prize or V-day egg) and Shimmer x Heartstealer checker (any gen, any colour Shimmer [no tinsel sorry], shimmer or V-day egg) not related to mine.  If you can breed any of these, PM me a link to your dragons.  I will check lineage myself and I am sure I can work out a trade with you.


If I haven't replied to your PM within 2 days, don't hesitate to PM again with a NEW message.  Sometime PMs get buried and we all know PM box organization is rather limited on forum.


My profile is VERY out of date due to busy life schedule.  Hopefully, things will be a bit less crazy when I am back in Jun.  I promise I will update it!

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    Profile last update: Mar 8, 2018
    My CB prize is a female silver tinsel named Queen’s Prize.

    2G Prize list: CLOSED. Next breeding Mar 12, 2019 Mate: Blusang (Mar 19, 2019 mate: Grave)
    1. banban007 (with Blusang for 2G kin, to be breed in between other IOUs)
    2. Kiyoura (with Grave, Queen's Fashion)
    (Contact JaneMcAsh when the above is down to 1 for 2G Prize swap)
    3. ComatosedRoses (with Omen, Queen's Omen)
    (Contact Belisar when I get a 2G prize from Balloon to trade)

    4. Halloween 2019 trade: Temporary Closed (PM to discuss 2G prize swap at any time. PM to discuss non-2G trade after Oct 1, 2019)

    2G Prize list has 3 slots and is closed once filled. List will re-open when it is down to 1 request. PM to discuss trade option is always welcome; however, you will not be put on the 2G Prize List when it is closed. A separate PM is required to seal the deal and be put on the 2G Prize List. There is no list for 2G prize-kin. Prize-kin availability and breed are based on 2G Prize List. 2G prize-kin will be posted in trade threads. I keep my signature up-to-date to indicate 2G Prize / prize-kin trade status.

    Holiday 2G: PM on or after the above noted date to discuss trade. Since it is guaranteed I will get at least one holiday egg during the holiday breeding, no IOU for holiday 2G trades. You must have your end of the offer ready prior to or on the day the holiday 2G is ready. Only exception is 2G swap with spriter, HM / CB prize owners. Holiday 2G breeding date varies based on Queen's Prize breeding schedule.

    Pickup policy:
    You have 48 hours from the time I PM you to pick up. Reminder PMs will be sent once every 12 hours (so that will be 3 PMs by the 36 hours mark). If you do not pick up after this, the 2G will be put up to trade and your 2G prize request will be put to the On-Hold list. A notification PM will be sent when the 2G is in trade thread. If you are able to catch the trade before I accept another offer, it would be great. If not, PM to discuss for Round 2 breeding. If Round 2 is not picked up again, you will be crossed-off from the On-Hold list and a new trade is required for another 2G prize. To proof you have read the 2G trade information, start your PM with the word “Bazinga” instead of hi or hello.

    2G IOU:

    From me: 2G Blusang from Queen's Prize to banban007 (breed in between other IOUs)
    -- From banban007: 2G gold from sunsong (Paid Sep 2, 2018); 2G gold from blusang (gifted to my Oct 15, 2018)

    From me: 2G Prize from Aegis to Kiyoura
    -- From Kiyoura: 2G Bronze Tinsel from V-day 09 (to be paid after 2018 Christmas)

    From me: 2G Prize from Omen to ComatosedRoses
    -- From ComatosedRoses: 2G Gold Shimmer from V09

    On-Hold list:
    1. Sycamore (with Desipis, Jan 1, 2019 egg was never picked up; IOU put on hold)
    From me: 2G Prize from Desipis to Sycamore (Jan 1, 2019 egg was not picked up)
    -- From Sycamore : 2G prize from [Snape] x V-day 09 (Paid Sep 8, 2018)

    QVic’s point system and the Acceptable Trade List:
    This point system provides everyone an opportunity to get 2G prize offspring whether you can catch /breed /make rare or not. You must have at least a gold trophy scroll to be accepted for IOU trade. A down payment of eggs/hatchlings equal to a minimum of half of the required points must be delivered to me before a 2G prize will be sent your way. The remaining payment will be listed under the “2G IOU” list. I can influence and hatch the 2G to your preferred gender and hold the 2G for a maximum of 6 days until you pay your down payment in full. If you are unable to complete the down payment by Day 6, the 2G will be traded and you will have to wait for the next 2G. Egg/hatchling points and acceptable breed will change as my scroll goal gets completed. Changes to the Acceptable Trade List will not affect already agreed trades. Note: My point system does not reference the shard value from DC’s Market. Eggs obtained from the Market are non-transferrable.
    If you do not agree with this system, you can trade with other prize winners. There are 60 new winners every month.

    * If not specified, egg offer is OK (+5 points for hatchling offer) and hatchling gender doesn’t matter.
    * Hatchling: either gender OK. No egg offer.
    * M/F: gendered hatchling only or proof requires if ungendered. No egg offer.
    * No limit: You can offer as many egg/hatchling of a single breed from this list.
    * Limited: I only need 1 pair of CB of these for my scroll goal. I will not accept more than that. (After my scroll goal is reached, or close to it, I will be accepting all breeds except for a few unbreedable. The Unlimited / Limited list will be updated to reflect this.)
    * Trade fodder: I do not collect these and I will trade these away.
    * Gifts: I do not need more. Most of these will be gifted / donated and small numbers will be traded.
    * Not accept: I am not looking for these at the moment.
    * Holiday-kin: If you’re not sure I will accept what you can breed, PM to confirm. I don’t want you to waste your purple’s BSA (Fertility) or precious egg slot.
    * If you have read so far and are still interested in trading, make sure you include the word Jumanji somewhere in your PM.

    Acceptable Trade List:
    I value a 2G prize 200 points and a 2G prize-kin 25-100 points depend on rarity of prize-kin.
    2G Prize: PM to discuss mate option.
    2G Prize-kin: I am not looking for anything in particular but open to discuss if you’re looking for swap
    2G Holiday or kin from Spriter Alt / HM: PM to discuss. Points depend on the Alt and kin’s breed.

    A) No limit:
    Neglected hatchling 200 points (Trade fodder)
    CB Gold egg 100 points (Gifts)
    CB Silver 50 points (Gifts)
    CB Bolt / Pink hatchling 10 points
    BSA hatchling of any linage (Aeon, Bolt, Pink, Red, Magi, Purple) 5 points (Gifts)
    Hatchling for current month's raffle: This offer is only valid if you can deliver between the 1st to 15th of the month
    -- CB hatchling: 30 points
    -- 2G hatchling from any holiday: 20 points
    -- Hatchling of random lineage: 10 points

    B) Limited:
    CB Green Copper 25 points, + 10 points for Female
    CB non-Green Copper 25 points (I only need 1 egg, either colour will do)
    CB Thunder egg 20 points, +10 points for Male (not accepting female)
    CB Lunar from Alpine, any colour, 15 points (not accepting other biomes)
    CB hatchling of the following: gender NOT specified-5 points per hatchling; gender specified-10 points per hatchling:
    Albino (F) / Almerald (F) / Anagallis (M) / Baikala – blue only / Bright-Breasted Wyvern (F) / Brimestone (F) / Canopy (F) / Celestial (F) / Deep Sea (M) / Dorsal – Purple (F) / Frill / Guardian (F) / Hellfire (F) / Honey / Horse (F) / Khusa (M) / Kyanite / Magi (M) / Mint (M) / Monarch (M) / Moonstone (M) / Nocturne (M) / Nexus (F) / Red-finned Tidal (M) / Script (F) / Sinii (F) / Skywing (M) / Spotted Greenwing (F) / Stone (M) / Sunrise (F) / Sunset (M) / Sunsong (M) / Sunstone (M) / Tarantula (M) / Terrae (F) / Undine (M) / Vine (ie Dark Green) (F) / Water (F) / Water Walker (M) / Azure Glacewing / Bauta / Black Capped Teimarr / Candelabra / Coastal Waverunner / Daydream / Gold-horn / Green / Harvest / Lumina / Nhiostrife / Pillow / Sapphire / Whiptail hatchling

    C) Holiday-kin: Egg offer OK, +10 points for correct gender hatchling.
    (Aug 23, 2018: List is almost completed. PM for info)

    Not Accept List:
    CB hatchling of breeds not mentioned (The Unlimited and Limited list is up to date as of Jul 12, 2018.)
    CB Cheese / Chicken / Dino / Paper
    Vampire / Zombie fodder / Hatchling for freeze

    Other IOU:
    From me: 2G Prize from (tetra, antarean or striped river) to Amy (Paid Nov 2, 2018)
    -- From Amy: 2x CB Aeon (Paid 2x CB Jul 23, 2018), 2x CB pink Zyu (paid Jul 18, 2018), 1x CB Copper (Paid Sep 5, 2018) and mix & match 2x CB yellow zyu/ CB Aeon (paid 1x CB Aeon hatchling Nov 14, 2018)
    From me: To be determined
    -- From Ioma: 2G white Zyu as mate for B3RwB (received Dec 17, 2018)
    From me: CB code "fOXy7"+ CB code "KBrAS"
    -- From TCA: 2G Balloon from SA

    Completed IOU
    From me: 2G Gaia to Tears in Rain (Done)
    -- From Tears to me (paid in full): CB hatchlings 1x red Zyu + 1x black Zyu
    From me: 2G Prize from CB old pink to Mystic-Halo (Paid Aug 17, 2018)
    -- From Mystic-Halo to me: items from my list (Paid 205 points July 5, 2018)
    From me: cb egg code sWift (paid Jul 28, 2018)
    -- From Dalek Raptor: 2G prize from Peeling Banana x CB white Zyu (paid) + an offspring from sWift (paid)
    From me: 2G blue lunar from Queen's Prize (Egg picked up Oct 6, 2018)
    -- From Mystic-Halo to me: 2x Xeno hatchling (Paid July 5, 2018)
    From me: CB silver + CB green copper hatchlings to Fiona (paid Aug 28, 2018)
    -- From Fiona to me: 2G leodon [JdtMT] from SW alt (paid Aug 28, 2018) + 2G SW from SW x Leodon (Paid 2018 Halloween)
    From me: 2G Prize from Indigo (paid Aug 31, 2018)
    -- From Fiona to me: 2G SW from female Spirit Ward (not related to KCJew, paid 2018 Halloween)
    From me: 2G Grave to teresadurfin (paid Halloween 2018)
    -- From teresadurfin: 2x CB gold (paid)
    From me: 2G Prize from Radiant Angel to Ioma (Paid Nov 9, 2018)
    -- From Ioma: none. An anonymous player paid for her. (Discussion was done in a chat room. No detail will be given here.)
    From me: 2G Prize from CB Blusang to JaneMcAsh (paid Nov 23, 2018)
    -- From JaneMcAsh to me: 2G silver tinsel from male CB Gaia (Paid Nov 29, 2018)
    From me: 2G from Blusang (paid Dec 8, 2018)
    -- From Irabane: 2x CB silvers + 2x CB Blusang (Paid 1x CB Blusang on Dec 8, 2018, 1x CB silver on Dec 16, 2018, 1x CB Blusang on Dec 18, 2018, last CB silver - not required due to miscommunication)
    From me: Prizekin from Balloon to Belisar (pick up link sent Jan 8, 2019)
    -- From Belisar : 3G from 2x Omen alt (Paid Nov 19, 2018)
    From me: CB code "CoLdK" + CB code "dAysj" (Paid both Jan 26, 2019)
    -- From TCA: 2G BBW from spriter's alt (Paid Jan 27, 2019)
    From me: 2G Shimmer from Script (fyRNh, paid Jan 28, 2019) + CB code "REVyL" (Paid Nov 20, 2018)
    -- From TCA : 2G V-day 09 egg from alted Arcana (Received Feb 12, 2019)
    From me: 2G Prize from CB copper to Ruby Eyes (paid Aug 23, 2018)
    -- From Ruby Eyes to me: 2G RA from CB Hellhorse (Received Feb 14, 2019)
    From me: 2G Wrapping Wing to panthera1 (Paid Dec 21, 2018)
    -- From panthera1: 2G Val-09 from CB gold tinsel (Received Feb 14, 2019)
    From me: 2G Prize from Holly to banban007 (Paid Feb 26, 2019)
    -- From banban007: 2G Silver Tinsel from V-day 09 (Paid Jan 17, 2019)