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  1. H: CB Coast Caught (blue) Baikala Egg Code is (hats7) Want: 2g prize, 2g Sprites alt, ND (male pref) or: New 2018 holiday release IOU PM me! - H: CB 2012 Holiday egg with code 4POKl Offer here W: Any CB Holiday hatchling, one only please
  2. H: CB Winter Magi egg with code: oppeZ W: Other CB holiday either Garland or Holly, or 2g alt Christmas linage. PM me!
  3. H: CB Gold Florest with code (MavMF) -cool down- CB gemshard with code (NPmsy) Trade link CB Two-headded Lindwyrm with code (EOxIx) Trade link
  4. Have: CB with code MELlD influenced female Want: Best offers trade here
  5. Have: Rares & Unbreedables: Copper (lightest bronze) Gallus gallus domesticus (chicken) [all letter/word code] Diplodocus carnegii (yellow dino) Copper Dragon (bronze - darkest orange color-) [code: rxiWn] Ice Dragon [caps, all letter/word code] Triceratops horridus (blue dino) [all letter/word code] Yellow Zyumorph - egg (all letter/word code) ~ Want: To combine all rares for neglected, male preferred! Great other offers welcome through PM Can combine for an IOU of CB or 2g holiday only mates Christmas dragons ( Garland Dragon, Snow Dragon, Holly Dragon) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have Other: inmature (no color) nebula Golden Florest hatchie Albino Dragon - alpine Scimitar-wing Wyvern - volcano ~ Want: Mint CB hatchling please - Scroll link in sig, PM me to set up a trade.
  6. Ellie

    Prize Central

    Have: 2g prize bronze Eastern X M Arcana Want: 2g tinsel golden any mate Neglected, prefer male
  7. Ellie

    Prize Central

    Have: 2g prize shimmer Eastern bronze from Arcana M mate. Want: 2g Golden tinsel from common mate Offer here <3
  8. Have : Chicken Hatchling Rainbow (green) copper - egg Paper dragon - egg Gold Florest - egg Ice Un-gendered Male Forest Zyumorph - Grows up soon Nebula - egg Gold Florest hatchling - Female Anagallis Dragon with code (fuxDD) - egg Silver herald with code (zayqq) - egg *Can combine them all Want: Any 2g prize from any mate, named or not. Any linage or gendered ND / Neglected Dragon, messy okay, un-gendered okay, egg okay. CB M Silver egg okay. CB Unbreedable Egg okay, any unbreedable CB rares no bluesung or Xeno Example: CB Copper I don't have or CB Aeon M Aeon, egg okay Any CB Word code similar to names etc Example: Sizzle, Pepper, Charlie CB metals, any gender egg okay 2g alt kin, 2g prize kin, or 2g SA, etc/ - Can take an IOU PM me ❤️
  9. Ellie

    Prize Central

    Hatched, urgent now :S Have: 2g Bronze tinsel from Gold Wyvern Want: 2g Golden Tinsel ANY MATE PM me to set up the trade, my prize is from CB code names
  10. Happy Halloween all be safe this year ♡
  11. Awesome to be on at release, these will be hard to grab at 150 in alpine :S
  12. (hope this doesn't break any rules feel free to edit or delete anything that does : X Sorry in advance ) Hello, currently I am looking for a CB gold, or a CB ND. For those who like codes I'll list them below too I have the eggs listed below up for offer: 1 chicken (egg) Code: M9XaC both CB 2bluesung (1 egg, 1 hatchling) Code: GfKxH, l2nh8 1CB blue zyu (egg) Code: F8hxJ CB aeon (hatchling) Code: JLjtG CB Pyro (egg) Code: OHInu Paper (hatchie) Code: mC9hJ CB Copper (egg, brown) Code: uLKFY CB Red Zyu (egg) code: aP05B - Please let me know if you're interested as they grow up soon. - Now for breeding. Current 2g prize's I own: Glue Glaze F: Silver Prize (tinsel) (Western) - Next breeding 2 days from - September 16th - = Lush Lemon M: Prize Bronze (tinsel western) - Next breeding 2 days from - September 16th - = Chrome Beta M :Prize Silver (Eastern) - Next breeding 2 days from - September 16th - = Current Bluesungs: Females (CB ) CB luna H - Breeding open on 15th September Males (CB ) I'm So Fancy you dont even know - OPEN CB Leo Cluro - OPEN = Silver dragons: CB Soul Finder (F) - OPEN - Please let me know if you'd like any of the dragons bred, or the eggs and hatchlings I've listed for your gold. Thank you! ❤️