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  1. Happy Halloween all be safe this year ♡
  2. Awesome to be on at release, these will be hard to grab at 150 in alpine :S
  3. (hope this doesn't break any rules feel free to edit or delete anything that does : X Sorry in advance ) Hello, currently I am looking for a CB gold, or a CB ND. For those who like codes I'll list them below too I have the eggs listed below up for offer: 1 chicken (egg) Code: M9XaC both CB 2bluesung (1 egg, 1 hatchling) Code: GfKxH, l2nh8 1CB blue zyu (egg) Code: F8hxJ CB aeon (hatchling) Code: JLjtG CB Pyro (egg) Code: OHInu Paper (hatchie) Code: mC9hJ CB Copper (egg, brown) Code: uLKFY CB Red Zyu (egg) code: aP05B - Please let me know if you're interested as they grow up soon. - Now for breeding. Current 2g prize's I own: Glue Glaze F: Silver Prize (tinsel) (Western) - Next breeding 2 days from - September 16th - = Lush Lemon M: Prize Bronze (tinsel western) - Next breeding 2 days from - September 16th - = Chrome Beta M :Prize Silver (Eastern) - Next breeding 2 days from - September 16th - = Current Bluesungs: Females (CB ) CB luna H - Breeding open on 15th September Males (CB ) I'm So Fancy you dont even know - OPEN CB Leo Cluro - OPEN = Silver dragons: CB Soul Finder (F) - OPEN - Please let me know if you'd like any of the dragons bred, or the eggs and hatchlings I've listed for your gold. Thank you! ❤️