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  1. I can understand this- and it's something I agree with as well. It's for that exact reason I added, "...users be given the option either on the account settings page, or be given a little "on off" switch in the BSA page" in regards to being given the option to make them invisible. I for one constantly forget if i've fertilized a dragon yet and would be absolutely freaked out if this were to be implemented without warning or the option to go back and forth between having them greyed or invisible.
  2. Currently when users wish to use the BSA fertility users will find one of their adult purple dragon, clink on their adult purple dragon, then either scroll or search a code/name of a dragon before clicking on said chosen dragon and then using the BSA. In order to make sure users don't try and use fertility twice on the same dragon and know what dragons have already been fertilized those dragons are scripted to have both their avatars and names greyed out; so I was wondering, would it be possible to be given the option to have those dragons removed from the list all together? Personally, there is a list of dragons and dragon breeds I like to keep fertilized to increase breeding chances - one of these breeds include gold dragons. currently when I search "gold" into the search bar [see image 1] the dragons that first appear are both nick named dragons, and unmated checkered dragons I'm currently trying to get mates for (one of reasons I want my gold dragons to always be fertilized). What I'm proposing is that users be given the option either on the account settings page, or be given a little "on off" switch in the BSA page itself that would allow dragons that have already been fertilized to be hidden from the search [see image 2] and prevent users from needing to scroll down to to view dragons that are unfertilized. I am not a code writer / computer programer and don't know how hard this would be to implement, but if it's freezable I feel it could be a really handy and convenient option to have.
  3. This sounds like such a fun idea! So many new lineages could be made from this. :] I'd love to see this be made avaiable to as many hybrids as possible - barring GoN and sinomorph; including them could could make things tricky.
  4. Gifting: Hatchlings for growing or freezing 2g PB black tip https://dragcave.net/teleport/9207e8079d83ce4f2c974b8586cb2d4f 3g Fever Wyvern https://dragcave.net/teleport/7f4e649a4515ffbf6b0f19c8f4fb6e12 2g Lumina Dragon https://dragcave.net/teleport/86ecb16bfefd6b72026fe962fa9622ca
  5. I don't remember the last time I've seen all eggs in abandoned have the same time left stamp but it's def been awhile since I've seen all the eggs shown to have no hour marking on them. It looks nice IMO. 😊
  6. I made some checkered templets with the new releases for anyone who might want to use them. I haven't made any for the pygmies since we don't know how their offsprings colour is determined yet. (If there is somewhere else I should post these please let me know)
  7. Well, I'm going to be making the lineage- If you're willing to wait awhile I'd happily breed you a 4th gen child if you just want to collect. Or if you make one too maybe we can swap! :]
  8. Vibe! I thought the same thing later on due to the whole white dragon overlap LOL No idea is anyone else made any yet, but here are the two lazy mocs I made: I think I'm going to do Make whites and Male soulstones to maximize the sitting sprites LOL
  9. Ahhh they're all grown up all look so cool!! Also, ALLICORN dragon!? Amalthean dragons are defiantly one of my favourites now- I want to make a breeding project with them (But what? PB?).
  10. Oooo nice! If that's the case my vote would be: Blue: Alpine & Coast Green: Jungle & Forest Red: Desert & Volcano It kinda fits nicely TBH Also LMAO saaaaame for the projects! I wish I had more than 8 egg slots. So many of the dragons look nice and I want them ASAP. ;O;
  11. Happy Birthday DC!! Ahh- there are so many variants within each breed! Has anyone figured out how to get the different colours?
  12. omg I didn't get the joke of the screen shot before thank you
  13. Finally got all of the eggs! They're all so amazing! >:Q ❤️❤️❤️❤️ !!!!! This one was mine: I didn't go for any references this year, just wanted to do a drippy egg! I couldn't decide if the egg should be constantly moving, sometimes moving, or never moving due to it being a possible rainbow eye sore, so I asked the entry team to decide.
  14. Oh joy! My egg was accepted! I just fiund mine. 💖
  15. Awesome! Im excited to see all of them!
  16. I ADORE the new sprites! ❤️ I made sure to save all of them and really hope that the wiki archives them as well. :]
  17. There's another egg called < 3 that never hatches as well. [Link] Also, more about the X D egg:
  18. I've made a submission. I'm excited to see what eggs end up in the event!
  19. My Mageia dragons finally produced a different Xenowyrm but now they only want to breed is Thalassas. They're a couple creatures of habit I guess. ¯\_(=o=', )_/¯
  20. I've used fertility on dragons before breeding and still get the same refusal. I pretty sure that full on rejection cant be swayed fertility. :[
  21. The hatchling form looks so cute omg. Def going to freeze a few durring next years event. ❤️ !!
  22. There's something really aesthetically pleasing to me when this happens, if not also slightly frustrating.
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    CB Z-code Aquilus Dragon (egg has 6 days left)