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  1. Drag cave- Dragons Wanted ( Updated 8, 17, 18) Aeon Wyvern- Female preferred WIP Antarean- Male preferred WIP Azure Glacewing WIP Baikala ( Brown)- Male WIP Baikala ( Blue)- Female WIP Black Capped Teimarr- Male WIP Black Truffle WIP Blacktip WIP Bright Breasted- Female WIP Brute- Male WIP Candelabra WIP Deep Sea WIP Diamond wing WIP Duotone- Male WIP Ember- Male WIP Falcon form Wyvern- any WIP Fire Gem Dragon (Blue)- Female and Male WIP Floret Wyvern ( Any)- Male and Female WIP Gemshard ( Blue)- Female WIP Glaucus Drake- Male and Female WIP Hellfire Wyvern- Female WIP Honey Drake- Female WIP Hooktalon- Male and Female WIP Howler Drake- Female WIP Khusa WIP Leodon Done Lunar Herald WIP Melismor- Male and Female WIP Monarch- Male and Female WIP Morphodrake WIP Pillow- Male WIP Plated Colossus- Female WIP Pyralspite WIP Red WIP Red-finned Tidal- Male WIP Sapphire WIP Script WIP Seragamma Wyvern- Male and Female WIP Spinel Wyvern ( Violet)- Female WIP Spirit Ward- Male WIP Storm- Male WIP Sunsong Amphitere- Male and Female WIP Swallowtail- Female Maybe Done Tatterdrake WIP Terrae- Female Wis Tri-Horn Wyvern- Male and Female 1/2 Done Xenowyrm ( Astrapi, Chrono, Thalassa, Pyro Needed) Zyumorphs ( All)
  2. Go fish on that, all my dragons are CB. A CB Ethereal Celestial
  3. Bison often fly friends down dark flaming aisles arasdvf
  4. What coding does DC take? HTML or BBC?
  5. So, I came back from a hiatus. I first gave up on the site because it was REALLY confusing. There isn't really much to do for new members of the site ( real issue if you ask me) and such. So, I must ask some questions to get me started: How do I set up a trade? How do I sell dragons? How do you buy things? How do you make contact with other users on site?