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  1. hello! i understand the Trading Hub is very new, but this is a glitch i'm experiencing so i'd like to bring it to attention. it started when i went to cancel an offer i made. i wanted to offer more dragons to a particular trade, so i hit 'Cancel Offer', and the site redirected me back to the trade screen as it usually does. i made a new offer by ticking multiple dragons (3 to be exact), and once i submitted my offer i was greeted with this: weird. i figured it was a temporary glitch so i hit 'Cancel Offer', and once again it redirected me. however, i could not select the hatchlings i previously offered as it said they were already in an active trade despite me JUST canceling it. confused, i refreshed: didn't work. i went back to my Trade Hub so i could re-navigate to the screen and see if that helped, and I noticed that the offer was still there under "Offered on Trades", as if i never canceled it. but when i clicked on the trade, it showed the above screenshot still. no matter how many times i tried to cancel the trade, the same thing kept happening. the trade even appeared in my Trade History as 'Active' no matter what. now, the trade i was trying to participate in has recently been closed, so i HAD access to the dragons again. however, i'm experiencing a similar issue. two of the dragons i offered on this trade were part of a previous trade. since i didn't get accepted on this one, i went to go re-add them to the old offer. however, despite me cancelling that one, i was greeted with this: i tried offering all of the dragons i wanted to before, and the same issue is happening. i submit the offer, i see this, and when i try to cancel it won't cancel and i can no longer trade those dragons. i'm in no major rush to have this fixed, but it is a problem when i want to offer some dragons for trades but i can't, despite me trying to cancel their previous trades. so, i figured i'd bring it up here. i don't know if it'll help, but my account name is MELONLORD. here's my scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/MELONLORD the dragons in question that are locked and unable to be traded are linked below as well: https://dragcave.net/lineage/yvcxy https://dragcave.net/lineage/yiMX3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/op7YK thank you for any help or advice! this hub is such a cool feature; honestly, i've been browsing it all day. i look forward to participating in it more. good luck with checking this out, and i hope to see any updates on my situation whenever the time can be taken. ~/view/ links changed to /lineage/ links on eggs~