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  1. I would like to join! Username: Mremaknu Scroll name: Mremaknu Do you want to breed on request for non-members?: MORE NHIOS FOR THE NHIO GODS (yes)
  2. Oh lord, this game is going to suck out my SOUL... *plays again*
  3. I have to say, these are the only valentine dragon I want more of solely for the sprite. Kudos to you, spriters. And dear god do I ever want alt-babies.
  4. That frame obscures the dragon's name and is difficult to see against the scroll's base color, so no to that. Also, the badges and stuff: Does anybody actually care about that? Is that a thing that adds value to dragons, sentimental or otherwise? I don't see people scrambling to get shallow water dragons. The point of prizes is that they're prizes. A raffle is pure chance. It's fairer than any other method of obtaining dragons that the cave has to offer at present.
  5. That doesn't negate my point, it proves it. There's no actual rules regarding how much you can ask for an egg or offer for one. If you think it's an injustice that people can set their own prices, push for THAT to change, rather than taking away a randomly-chosen reward from people who deserve it no more or less than you do.
  6. The problem with your argument is that the only reason these eggs can get that kind of price is because there are people willing to pay it.
  7. This is like whining that there's a winner and a loser in a sporting match. Somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose, and giving everybody a trophy makes the experience only average out as "okay" for everyone, instead of giving a feeling of genuine excitement, or earning them something of legitimate value. If you put the prize dragons as standard cave releases, they not only lose their trade value, but they lose their novelty value too--if you can get one if you're just fast enough, they're not much more valuable than CB metals, which are still valuable, but not particularly special in and of themselves anymore--at which point the whole cycle of moping starts all over again with another dragon, or another lineage, or similar. Bawww I want a Thuwed TJ should give us all a Thuwed for free right now! If you lose, accept losing gracefully. I won this year and it totally blindsided me. Know what I'm doing with my prize? Making lots of other people happy with it.
  8. Just a quick reminder for people who might've been confused, as I've gotten a couple slightly disappointed PMs: I don't have a shimmer or a tinsel. I opted for a CB holly, who you can now see in my sig. Hope this clears things up for people.
  9. I was bumped up a prize tier (to bronze shimmer), but TJ graciously allowed me to have the CB Holly I requested anyway. Yee so giddy!
  10. I genuinely can't remember if I said so on here, but I won too (3rd place)! Requested a CB Holly with code "Sages." I am ecstatic.
  11. Visiting family in Missouri, can't remember the last time I saw this much snow here. Just wow, man. Laughed at my mom when she flinched walking out into 20-degree temps last night, when my Wisconsin-living self has been dealing with -5 and will be dealing with -20 when I get home tomorrow. I have no idea if my car will start and the airport is 89 miles from home! Whee!
  12. Mine are Three Eye and Wee Eye, as they both have "eye" in their codes (one in all caps and one in all lowercase).
  13. what the heck, here's mine. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Mremaknu
  14. New dragons are very pretty. I wish the curve of the back was actually closer to a circle, but I'm honestly just glad to see a dragon-shaped (the standard long muzzle, horns, heavy brow shape makes me happy) head on a Christmas dragon again. The others are nice but they get a little wild in design and color scheme and I enjoy it when there's occasionally a return to basics.
  15. I really wish people would stop asking for nonbreedable dragons to become breedable. They are rare and special to those who have them because they're not as easy to get as breedables. That said, from the game side of things (rather than the player side of things), it doesn't make any sense for a dragon with no hope of survival outside the care of the person who found them to be able to breed with more healthy, powerful and dangerous specimens. Ever heard of Osteogenesis imperfecta ('glass bone syndrome', basically)? Imagine a creature with weak bones trying to mate with something that doesn't have that problem.
  16. That first link you posted debunks itself in the Updated part...
  17. As always seems to end up being the case, I love the blue ones more than the gold ones even though it seems like everyone wants the gold ones. (This is in no way suggesting that the golds are not gorgeous, because oh my GOD gorgeous, I just like the blue design better.) Why do I always wind up liking the less-popular one?
  18. Mremaknu

    2011-01-18 - Blackout

    Remember, it's not just about making sure this thing doesn't -last- if it passes. If it passes, even if it's repealed later, that's going to take years, and millions of dollars in legal fees, much of it taxpayer money. Plus its passage means that such a law can and will pass again if they only tweak it a little bit, and not actually fix all the problems it has. SOPA and PIPA have to fail completely, or we're in serious trouble.
  19. I think it's beautiful and you did a great job, and I thank you for your work. The adult's not at all busy, but the hatchling sprite -did- take me a second to work out where the head was. Still, I am quite pleased with this dragon and will love making lineages with it.
  20. My first four were, I think: Purple Skywing (this one was definitely the very first) Old pink Red I don't recall precisely when I started playing, but it's been a while. I think I came shortly after the christmas 07's stopped showing up. Been here too long. <.<