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  1. 16 hours ago, sh20000sh said:

    I tried to open my own server and it was actually not different with single player. Only difference was access from multiplayer tab. XD 

    Well....there is a difference. Servers allow anyone to play anywhere at anytime (if you keep the server running 24/7) and they have a feature called plugins that allow for you to add mod-like features to your server without having to download a mod client. The plugins are also not available in single player. 

  2. Tras heard Tempus' words and felt the immense fear hidden behind them. She walked up to Tempus and said, "I know how you feel," she placed a paw on his shoulder, "My family was preparing for my 46th birthday when all of a sudden Baledin's army finally managed to get past all our troops and into the castle," Feeling a sting in her eye, Tras fought to keep back the tears and continued on, "My mother, fearing for my life had given me to Vasquez the elder to protect me." With one final heave she managed to get her next few words out, amidst sobbing and choking, "I watched...as my family...was killed right before my eyes. I watched...as...my whole home and all my friends...were burned to the ground. All I want to do is to stab that Baledin straight through the heart and see him suffer as he made us all suffer!" 

    With that Tras collapsed to the floor letting the rage and hatred and sadness that she had cooped up for years flow freely before all of her friends around her. 

  3. "I agree with Arc," said Tras, "The only way we can do this is by sneaking in."

    Looking at the group gave her other feelings however. She realised that this small group of dragons, even with the new dragons that joined them, would hardly stand a chance against Baledin's forces. They needed training. 

    "What if we train a little bit first?" she asked the whole group.

  4. Tras was stunned, she forgot about the whole negative energy thing. Tras' whole body relaxed and she became much more friendly to the big dragons. 

    "I don't know but the egg is awesome! It's been doing really crazy things for us but we are still trying to figure out where to take it and what else it can do." 

  5. On 6/22/2019 at 1:13 AM, PandaBearStorm129 said:

    What exactly are realms? Are they similar to servers? 

    Yeah, except only the server info is saved on Mojang servers. You also have to pay to keep a realm alive. Also realms don't have plugins. Think of LAN worlds but where anyone anywhere can join. There's a lot more but that's the jist of it.

  6. Tras followed the two dragons with her eyes as they flew toward the patrol. Suddenly the patrol rushed down to the little group and before Tras could warn them Arc and Temps were surrounded. With intense fear in her heart, Tras hoped that the patrol wouldn't hurt the small group of dragons

  7. On 6/9/2019 at 3:44 PM, Sir_Tsukiko said:

    Wow, kinda sad to see that there hasn't been a post on here since Feb.


    Has anyone tried the 1.14 update yet? My friends and I tried it on our own private server and the new raids are so much fun. If anyone is interested in playing with me and a few friends please feel free to message me! We love playing on public servers and have our own modded private server.

    Yeah we have a Realms server with 1.14. Pretty awesome. Also the old volunteers are still there without the villagers, free chops! 

  8. Tras watched as the whole group started to walk about and plan their next steps. Suddenly Tras noticed how sick Claudia was and heard her say "water...". Tras walked up to her and said "I'll find you some water." Tras remembered how she smelled some water last night right before falling asleep. 

    Tras walked to the back of the cave and sure enough there was water dripping from the rock. Tras formed a bowl out of clay and fired it. With the solid ceramic bowl she collected some water and brought it back to Claudia.

  9. ((Sorry for taking so long. Lots of summer stuff happened and I haven't had time to write here.))

    Ahhhhh...the fresh smell of kill. Tras thought when she woke with a start. Her mind was still muddy with faint thoughts of dark dragons, the egg, her friends and herself. 

    "Man, I must have been knocked out!" she said silently to herself. Then she saw the food.

    She walked up to the pile and grabbed a piece of meat and a pawful of berries, thanking Tempus and Arc for what they did, then proceeded to the back of the cave to eat. 

    While she was eating her mind started to wander back to the entire journey. Thought about the first fight with Baledin's forces and then to the most event one. Suddenly she felt a huge wave of embarrassment, realizing that she was the cause. 

    "No, I mustn't dwell on the past," she told herself, "There are dragons whose love are say stake. We need to protect them first then we can worry about our own." And with that she walked confidently up to the group to see what's next.

  10. Tras watched as all of the dragons slowly landing. As Arc and Claudia landed, Tras followed Claudia walk to the back of the cave and slump to the ground. Suddenly Tras realised that she was also tired, and that many of the other dragons as well. 

    Tras took the basket to the back of the cave and surround it with rocks, which she burned together, just in case Arc was right and this WAS an active volcano.

    Tras waited for the rest of the dragons to come into the cave than slumped down herself, ready for some much-needed rest.

  11. "Great idea!" said Trash following Tempus. Flying towards the cave she thought back to what had just happened and realized that she needed to say something. 

    She followed Temps into the cave and slowly put down the basket with Mike and the egg in it. She waited for the rest of the group to land.

    ((BTW, I will be posting less this week because I have finals coming up))

  12. While all Risensong fought the dragon bravely, Tras grabbed Mike and the basket and took off. She followed the rest of the group as the vicious fighting went on. Tras felt kinda bad for leaving Risensong but she knew that Risensong could fight off the dragon. 

    As Tras and the rest of the group flew, she asked, "Where do we go now?" 

  13. "Thank you for protecting the egg Claudia and Mike, I don't know what would have happened without your guy's help," Tras said gratefully. 

    As Tras watched the other dragons slowly gather together she listened to what Tempus said. She thought about it for a moment and said, "I think a small detour couldn't hurt. Besides, it would help us catch our breath before we get closer to the volcano." "And," she added "it would help us to be more prepared to fight off more Shadow Dragons. What do the rest of you guys think?"