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  1. "Thank you for protecting the egg Claudia and Mike, I don't know what would have happened without your guy's help," Tras said gratefully. As Tras watched the other dragons slowly gather together she listened to what Tempus said. She thought about it for a moment and said, "I think a small detour couldn't hurt. Besides, it would help us catch our breath before we get closer to the volcano." "And," she added "it would help us to be more prepared to fight off more Shadow Dragons. What do the rest of you guys think?"
  2. ((Um...did you see the rules list @Risensong? Especially number 7? I don't want to mean, I just want to point the rules out.)) Tras watched the dragon fall with a thud and was glad of this moment of respite. She slowly relaxed but still stayed alert, fearing more dragons. She turned to the rest of her group and asked, "Is every on all right?" Then she turned to Claudia and Mike and saw the basket with the egg. She quickly rushed over and asked "Is the egg ok?"
  3. Tras looked as her whole group scattered from the mysterious voice. Then she saw the shadow walked dragon. "My big mouth!" she thought. She acted quickly, she jumped from the rock and quickly ran in front of Temp and Claudia and said, "You have to get through me first!" She knew she was risking her life but she was the one who brought the dragon here. "And no you may not have the egg." Staying in front of Temp and Claudia, she moved her body, slightly, so that she would be ready to spring towards the egg, just in case.
  4. A feeling of imminent dread, came on Tras after her speech. She listened to all the other dragons and realized what she was saying. She cursed at her self under her breath and said, "Mom always told me to not to open my big mouth before I thought about things." Then she heard the voice and her stomach dropped. ((Yeah I'll stop))
  5. "Yeah, maybe you don't trust enough!" snapped Tras, obviously annoyed. Then there was the flash. Tras fell silent and just stared at the scar on the wings of the Risensong dragon. She stood their paralyzed, not able to comprehend the pain that Balendin. She suddenly felt a strong feeling of hatred fill the deepest part of her heart. Then something changed, "To think about, I did," was the reply Tras got from the Risensong. Her hatred was mixing with a fear for her family's life. They both combined into one common hatred against Balendin. "...If you are not brave enough to speak his name, how can you muster the courage to take him on?" said the Risensong. "I am not afraid!" Tras thought defiantly. She jumped onto a nearby rock and said defiantly, "Well for one I am not afraid! Balendin! Balendin!! BALENDIN!!! If we want to fight this terrible dragon we should be able to say his name. This dragon has killed thousands of dragons, he has captured our families, he has destroyed our homes, if we want to stand up against this monster we need to fight together, we need to be courageous together, we need to defeat him together! Who is with me!?"
  6. "It's ok Arc," Tras said, "she just said that she escaped from Balendin." Making sure that Claudia was feeling good, Tras approached the Risensong. "Hello," Tras said, "welcome to our small group of Dragons!" Suddenly Tras felt a terrible fear remembering what this dragon said. "You were captured by Balendin!!!" said Tras almost jumping on top of the little Dragon. Tras calmed herself down and asked, "Did you happen to meet a large group of Gaurdian Dragons?"
  7. ((I don't think so, @Risensong. Welcome!)) "Yay!!" cried Tras excited that Claudia was ready to join. "Don't worry about slowing us down. We aren't going to fast anyway, and we can help you until you heal. Hey can someone help carry Claudia." Tras was excited for another Dragon to join their small band of dragons. She wondered how many more would join. Would there be enough Dragons owns to fight Baledin? Can we do this? All of these thoughts raced through head, but only one became clear. "We can do it! If we lose we would let all of Tretonumdown,"Tras said under her breath.
  8. "Hi Claudia!" Tras said. She suddenly felt very sorry for the dragon. "I will protect you!" Tras said defiantly, "No one will get to you before they get to me. And we will help you, won't we guys?" Tras watched as Mike pushed the egg forward to Claudia. Tras was excited for another dragon to feel the love of Lavada.
  9. True, still in HS, TPBM knows German
  10. False (no idea) TPBM played Minecraft
  11. ((I was in Budapest, Hungary @Griffin_Lokison)) Tras saw the signal from Mike and she slowly let the basket to the ground. Being very wary of the dragon, Tras slowly revealed the egg. Suddenly a happy pulse filled Tras, as if the egg were saying, "This one is a friend." Tras felt more relaxed and came upnto the little injured dragon, with a smile, and said, "Hey, I'm Tras. Welcome to the team."
  12. ((Sorry about that was in another dountry for a while.)) As Mike jumped out of the basket, Tras nearly followed him than remembered the importance of the egg. "I better stay and watch it," she said to herself, "but it's another dragon friend! Stay strong Tras, stick with the egg." Tras kept the egg and herself at a distance just in case anything bad might happen. She watched the whole spectacle roll out as she kept gaurd.
  13. "Sure!" said Tras, excitedly. As Tras waited for Mike to think of something, Tras looked around at the world around her. It was mostly black from the fire but there were already small shoots growing out of the ground. "I could make a picture out of this," she thought.
  14. Tras decided to play a little game to pass the time. "Do you guys want to play 'I Spy'?" she asked her friends, "or maybe something else?"
  15. Tras looked at her friends and slowly turned back to the huge volcanoes. With the sun be hind her Tras said, "Let's go!" She slowly flew down the mountainside starting a long journey for the little dragons.
  16. Tras grabbed the basket and slowly started towards the looming volcanos in the distance. Tras looked back and said, "You guys coming?"
  17. "I'm ready!" said a very excited Tras. She walked up to the egg and prepared to pick up the basket. As she walked to the basket, she looked to the west, excited for the adventure awaiting them.
  18. Looking at all of her friends eating the cooked meat, Tras decided to try it. She came up to the fire with the rest of her meat and slowly cooked it until it was completely cooked. Then, Tras took her meat off of the fire and took a bite. "Mmmmmmm," she said as she slowly swallowed the delicious meat, "that is the best meal I've had in a while!" When Tras finished the rest of her meat, she put the bones in a pile of to the side.
  19. Just after Now returned with her berries, Tras came out of the forest with her board. "I'mf hereh," she said through her stuffed teeth. Tras approached her group and dropped the boar near the basket. She then took a piece of the meat and sat off to the side to eat. As she sat and ate her thoughts wandered off to the long journey they had before themselves. "I'm so excited!" she thought to herself.
  20. Leaving the clearing behind, Tras swiftly and quietly flew through the forest. She came across the scent of a boar and slowed down. As she dropped to the forest floor she heard a rustling in the bush nearby. Crawling slowly and quietly Tras snuck up to the boar. She jumped and caught the boar in her claws. Dragging the boar be hind her, Tras slowly approached the clearing.
  21. Waking up to a slowly rising sun, Tras stretched her wings. With an irresistible sense of joy. "That was the best sleep I've had in a while," she said, looking around at all the mud and ash. Tras flew out of her little crevice and surveyed the landscape. "At least the fire's gone!' she exclaimed happily. Flying back to her group of friends she realized that they were probably all hungry. "I'm going to get us some food for breakfast. OK?" said Tras before flying into the forest for some food.
  22. As the whole group rested, the familiar sound of rain muffled the burning of the forest. As she lay below the crevice, Tras dreamed of her home, her family, and her friends. She felt an immense feeling of homesickness. Then she dreamed of her new friends. She felt a strong feeling of belonging and she was filled with happiness again.
  23. Are you OK with, shops, economy and custom world or none of that, original survival?
  24. Still staring at her tail, Tras walked up to a small crevice. "I think I'll take a nap," she said, "I need to process this." She quickly fell asleep.
  25. Tras slowly walked up to her group of friends and asked, "Hey, remember what happened at the clearing? When I went to protect Arc and the big dragon launched a fireball at Arc and I?" Thinking a little more she realised something "I...lifted my tail and closed my eyes. When I opened them there was a ring of black earth around me but not under me. I didn't have any burn marks or anything, I didn't even feel pain. Did you guys see what happened?" she asked her friends around her. Still wondering what had happened she took some of the meat for herself.