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  1. Flying up to the cave, Tras carefully put down her egg with Astro in it and slumped to one side. "I'm exhausted, if you guys decide otherwise, I don't care. I'm going to sleep," she said.
  2. "I think we should rest a little. We are exhausted and it's already dark," said Tras, "Maybe we can find a cave and sleep in it till morning. That way the fire will pass and we can go west." Tras looked up and said, "Besides, those clouds, over the hills could bring rain. Then there won't be a fire!"
  3. Tras quickly picked up Astro and put her into the basket next to the egg. "Let's go!" said Tras following the small pink dragon up the slope.
  4. "Guys, we need to get out of here!" cried Tras to her friends on the ground, "We can't fight it right now." Tras quickly gave the basket to Coffin. "Watch it." She quickly flew over to Arc and covered him with his wings from the blazing fire. As the Desipis launched another fireball, Tras braced herself. A moment later she felt an intense heat which quickly subsided. As she poked her head out she noticed the Desipis a few meters away looking very annoyed. As she glanced around herself, she saw a ring of burned earth around them. Her gaze slowly shifted to her wings which were completely unscathed. Not thinking about what happened, Tras flew back with Arc to the small group of dragons.
  5. Seeing her friends in danger, Tras pushed them out of the way just as the dragon launched his fireball. They just barely made it. Picking up the basket with the egg and Mike in her claws, she said, "Into the forest! Let's get away from him." She then turned to the pink dragon and asked, "You know how to get away from this guy? Can you show us the way?"
  6. "We're, back. Everyone protect the egg!" cried Tras. She slowlh backed up to the fragile egg as she watched the huge dragon overhead. And then it hit her. "That's a Desipis! He was the reason I was sent away from my home! HE WILL PAY!!!" Suddenly Tras felt this incredible sense of attachement with the egg. "You won't take it away from us. She doesn't have a family and we are the only dragons that will take care of here. Did you hear!? YOU WON'T TAKE IT!"
  7. Everything happened so fast that Tras was left with his head spinning. As she looked around, she saw Arc flying to the clearing with Coffin. When they landed, Tras remembered what Mike had said earlier and blushed. Looking around Tras noticed that Astro wasn't there. Thinking about what Mike said earlier Tras said, "You guys protect the egg, while I go find Astro, ok? I have a bad feeling about this place." As the sun's last rays disappeared behind the trees, Tras dashed into the forest, hoping she wouldn't find anything dangerous when she got there.
  8. "He's not foming back, guys! We should go find him," said Tras. "We need people to watch the egg and the rest of us can go find Coffin."
  9. "Good idea, Arc," complimented Tras, "SHOOT, WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PLAYERS!! WE'RE ONE PLAYER SHORT!!" Tras put all of the firewood in a neat pile and used her fire breath to start a flame. She slowly fanned the flame with her wing till a fire blazed. She put some rocks around the campfire. "Hey, Arc. Where'd you put the boar?"
  10. A few moments later, Tras returned back with some firewood. "Here we go," she said placing the wood in the center of the clearing. "Hey, where did Arc and Coffin go?" she asked.
  11. "Maybe tomorrow, Arc," said Tras. As she smiled and put her paw on Arc's back she said, "Thanks for the offer." Then Tras turned to the rest of her friends and said, "OK, guys. We need to setup a makeshift campsite. I'll go to the forest and grab some kindle and wood for a fire. You guys decide among yourselves what we need, OK?" With that she bounded of into the forest in search of wood.
  12. "Great idea, Astro!" said Tras following Astro in the direction of the clearing. When Tras got there, she let the basket with the egg and Mike carefully to the forest floor.
  13. Tras paused for a moment letting Astro catch up. "Sorry," she said sheepishly, "I did't see you lagging behind. I would let you ride in the basket but it's already pretty heavy." Tras pondered for a moment and had an idea. "Maybe I will just slow down so you can keep up." As Tras turned back to the quickly setting sun she said, "We should go a little further then set up camp."
  14. "Wait up Coffin!" called Tras after the Marrow, "The western lands are that way." Tras pointed in the direction of the setting sun. Tras flew over to the basket and grabbed it with her claws. "Let's go, friends!" And Tras flew off (literally) into the sunset.
  15. // @MrBreadBread hello? What should we do about this? Last time he visited was about 5 days ago...
  16. "Of course, Astro," said Tras, "the more the merrier!" Tras turned back to Arc and asked, "Which way are we going?"
  17. Startled by the voice Tras nearly dropped the basket. As she slowly lowered it to the ground she turned to the clump of trees from where the sudden voice came from. Being hesitant Tras replied, "It's an egg." As Tras looked over the little dragon, her excitement of a new friend overcame her fear of a possible foe. She quickly bounded over to the new dragon and screeched to a stop beside her. "Hi, my name is Tras. Nice to meet you Astro! Where are you from?...," soone Tras realized she was being rude and slowly moved back from the new dragon, with emberassment.
  18. "Well to the valcanos we go!" said an excited Trasyrt. "By the way, my name is Trasyrt or Tras, for short." Tras flew to the top of the basket and grabbed the handles. With a tug, she managed to get the basket up into the air. Tras turned back to Arc and asked, "Which direction do we have to go?
  19. //I'm back!!!! "What a cute duckling!" exclaimed Trasyrt, immediately distracted. After ahout 5 minutes of jumping around the duckling, picking it up, and carefully playing around with it, she came back to reality and to the task they were setting out to do "*Clears her throat*, Anyway, I think we should try putting the egg back into the other makeshift nest." After Tras slowly moved the egg from the grass in the basket, she placed the egg into the previous makeshift nest. After doing so, Tras puts the egg and nest carefully into the basket.
  20. Thanks, I figured it out! 😊 I just wanted to show a picture of my dragon.
  21. I'm a huge fan of transportation and I enjoy games like OpenTTD. I was wondrring if there are any sites like DC (were there is a lot of community interaction) but it is about transport. A transport Adoptables site, maybe?
  22. "Hello Coffin!" said Tras, "And thanks for the grass." Tras then, took the grass from the little black dragon and placed it in the basket in the shape of a nest. When she walked over to the egg to put it in the basket, she saw Arc on top. "Um...is it OK if I put the egg in the basket?" //I might be inactive for a few days, Tras will simply follow the group of friends on their adventure till I join back in.
  23. "Hey guys look what we found," cried Tras, "it's a basket!" As Tras came to a stop next to the others, she pointed her nose towards the direction of the little Pygmy holding the basket. Letting Mike, with the basket down Tras said, "What if we filled the basket with grass, guys? So the egg will be comfortable?"