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  1. Post what shiny you most recently got, its nickname, number of attempts(or accidentally) and what game you got it in below. Pictures not necessary. I'll start. Cobalion(Cobalt175) in Black 2. 175 Soft Resets.
  2. Simulations. You're in one right now. Where did all my dragons go?
  3. AugieLovesZorua279 (I just threw that last part in there for no reason)
  4. When you see a dragon egg in someone else's signature, you get an unskippable ad! Stacks if multiple eggs!
  5. 834 Wait how do we tell if we're contagion or cure?
  6. (Luigi randomly saying "MARIO!") Song is number 57 in playlist (sorry, tried to post just the song)
  7. Favorite... Pokemon: Tepig Line(Starter), Sylveon (Eeveelution), Zorua Line(Other Pokemon/Shiny) Type: Fairy(Video Games), Fire(TCG) Unused Type Combos: Fire/Fairy, Poison/Fairy, Poison/Ice Game: Black 2
  8. They do. Or at least that's what they think. Could you move someone using a vacuum cleaner?