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  1. Have: 2G Bronze Shimmer from Green Nebula Want: Good offers. 2G from F Bronze Shimmer x anything is good for me. But I also like very low gen SAlts. Just take a chance, I use decline
  2. Bringing this back as we're nearing the end! Also I have 77 eggs left. I think I can do it
  3. 152 left... I wonder if there will be enough time for me to get them. But still enjoying the hunt
  4. But?? It's going for a week lol ❤️ I'm also happy to see the love it's getting ; 7 ;
  5. I got this! Thanks! Dropping a Cantor https://dragcave.net/teleport/f55a0781b3b23bae415e6580d89104f8?new=1
  6. Thank you 🥺 On another note, I'm collecting 2018's eggs and didn't realize there were so many with the flower crowns xD My favorite from that set is the little wolf.
  7. To any unaware artists out there, you can add your egg to the database if you want to
  8. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Arkee Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2019 Brief description of treat: Inspired by the game Transistor. It circles from Red back to Transistor and so on. One of the transistions is based on one of the game's menus Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2020 Brief description of treat: It's eggdog! He can grow to great heights, but here he's just chilling Image of event token you created: Event your art w
  9. Thanks for loving my egg :3
  10. Maybe if a small group of people comes together in private and each pick a season to make an egg for? 😮 It's not multiple submissions if each person is making their own egg despite having a similar theme, so...
  11. Whoever made that pensive cowboy: I love you
  12. Congrats on making it in! Good luck next year too ❤️
  13. Whee! I got my own egg ❤️
  14. Sometimes simple is good for balance And you can always refine a rejected egg for the following year! But yeah, I'm on the same boat with the too many ideas thing.
  15. Aw, you're very sweet! ❤️ I'm very glad to hear that, as an artist ^w^ @HeatherMarie: I wasn't notified at all of it making in, at least not in clear terms? I was thanked for my submission and not outright rejected, if that helps.
  16. I think that should be my FF7 egg! I was trying to go for the conflict between Sephiroth and Cloud, and Aerith's tragedy from that game. But oversimplified because of it being an egg with a quick gif time, haha úvù
  17. Ah, that's my egg ❤️ Thanks for the love! Edit: I also hope I can find it soon xD
  18. E g g 👀 Very hyped for full week and ready to collect them all!
  19. I'm playing the lottery myself, it seems. Thanks for the egg Oh, nice! I'm very forgetful about breeding every week, so you can ask freely any time you want xD 2G Nebula egg still here for anyone interested
  20. A fool mint kin that you can play alt lottery with, if that's ok? https://dragcave.net/teleport/26fa8460e27c9e2a59fc153df57a64d7
  21. Oh RIP, another year without one of those. My sole upside-down will remain one of a kind for now in my scroll :'3 @Shinsei: all sprites on view page for it will be upside-down, but not on scroll or lineages
  22. What if the surprise is an Easter Dragon? 🤔 Would be wild so close to a release and the mints but I can dream, right? lol
  23. Maybe it's something going on with the cracking sequence, yeah
  24. The eggs became fogged? But also very hyped to see what comes from them 🙂