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Look, whatever you're thinking, do me a favor; don't let go.


My Scroll| ❤️ Florets, Gemshards, Cantos, Nebulas and Pipios!

Will breed and give away spriter altkins on occasion!

eggdog copy.pngarkee.pngeggdog copy.png

*I share my IP adress with my sister. Mr. Handsome Vampire Man, please don't bite us, please don't ban us

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    My pronouns are she/they

    Breeding Information:

    Will breed anything off my scroll for free or reasonable trades (I hoard Nebulas, Florets, Gemshards, Pipios, SAkins and I'm always in need of Reds.)
    Please don't ask for metalics if you're not willing to wait, especially 2G Metalics and offspring from my metalic/prize SAkins.
    I'm IOU friendly.


    Hoarding Information:

    Currently hunting and collecting the following (CB unless stated otherwise):

    - Red Nebulas
    - Green Nebulas
    - Blue Gemshards
    - Chrono Xenowyrms
    - Gaia Xenowyrms, either CB or 2G from Garland

    If you want to help me with that, I can repay you somehow. (See breeding information above.)

    Thank you so much for visiting <3