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  1. Solid Snake has returned to the Smash Bros series! If you have a Nintendo Switch, be prepared for December 7th of this year for Super Smash Bros Ultimate! They even madea Snake Amiibo!
  2. I don't have a switch so I can't play it. If they had it for WiiU, I would play it and celebrate Snake's return!
  3. I READ THE BLOG. I know there's dolphins NOW, I was talking about a LATER version, like 1.14 or 2.0 It's what StormWizard212 said that made me say that. "I'm going to mistake them for sharks and freak out. I'll spot them at the edge of the screen or something and I'll jump out of my skin. And I'll probably do it half a dozen times before I remember they're just dolphins."
  4. I am called the SONICFairy for a reason. Sonic is my lifelong favorite game series, Zelda being my second. Silver the Hedgehog will always be my 4ever fave
  5. OMG SHARKS!!! That would actually be great for a future version of Minecraft! They'd attack you if you were in the water, but you could tame them with raw fish if they were close to the shore.
  6. Raiden is love. Raiden is life. ⚡ 💜
  7. Wobbufett, Eevee, Ho Oh, Greninja. I don't really have a favorite type, and I have no idea what a shiny is. I don't play the game, but Pokémon are ADORABLE!!! And cool
  8. Never played it (sort of) but I love it! Mettaton 💟 EX is my favorite, 'cause he's so...
  9. I LOVE ALL THE GAMES! Ghirahim is my favorite 💜, Zant is HILARIOUS, and Imp Midna is adorable. I have Hyrule Warriors, TP, WW, OoT, and a lot of others. I have a Scimitar Winged Wyvern I named "Userper King Zant"
  10. Creeper wolf two thoussssssand (Creeper_Wolf2000) at your ssservissse. I adore creepers, think that endermen burp (yes, burp) and LOVE LOVE LOVE Skincomps! So many possibilities in running into people who like games that you like! One time I wore a Metal Gear Snake skin, and someone said (and I quote) "ERRMERGERSH SHERLERD SHNERK"
  11. I PLAY ROBLOX!!! I hate how people ruin it with language, but it's still fun to me. And... WHU CANT REZIST DE ROBLXIAN SPAZ???!!!1!!12??222?
  12. Purple Guy is hot. Mangle is both sad AND A BOY (He's a MAN, 'GLE). And ALL of the animatronics are my friends (except BB).
  13. ILoveMyHedgekinz is here! As my Webkinz username suggests, my first was a hedgehog! I'm so glad to see a lot of Webkinz adopters that play this game!
  14. Hola, amigos. Username: SonicFairy ( that's Sonic for you-know-who, and Fairy for Zelda) Why: not for the pink one. It is for the knight ... the META Knight!