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  1. My Favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur and its evolutionary line, my Favorite Types are Fire or Poison, and my Favorite Shiny is Umbreon because he has electrik blue rings.
  2. did the nicknaming your eevee rainer, sparky, or pyro to get vaporeon, jolteon, or flareon theory get debackend or does it work? Just recently managed to get pokemon go back on my phone and caught an eevee that I would like to evolve to a jolteon
  3. I have been playing pirates legend of the black buccaneer and cabela's outdoor adventures
  4. I am reading The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  5. I don't have any tattoos right now but I would like to get a tribal cat on my right leg and a wolf on my upper left shoulder also in a tribal design.
  6. I would Hoard Crafting Supplies, Art Stuff, and Friends.
  7. I collect Music Boxes, Snow Globes, and Pokemon Stuff; like cards, games, plushies, and other pokemon related things,