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PlatinumDream | Scroll | Pronouns: any | GMT + 5


Open to breeding requests -- just ask!

Code collector, SAltkin collector, see profile for more info.

Astrapi Xenowyrms, my beloved

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    == == == GENERAL ABOUT == == ==

    Name: PlatinumDream
    Scroll: PlatinumDream
    Nicknames: Plat, Demi, Notos
    Pronouns: Any
    Age: College
    Major: English
    Minor: Physics
    Interests: Outer space my beloved, birdwatching

    Other pet sites: Flight Rising (PlatinumDream #237945), DapperVolk (Notos #40719), Lorwolf (TBA), Feliquest (TBA)

    **I'm happy to chat on Discord, but I don't accept random friend requests! You can find me in the DC Discord server.**

    == == == DC == == ==

    General info: I just really love dragons, man. Not the biggest breeder, lineages don't matter much to me. Encyclopedia completionist. Big fan of neat codes.

    Dragons I collect: Xenos, Pyralspites, Caligenes, Golds, any dragon that has anything to do with outer space in its lore, Black Teas and Embers (my go-to freezies), neat codes, SAltkins, Thuweds, interesting messies, probably a lot more that I'm forgetting

    Current Goals: Staterae, Neglected, CB Gold, Hellhorses, all-number code, to complete my SAltkin collection, more hybrids, Seasonals for freezing, to flood the AP with Xenos one day, more alts, naming my dragons, giving some of 'em descriptions, uhh...

    == == == BREEDING == == ==

    You can see my neatly-lineaged SAltkins and Thuweds in https://dragcave.net/group/160998 -- breeding requests are open, and I'm always interested in SAltkin swaps/Thuwed-kin swaps!

    Also, I have a G1 Male Silver Shimmer at https://dragcave.net/view/7ADgW who's open for breeding requests.