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  1. When can you catch the muskies? At the last half hour drop I only saw glassy.


    Edit: at this last drop I realized that in the time I was hunting glassy all the musky were taken  they go much faster.

  2. I received a gift via TGT
    Gift report: @rubina96 -> WolvGirl19: Sapphire Egg
    Am I on that list? No
    Do I need/wish to be removed? No
    How was the gift offered? Thread page 73/PM


    thanks much!

  3. Please add me to the lists

    Forum Name: WolvGirl19

    Scroll Link: Scroll

    PM Link: PM

    Proof that I read the rules: Green

    List Request: 

            Rare: chicken, cheese, alt black

            Uncommon: copper (green), gold, gemshard (blue)

            Common: azure glacewing, baikala (brown), ridgewing (tan/pale), duotone, lunar Herald (blue), Nhiostrife Wyvern