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  1. 17 hours ago, Astreya said:


    Phase 1 - re-opening golf courses? Could it be that some of them are owned by Mr.Trump? :D

    After all, re-opening outdoor recreation facilities is otherwise Phase 4, and I don't really see how a golf course isn't an outdoor recreation facility...

    Nah, it's because golf is a very low contact sport that can be engaged in with proper social distancing protocols and the provincial government has been trying to emphasize outdoor physical fitness activities with proper social distancing among the population for mental and physical health.  The outdoor rec facilities they're referring to are soccer fields, baseball diamonds, that sort of thing.  I doubt Trump knows Saskatchewan exists and if he does somehow own one of our golf courses he's definitely not allowed to visit right now since we closed our borders.  You know, after he started chatting about deploying troops to make sure Canadians didn't sneak into the U S of A to...I assume die on the streets?  Or it might have been around the time he told 3M not to ship N95s to Canada.  Definitely during the January-February-March stretch where he was pretending Covid was completely under control, but before 'inject yourself with disinfectants' and 'malaria medication made by companies my family has financial interests in are the ONE TRUE CURE'.


    I know it was before the special snowflake protestors decided they wanted haircuts more than functioning lungs.

  2. What's the current status of Earthquake?  Do dead eggs from earthquake act as killed eggs and therefore take up an egg slot?  Do they count against your maximum kill total?  I remember how it worked before my break but now I've seen a few different explanations.

  3. 17 minutes ago, HeatherMarie said:


    Yes, stunned hatchies can gender. I have stunned a hatchie before in the hopes that it wouldn't gender until I got a freeze slot back, but it gendered at pretty much the same time/stats as non-stunned hatchies.

    Awesome, thanks man!

  4. I blew through all of my freezes, so I need some replacement eggs for freezing!   


    Have, all HATCHLINGS:

    Winter Magi (lineage)

    Solstice (lineage)


    I want to swap these for eggs of the same breed, bred on December 24th or 25th ONLY.  For the Solstice, I need a blue wing, so preferably one that was bred in the morning.  Lineage, etc. irrelevant since they will be frozen.  First suitable egg wins!


    Trade links:

    Winter Magi



    Thanks all!



    Forum name: WereJace

    PM address: PM ME HERE


    List of Halloweens I'm willing to breed:


    1 F CB

    4G EG PB



    4 M CB

    4 F CB


    Cavern Lurkers:

    11 F CB

    11 M CB



    4 F CB

    3 M CB



    4 F CB

    4 M CB


    Shadow Walker:

    6 M CB

    5 F CB

    4G EG PB

    3G EG PB (Multiple)



    4 M CB

    3 F CB


    List of Halloweens I need:

    -5G EG PB Pumpkin

    -ANY Omen Wyrm

    -ANY Arcana


    List of commons from Halloweens I still need:

    -2G Kovos from Pumpkin

    -2G Tinsel from Shadow Walker  (I can dream, right?)


    I have most CB dragons available as mates.  Anything not listed here I am either breeding for the AP or for personal projects, but if you want something messy for freezing or what have you, hit me up!.  

  6. On 1/22/2019 at 12:05 PM, Dirtytabs said:

    Yup yup, by Herk a few pages ago :)


    Still need

    Aeria Gloris


    Ash - white


    Galvanic Wyvern


    Luminox Wyvern

    Melismor - white


    Razorcrest Wyvern - white

    Rift Wyrm

    Siyat - blue produces blue, green produces green



    Aeria Gloris - No Stripes Produced

    Aqualis - No Stripes Produced

    Boreal - No Stripes Produced

    Galvanic Wyvern - No Stripes Produced

    Lihnseyre - No Stripes Produced

    Luminox Wyvern - No Stripes Produced

    Pyrovar - No Stripes Produced

    Rift Wyrm - No Stripes Produced

    Siyat: Purple produces white.  https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ff9uz