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  1. Really?! I didn't know that! "The Rules You've been paired with a random user. Both of you are presented with the same choice: Blame the other person, or say nothing." I rightfully assumed you played against another user! (On my 1st year I actually choose to not lie so the other user won't get eaten, I felt bad for them) Well... I guess is not 'cruel' then but I maintain my opinion on YEARS of bad luck
  2. Since we can't never see what posts are reported, that wasn't a real warning.... we were suposed to guess when another troll will post? Also why is allways 1 ruinning it for all? Isn't that what personal warnings are for? Eliminate the bad grapes and leave others alone? (As was stated before, civil, respectfull and others alike, are SUBJECTIVE notions) From what I've seen around, threads get often closed for 'heated discussions' (hello, this is what a FORUM is for) when they exceed something like 3 posts/hour and have divergent opinions, even though there is no name calling or
  3. There is no wise when only one option gives you the egg! You just click and hope another user didn't read the instructions/is newbie and gets eaten instead of you ...so basically you just hope someone else gets that year's disapointment...quite cruel tbh (Honestly I'm surprised we still get them since majority of players want them so we choose the same option and we should all be eaten) When 'badluck' extends to 3-4 YEARS, is not bad luck, is bad mechanic! Support. The 1/year chance is ridiculosly low...you have a prize chance more often! Counting on AP is also a bad argu
  4. MY opinion on the change: Snow and Sakuhana are virtually the same, Saku is a little better-fed and less shiny Magi change I applaud! I love the new clarity and the fix hon the tail that looked chopped. Hatchies were very weird and twisted before. They look nice now. I'm a bit sad for the Lacula as it became less shiny and more 'heraldic' On the thunder I'm pissed the lightning color was changed. Now it doesn't match (to me) whith Electric, Golden and Bronze Shimmerscale or Gold. It is also a lot darker and went from a Scooby-Doo style to kind of Marvel radical difer
  5. I second that! I like the shortcut for 'add to group' on a dragon page, but all the other changes are annoying! The icons were very good and the easy acces to groups from selecting bar I miss allready 😢 Give those back please! (If you want to change mobile interface, why not ask mobile users what they actually need?)
  6. I support. We have few drakes/pygmy, but they are GORGEOUS. Do you know how many times I was in 'how gorgeous this new holiday looks with Honey!....oh wait...' way too many 😢 And since pumpkin set a precedent, at least 1/holiday should exist
  7. The less limitation to play the game how I Want, the better! Suport! All gor you, my precious unapreciatrd Glaucus 😢 And present guidelines for dragon species are a mess. I still ask myself how is Mint a DRAGON or how they breed with Colossus for example....😂 (Also it would be really cool if a dragon hybrid would grow to be a 2 headed, opening a gate to dragon-2 head breeding)
  8. Tbh is from personal experience, friends around me and game with classaments and seniority mechanics (where you can actually see when someone disapears gfrom the game) Erm...is a colectables game...it is exactly what it is...the simple fact that things like encyclopedia or trophy 'unlock' tells you so. If you grab AP instead of CB you are still limited by hatchi lock 2.904 atm but could be 4.368... even more drastic diference. But you forget AP is basically trash. Apart from rare treasures, they are UNWANTED. People want CBs or their own bred eggs for projects and line
  9. That dragon is NOT inbreed. And is extremly simple to check externally. Eye-checking is unrelyable. I showed something before, but I'll say again, I could get to at least a 4G of deception, naming parents Lolo Minolo and Lola Minola and you would never be able to tell
  10. I can't understand TJ's fix on making you wait that long and so against stacking them. If I get a CB egg, incubate it and throw it in a hatchery, I can just come back to the grown thing after 5 days. 5 days of my life wasted waiting. While 'Nurture' would actually determine me to come back to interact again. More time spent playing and less wasted on waiting. Most people play a game for roughly 3-4y before they get bored of it. The longer are the waiting times, the more likely is for people to get bored faster and to achieve less. Suposing you are at maxed, in 1y yo
  11. SUPPORT! Just recently I started to realize my All-holiday group became to large to custom sort (aghhh the LAG) and thought to break it in 3... But now I'd have to re-sort all of them in other groups and remove tens of dragons from the group and is a PAIN. The reason I'm not changing anything just yet. I see it best to work exactly like 'add to group' window, but instead you are shown a 'remove from group' window that contains all the dragons in that group with the 3 options. And this way you can ctrl and shift through them as well Like this: And to access it y
  12. Chiming into this again 1. 'Why treat bred eggs diferent than CB?' SOLSTICE. You can't have blue CB. Accepted mechanic. (Reason? Not messing existing lines, keep in mind some will go to kill instead of release) 2. If you do something, you only do it to the egg. Once hatched, that condition is permanent. No other dragon works against this 3. Is clear that the vast majority of players do ckrs and want the wings to match the parent. This is why 'breeding true' should be the default mechanic. Now if you want alternating colors, only then you need to go find another color adul
  13. Maybe some don't know but making and organising groups on mobile is HELL. We have to add dragons manully, one by one (unless you don't add the whole species/lineage) because you can't use ctrl or shift. Is even more painful when you do a search. You have to type the filter EACH time. I beg you to change this there is enough frustration in my life to deal with this anymore. (If there is some magical method to select multiple, please, let me know) My suggestion is either treat each click like a +selection (now if I click dragon A and then dragon B, the only selected i
  14. Zombie stuff is not really a part of my play style BUT I see it like this: Given the number of zombie sprites it seems the game encourages zombie collecting as much as just any other play-style. If my play-style, be it collecting all species/hoarding 1 species/breeding x G or x line, has 4 BSA (incu,influ,prevog,fertility) to help me reach my goal easier/faster then why zombie colecting is lacking this help?! If I want a rare PB Gold, I use a Purple to help...if you want a zombie...well good luck...hmmm doesn't sound fair SUPPORT!
  15. Support. We need an 'incubate' for hatchie too! Idc what is the BSA breed !with one correction though. Incubate has a cd of 14d. 28 is for corporealise! I want 14d cd for Nurture too (just like most others)
  16. Something probably needs to change in this mechanic. Was never a victim, but I keep ALL my eggs fogged for the 1st day. Only once I won a user-raffle and the sick egg died before I could click fog. I'm curious though, what are the records for the fastest sikness kill? I had an Avatar fresh-hatchi sick for 16h in hatcheries and it survived after fogging
  17. Yes, God please yes! This request came up another time and I will forever support it. Let me see what I'm trading for! Was that hatchi precoged? Influ? Please!
  18. Why not?! What is the effect on ward and bolt though? How it interacts with Aeon? Only absorbs 'the color' from Cantomaris?
  19. Scroll name: camelia2 Lines I can breed (TBA = no ofspring yet) You can also find them here in my all-holiday lines group https://dragcave.net/group/73031 '09 Valentine 3G x Ice https://dragcave.net/lineage/8mMQ3 4G x Ice TBA 3G x Silver TBA Sweetling 5G x Daydream TBA 4G x Red (dark alt base) https://dragcave.net/lineage/aKYK2 Rosebud 3G x Silver TBA 4G x Purple https://dragcave.net/lineage/BKStt 4G x White 1TBA 2TBA 3TBA 5G x Gaia xeno https://dragcave.net/lineage/LTCR7 4G x Almandine py
  20. Have: CB F Bronze Tinsel ready to breed with any Valentine breed My Precious Tinselle https://dragcave.net/view/mPQcE Want: 2G valentine prize swap from this list (*=priority) #B Tinsel: F - Erador / .F - R.Angel / ..M - Soulstone #S Tinsel: M - Val / M - Arsani / M - Rosebud #G Tinsel: M - Soulstone * / M - Sakuhana / F - Heartseker #B Shimmer: .F - Erador * #S Shimmer: F - Sweetling / F - Mutamore /.M - Heartstealing* / M - Rosebud #G Shimmer: M - Soulstone * / M - Sakuhana * / M - Heartstealing / F - R.Angel
  21. SUPPORT! Is so anoying now! Like, I allready decided I don't want this Ridge the moment I saw is not tan. Let me abandon it! (Btw you can see the code if you hoover your mouse over the egg or long-press on mobile)
  22. SUPPORT! Maybe keep the checkboxes like when you set a trade, and you thick the stuff you want to accept. Message for the other could read 'x accepted your trade, but rejected some of the offered creatures. Your eggs and hatchlings have been swaped'
  23. camelia2

    Prize Central

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/1f80576e4e05655479d15858ebbe4bb6?new=1 Want 3G prize ckr/good offer. Have 3G ckr silver shimmer x Starsinger https://dragcave.net/lineage/KYkBC PMs are welcomed
  24. O my God those snowman are hilarious! Is it toilet papper by any chance? And all those other designs! You got MAD skills! Wow On the positioning images, I'm on mobile. You 1st choose file then moove coursor on the line you want, click, and then click the little gray + that apears in the left low corner of your image
  25. I loved this event! It got me to draw again <3 I'm most proud of my SA cookies (sent to respective spriter) and my 'coppy-cat' xD