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  1. Yes yes yes please! Oh sweet mana alchemy 😢
  2. I was shifting ideas and came to a similar convention. Jut that IMO a studding should have a cost. Eggs and hatchy like a normal trade I'll give my go on it: Breeding hub -you use a teleport to create the trade. You select the payment (egg/hatch) and the dragon you want mated. -you describe what mate you want. Ex '2G SAkin' -someone offers up a mate -you hit accept. The 2 dragons are bred, the payment is transfered. -the egg, if any is produced, stays on the requester's scroll (Can't do visuals atm, but will) Lore-wise is like taking a horse to the horse market and you find it a fmate there. Medieval-like and fitting. The breeding is like a normal one so they might reject/refuse having the will (so not rape) So dragon won't live and you know its partner. Also is not free.
  3. Full support! I was recently banned for 5 DAYS for same-time trades when I stated the code for a lost egg, despite no rule stating you're not allowed. Some vague rule in COMPLETLY OTHER place states that all interactions must be voluntarelly...wich means completely nothing for someone young/not speaking English, and I still don't see how stating a code is an interaction, but you can't argue with a mod.... Edit: left out an important part. My trades stated 'or offer' as I was acceptin other offers from anyone, making them available for many. Oh, maybe also include a list of forbidden words? English is my 4th language and I recently found some words to be slurs even though I know them rooted in inocent terms. AKA I got no ideia I'm 'swearing' sometimes... take the excavation tool for example you know which if you play minecraft I should also mention that I didn't know what an IOU was and initially thought is a breed? Can it please state I Owe You?
  4. 1. My bad, it was Olimpe who 1st mentioned CB holly 'Let's get someone to stud out their CB holly so an HM female holly owner can breed PB hollies... Or something along those lines. Also works well with CB prizes, CB hybrids/alts, CB Spriters' alts, 2nd gen Thuweds and the like' (Then you felt the urge to tell me it won't happen) 2.no. you showed a visual of OFFERING to stud. No! You REQUEST the stud. Is not the same thing. I actually suggested it 4 posts above you. We are not talking about the OP anymore. The discussion went forward and many problems you bring are allready 'solved' 3.I know where that line is! I asked you how is it erased?! 'the suggestion here is to ask a specific member to co-operate. that could only be on forum, because hub rules state: If creating a public trade, your message should be applicable to many people using the trading hub, not just a specific person. This suggestion will inevitably rule out anyone not on forum; ' 4.fog is still there to use. If shouldn't have, it wouldn't be there. And no I wasn't because no one can bomb you if you use the means you've been given 5.that wasn't meant for you but for the mod above. (Hence I decided to number this) 6.It eas never about the code behind but IRL. I'd love to see how you mate 2 dogs without contact XD. IVF is part of the modern world, from wich DC clearly distanced from. Either in D.suggestion or describe there is the clear instruction to not bring robots or tech to DC. I also find this taking 'dignity' away (as someone said) from our dragons. IVF is basically rape. Collecting sperm from dragons? Yuck 7.why make it more inclusive than trading is? Your egg can be killed by a tradee. Your stud might get breed with something else. Is a 'risk' you take. If you are not going to use this anyway, why don't you let those that will decide the risk they're willing to take? 8.how can't you see you're biased toward the gideia from the moment you sugessted it will create more harassment than the trading hub? And keep saying you need contact when you can have a hub just like for trading? I'm comitted to make the ideia sound logical (not contact-less) not implying fancy tech lore (IVF) and on a 'if yo want do, if you don't want don't' Oh, DragonLady, the mod said nothing about view bombing, nor called it harassment. I trust mods. They sayd harassment is on the forum. DC is not the Forum. You still can't be harassed on DC OP could maybe be edited to show everyone we solved the problems and allow them to come with 'new' ones instead of the 'dragon killed' that has been solved allready? @borntobefree
  5. I know that very well Fuzz. I'm not a newbie. That is exactly why 'breed an ofspring' is nonsense. I gave you theose examples brcause you gabe them 1st. You keep getting it wrong...or reading it wrong, Idk. You don't OFFER to stud! You REQUEST a stud. This is why there is no harassment. You put up your 'payment' aka eggs/hatch and you say 'need stud CB F Holly' If whoever has a CB F holly wants to offer, they do, if not they don't. Where is your harassment?! Is the same as a 2 way trade! Where is 'applayable to many' part erased huh? Viewing eggs is by no means harassment. There are only 6 hatchery you can go and get out of and you have fog. Is like saying people on the street looking at you is harassment. Are you ok? In order to breed 2 things they have to be in physical contact. It's not telepathy. The dragons must be on the same scroll (and I allready solved all loosing issues with the 'celestial mechanic') I have to add that we probably need a visual that a dragon is a lended stud. Paling maybe? Like when is not available to breed? If you don't trust the player that it won't breed with something else, just don't offer to stud. Just like if you don't want your egg killed/bitten you don't trade it.
  6. A very good ideia 'shut up' by ridiculous reasons. Against it because we could have PB prize, holly, hybrids? What is wrong whith it?! Yes please! In this precise moment I want it to be a thing so we (me+friend) could get a 3G SAkin that we can't otherwise. Breed an ofspring you say? That gets to a useless 4G for my plans. Really not a solution. The best way I see it work: - stud hub. Works just like trade hub. You post your 'payment' eggs&hatchies, and request for stud with line X (NO SHARDS. Stud only if you want->no one can force you just like no one can force you to trade. You see advertisement and you offer) -uses a teleport just like the hub -Celestial mechanic for teleported stud: after you accept stud, dragon is teleported to you. After you breed, the dragon returns automatically to the owner (like celestial becomes incorporeal) or if you fail to breed it within 7? days it automatically returns to owner (celestial incorporealise after 28d) (Burning/hiatus of a scroll won't affect your dragon that will safely return to you after the 7d) -only action available is BREED (your preciouns dragon can't be killed) -you can't offer a dragon lended to you to stud for 3rd party -you only get max 1 egg from stud breeding -harassment DOESN'T exist on DC! On forum, maybe (though I still call it overreacting of some) you have no means to comunicate on DC. Forum is not DC. You can have diffrent user, no link just as oposing Fuzz has -multiscrolling. Why are we discussing this? Multiscrollers are instantly banned (some unfair as they're actually family and can't even contest it) you don't trust your mods? -family breeding. Oh so you can interbreed with your friend, but just because someone lives in the same house they are a problem? Really? -if your dragons are life-mated, don't offer them as studs...duh -Fuzz, by your statements most people won't even know stud hub exists! (As they couldn't even find the encyclopedia) how would harassment be possible? Recap: no harassment, no shards, no nominated asking, no forcing, no killing, no loosing a derg because of bann/hiatus, no payment (only trading) PRO: those that want it have dreams come true, game enrichment, new posibilities like awesome PB holly and prize
  7. Fuzz, to say many don't know about encyclopedia is an exageration. You have no stats on that. On the other hand I know is easy to be found. I found it. I constantly see new players on discord asking for dragons to view, this week someone asked about it. Never have I ever see someone be 'huh? Encyclopedia? What is that?' which means *most* know about it. Plus it is the place *intended* to have info. Contrarry to having to *know* someone's username to view their dragons as we lack an ID surffable link. You are right, to know the name you must've seen it somewhere, but it only means you saw 1, not every holiday dragons to know there are multiple and to go looking for them. This ideia is also not intended only for newbies. It is to also have an index of holiday species for those that forget which are they! I did! Poor 'Halloween' brute If you add a simple notice on the trade hub, you don't have visuals and index of them (apart from the issue I stated before about CB) Same problem if you only add it to dragon page. You know *that* dragon is holiday, but you don't know how many more there are. You need both visual and index for this to help a large number of players and the only place I saw this is encyclopedia.
  8. Sure you will. Just as you have people asking for gold for 1 CB hatchi. People that insist on staying oblivious, will still be.... but it will help those that DO LOOK (and those that forget) I discovered Encyclopedya in my very first days so I know for a fact that it is easy to find, not to mention you can also access it by mistake if you have an unlocked breed and click on breed name. Some of you are missing my edit here. Add a separate chapter for holidays on the Encyclopedia. Just as Elements is. No unlock needed, still in the good place. (So no is not easier to find someone else's derg)
  9. If it'd be to add it on trade hub it would only be fair to remind people that CB prize/alts/hybrids can't be obtained either, that SAkin start from 2G and so do prizes, that you can't trade a Fool mint etc. All not-so-basic stuff that a newbie needs but also creating a precedent. I'm against it being on the hub. (Not to mention that hub has bigger problems like unclear and vague rules that you get banned for without knowing they exist)
  10. Reading all the replies I realise the unlocking part eluded me (although I think if you view 15 adults it will unlock, otherwise how newbie know the name?) Anyway I'm now in favour of adding this notice on the dragon description and/or in a special 'chapter' of the Encyclopedia along with 'elements' and 'magic' it reads 'holidays', lists all holiday species by holiday name and maybe some lore. I hold onto the Encyclopedia part as it is very easy to find and the place you'd expect to find relevant info, more accesable than another's dragon and solves another potential issue 'why only these breeds stay locked-gray for me and I never saw these dragons?'
  11. I've got tired (and feel so sorry) for the trades of clueless newbie that request holiday breeds outside of season on trade hub. Nowhere on DC is it mentioned that there are holiday-specific breeds (some don't even look like being speciffic ex Desipis vs Black Zyu) and that they're only obtainable once/year. Poor newbies have no ideia. I know I've been drawn to DC by the breathtaking Mistletoe, Soulstone and Garland. I was upset when I *finally* found wikia to tell me I'll have to wait. Sometimes I forget if a breed is holiday and would like to check fast in Encyclopedia. Sure there is wikia, and forum but a newbie doesn't know, also IMO a site should have all critical info as this within itself, not relying on unofficial sources to spread this info (which was also wrong when I joyned. Wiki sayd only 2 holiday/scroll when is actually only 2 CB/scroll) Fix: add a tiny warning 'only found on its season/unobtainable outside of season' on the Encyclopedia page at the top along with body type Due to their unique mechanic, Seasonal should display the same warning Edit: Reading all the replies I realise the unlocking part eluded me. I'm now in favour of adding this notice on the dragon description and/or in a special 'chapter' of the Encyclopedia along with 'elements' and 'magic'. it reads 'holidays', lists all holiday species by holiday name and maybe some lore. I hold onto the Encyclopedia part as it is very easy to find and the place you'd expect to find relevant info, more accesable than another's dragon and solves another potential issue 'why only these breeds stay locked-gray for me and I never saw these dragons?'
  12. I like the toggle ideia! Helpful for the eggs not resembling adults! And aestetic enjoyment
  13. Support for showing names on the sprite! A search is too complex for the only ~200 dragons but names will definitely help! I sometimes forget the name of a specirs but know the sprite. Search won't help.
  14. I wanted to be nice and inclusive...maybe some are really bored. It's actually usless and disposable tbh. So move it to bottom to make space is reasonable enough. Oh and to add to the 'I can't even find commons' I'm hunting for a dorsal for 3 days now....no trace of one *sigh*.
  15. Full support. To acomodate mobile (which I mainly use) you can move the lore of biome at the bottom of page to make row 2. Nobody reads that everytime they hunt so it can go to the bottom
  16. I know things won't change since TJ built the site like this on purpose (hidden scrolls, hidden owners etc.) but I'll still give my opinion on the matter. As I said before, this site is full of ghosts. So many useful features won't be implemented just to protect someone's 'precious' privacy (increasingly ironic since TJ works for facebook) All to prevent *potential* unwanted communication... communication where?! There is no (and will not be) message feature in DC and you have a nice pretty ignore user on forum which you can use if 'hey would you trade this?' bothers you so much. Acting like you'd pe spamed with the constitution for the rest of your days if DC and forum names would be linked is amusing. On any other adoptables site you know who you're messaging and who owns what (unless you're blocked) while you have to make *another account* to message on DC (which pissed me off from the very begining) and all think it would be a tragedy if DC would work as you'd expect.
  17. Yes! It is only logic to have a history for what we bought. I want to see the fprice as missy_ said. And please no counting shards. It is kind of pointless since it is trivial and you have the metter for present week. What point to see last week you didn't hit the limit if you can't compensate anyway? No counting
  18. You do realise that groups offer no limitation when it comes to breeding (breed within group shown 1st for ex) so I still had to name my 600 CBs. Also do you realise on mobile you have to add dergs to a group ONE by ONE?! It's a nightmare! You simply can't select more than 1. I keep sorting on DC for times I get to a PC at school or smth
  19. Support! Trading hub is largely used as 'put this up and wait for offers' and less 'hmm, let's see if someone allready posted what I want and go offer on them' so many people post, few offer on others (clear from the want A have B, want B have A posts on top of eachother). Can't even count how many times I had a valuable egg that I wanted to offer to multiple people I'd be equally happy with and first accept gets it or keep my trade posted while also offering it. Instead I have to wait 1d on a trade for that person to cancel not wanting it and all the other good ones gone long ago or the thing growing on me. Frustrating.
  20. This BSA would be mega useful, no doubt on that and full support. As for the logic behind 'Nurture' - simple! Eagles! Whenever I watch eagle/owl documentaries the story is usually the same, 1 chick is getting not-so-much food and ends up looking way younger than it is (and in bad years gets eaten by the stronger siblings) The photo on hand ilustrates a little diffrence, but important. We can see 2 adult-looking juveniles with flying plumage and the smaller chick on the left that still retains a lot of baby fluff and has only feather buds on most of it's body. (There are much more drastical examples out there, but this one was handy) Access to food has an imense impact on how fast birds (closely related to reptilians) grow. We can also see in DC world that a hatchi getting more views will grow to s2 faster so this mechanic is totally logical
  21. Full support! I find it very anoying to have to keep one. I allways mass breed for holidays
  22. Go fish A misscolored ckr dragon
  23. Never used it once...why would you? After struggling for months to get a zombie.... to make it disapear? I never saw the reason of that BSA Reinfluencing is simplier, but this game hates simple things... and is set on a win some-lose some mind (need of a magi to teleport, slots, AP, misscolors, neglected, earthquake etc) so I don't think the simple 'reinflunce' will make the cut. Purify keeps things 'fun' If I recall corectly, the artist said he wanted a BSA for them but didn't said what. It woldn't be first BSA added after the release of the dragon.
  24. I think we need a BSA Purify to wear off influence from eggs. Candidate: Amalthean I keep seeing situations of missinfluence and the pain they bring. Sure, trading or abandoning the egg makes it wear off and you could have someone return the egg, but this is a pain and not allways possible (market egg, fool mint), also risky with a valuable egg and for the general level of 'no-usless-interaction' this game is comitted to this really has to change as for a solo player to be able to revert it. Now, sure, I never missinfluenced an egg and you might say we don't need it, but there are players out there that mistake often, some from medical problems related to memory, some just being human and doing an oupsie. Best part is it wouldn't affect those who don't want it, just don't use it. Let's make DC better. As a way to keep balance and 'risk' DC seems to like, Purify cleans the egg of all magic applyed: Influence and Incubate; and allows reapplying. The candidate dragon Amalthean. Tbh I think all of us expected Amalthean to have a BSA when they got released. It would fit from every aspect. 1st, the other hybrid of White has BSA too. A hardly useful one. 'Purify' follows the pattern. 2nd it would fit lore-wise. They are cleaners, purifiers. ''The water sources they live near are astonishingly clear and pure, and have been found to contain medicinal properties. These dragons are known for their ability to cure any disease, wound, or poison, as well as the purification of any water they come across.''
  25. Full support! Just the other week I killed an old-frozen hatchi because it was a CB and I refuse to have any frozen CB (everyone plays how they wants, this is my quirk) but I'd rather had it just turn into an adult instead. I'm in favour of the following features: -hatchi instantly grows into adult (prevents any trading&confusion) (lore: magic so powerful it gave life -force to grow) -time limited (but not this much. 53 weeks and only 12/year is overkill) Frozen hatchi count as an adult for your trophy anyway so the only concern remains freeze-insta-unfreeze to bypass normal growth, so a limit is needed, but not that strict. You can max freeze 18 hatchi every 2 weeks, this means a whooping 468 freeze/year. I think is fair to allow 1 unfreeze/2 weeks (almost 5%) which low enough to not be abused since you also use a freeze and high enough to be confortable, 26 (potential insta-adults 'abuse') /year is really insignificant and can't be abused on holidays more than freeze is, maybe you find 26 great lines on a holiday, investing a whole year into adulting them seems like enough wait/work 1 month cooldown (or rather 'warming' of the hatchi from the freeze) untill unfreeze also seems more than enough if you really can't cope with 1 insta-adult/2weeks -you can't influence gender. (Well you couldn't anyway since it hatched) -can't be performed on zombie (seems logic, they're not hatchi)