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    <<I am currently on the Coast looking for exotic breeds>>
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    My favorite Dragons on DC are:

    Silvers: I really just like the aura of their egg and how graceful the adults look. I will totally breed you a Silver...that's how much I love them, everyone should have a Silver.

    Golds: I mean, it's golden, what more can I say?

    Bautas: Purple is my favorite color and I can tell this dragon took a lot of thought, I mean all of the dragons did, but this one is just so unique!

    Sapphires: I didn't like them at first, but the look grew on me as well as their description, their colors pop and I'm just all about that.

    Golden Undines: Just the rarity stands out to me. If you need me to breed one for you, just ask!

    Susong: The fricken wings are sooo detailed! Like how!?

    Setsong: I love the colors of the lil' guy. They're so well done!

    Risensong: My desperate need for the Risensong led me to the forums in the first place.

    Green Firegem: Both the male and female are so majestic looking. I mean green and purple are like the best color combination!

    Freckle: They're just so frecklin cute, like I want one in real life.