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  1. It's ok guys I was just being silly and apparantly very clueless to the system. But thanks for letting me know!
  2. I used it, and put in my Script Dragon Egg for an IDK what that is egg but chose anyway because it looked cool. If you go to the site you can see the Script Dragon Egg, getting rid of it should've (I think) put me out of egg lock and opened up a spot for the other egg I was supposed to claim. I understand that you can choose to leave without taking, but I had intended to take that egg and it is no longer on the site. I don't exactly know how I can fix this or get the egg. The Script Dragon Egg is still showing up on my scroll, but it shouldn't since....I got rid of it. Edit: It's a monarch dragon. So it was totally something worth it
  3. 44,464 woooooooopiiiiiiiiiiiiiie
  4. I am trying to join a gifting thread, but in order to do so, I need to put my PM link in my first post. It had a video that showed you how, but it isn't working for me. Every time I try to bring up a PM and copy the link, it will show up in a separate box, so the Link in the search bar just links to whatever page I was on before and I cannot get a proper link. Does anybody know how I can do this properly?
  5. Trip Horn Wyvern, Hellfire Wyvern, Stone Dragon, and White Dragon. I honestly can't choose a favorite
  6. Have: CB Albino hatchie Want: Storm-Rider Lumina Offers PM me to make an offer
  7. It will kill all of your hellfire wyverns or other fire related dragons and make all plant and earth related dragons grow faster. Where can I get leetles?
  8. Keep: Kingcrowne Abandon: Floral-Crowned Kill: Imperial Fleshcrowne Howler Drake, Falconiform Wyvern, Honey Drake