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  1. Anybody have any Undead 2 headed Easterns? There's only a couple on the zombie spreadsheet at the moment.
  2. What a coincidence* I just fed my chickens some broccoli today, hopefully that'll bring me some luck to get this bab. Good luck everyone. *not really, my girls get broccoli fairly regularly, it's one of their favourite treats
  3. I've finished my little egg collection for this year. It was good fun, I didn't get most of the references but the MBMBaM and Lugia ones really made me smile, thank you spriters for submitting your wonderful works of art.
  4. Full support from me. I was planning on starting a purebred upside down mint line if I managed to get a second one this year, and being able to see them on the lineage would be awesome. It would also make the upside down mints and, more importantly, their babies more desirable. Since the sprite already exists I don't see why it can't be changed on all pages.
  5. My friend in college had broccoli in his packed lunch today, I hope that's a good omen. Good luck everyone and thank you Feesh
  6. I mostly read fantasy/sci-fi but here's a handful of war books you might be interested in. All these books are really sad, I mean war books in general are sad but when told from the perspective of children/animals it makes it sadder. War Horse, about a horse during WW1 and what happens to him, sees the war from both sides as well as from a civilian perspective. Soldier Dog, about a British boy in WW1 who works as a messenger dog handler. The Boy In Striped Pyjamas, about a young German boy who lives on a WW2 concentration camp as his father is the commandant of the camp. He befriends a young Jewish boy living inside the camp. The Book Thief, about a young German girl living in Dresden during WW2, her family hides a Jewish man in the basement.
  7. I'd prefer to have it on scroll, especially if the "frozen" eggs can be named like the Leetle Tree. It would provide a different option for those that use dividers to separate their dragons.
  8. I was lucky in that a number of the eggs I was locked with were incuhatchable. I've caught 2 drabs and 3 speckles, I'm not too fussed if I don't get whatever different forms the speckles have as I'm only really collecting CBs to pair with Prizes and it seems these won't be able to breed with them. Here's hoping I've snagged a male/female pair of drabs, though I'm not too interested in using my few Aeons/Pinks to make sure, if they gender wrong I'll trade for the correct gender. Thank you TJ and the artists for the release, I can't wait to see what the dragons will be!
  9. @Sazandora When I read BrazenChase's post (who takes credit for the original idea) my first thought would be that it works as an action where you check the egg and then you get the text. Perhaps the action could be called "Check Egg" and the description for the action would be "Check to see if the egg is still alive (This action will allow the egg to remain on your scroll and not hatch)". You'd only be able to "check" the egg through direct action (like freezing a hatchling), it is not something that happens randomly or when the egg runs out of time. It may also work the same way as a BSA though I don't know which breed should have it. Personally I would prefer it to be similar to freezing and use the same amount of times as freezing, however "freezes" and "checks" would be separate counts, so you'd still be able to freeze the same amount of hatchlings as normal but can keep eggs on top of it. Though having less "checks" to keep the system balanced would be fine too. If don't know if people would want to keep dead eggs too but if so perhaps the action could be used to "check" the dead egg and keep the dead shell. Maybe "You check the egg only to find a broken shell. Would you like to preserve the shell?" Also to get rid of a "frozen" egg instead of having a "kill" option you'd have a "discard" option that would say something like "You decide you no longer want this shell and throw it away." And again "discard" would be a separate count to "kill" and the amount of "discards" would be the same or less than "kills".
  10. I for one am all for freezing eggs at all stages, people being upset about the idea of killing the baby dragon makes no sense, I kill hatchlings regularly to try for Undeads, how is this any different? I like the idea behind using an action/BSA to check if the egg is still alive as a way to "freeze" an egg. This can also work with cracked eggs too, sometimes baby birds/reptiles will pip (that is make the first hole in the shell) but then don't have the strength to continue hatching and die, so a baby dragon dying when the egg has started to crack isn't too far-fetched an idea. As for the last stage, obviously the hole is big enough for the hatchling to get out of, so maybe we can say the baby has left the hole and ran away? After all we know that hatchlings can leave your scroll if they are forced out with Earthquake or Kill. It doesn't really stop people from saying you technically kill an egg when you "freeze" it, but at least it's a little less dark. Perhaps the wording could be something like this: Whole egg: "You check the egg carefully and realise this egg is not going to hatch. Would you like to preserve the shell?" Cracked egg: "You check the egg carefully but it looks like the hatchling was too weak to finish hatching and died. Would you like to preserve the shell?" Last egg stage: "You check the egg carefully and realise that the hatchling has already left the egg and ran away. Would you like to preserve the shell?" EDIT: Maybe adding a poll asking whether people want to see this with the options being "no", "yes but only whole eggs" and "yes, but with all cracking stages" would be a good idea too?
  11. *drops a nakkie Lumina in the thread* Just in case anyone needs one
  12. Unless it's changed recently I don't believe there is. Certainly when I asked last year the answer was no.
  13. Ack, sorry, I straight up did not notice them on there. Thank you both for pointing it out. That's what I get for trying to look when I'm half asleep.
  14. So I don't know if anyone else has noticed but there's a new Zombie sprite in the Encyclopedia, it's a Pygmy Wyrm. If anyone has them could you please link them here? There hasn't been an update to the Zombie Spreadsheet and I don't have a way to be online at the time when Zombies are viewable at the moment.
  15. My CB Shimmerscale is refusing to give me a prize baby, all the other Shimmers cooperate and produce good babies but they are not CB. I think I'll switch which mate I use next week and hope that'll help.
  16. That's almost enough broccoli to make a decent pot of broccoli soup! Good luck everyone!
  17. Good luck to everyone, someone will be getting a healthy meal of broccoli!
  18. https://dragcave.net/group/80410 I just made this group with all my seasonals, there's a couple of frozen hatchies in there too.
  19. One more fresh broccoli sprout, perfect and green, good luck everyone.
  20. Thank you Feesh and good luck everyone in getting a cute broccoli baby.
  21. So I have accidentally picked up some interesting codes from the AP WEExJ Either this Marrow is having a great time, or they really need the toilet h9sxY This little Grave will be one nice looking adult apparently rmMob And this Omen Wyrm is in a gang I don't collect codes so these are available for a swap trade if anyone wants them, just PM me.
  22. Looks like the Arcana is now in the Encyclopedia, I just used a hatchery to unlock everything, but thought I'd let others know here so they can view eggs now instead of waiting until next year.
  23. So my boy Hamo has only bred twice, he failed to produce the first time being bred with a Magma and gave a Shimmer kin when bred with a Black. I'm going to be pairing him with a Blacktip for somebody once there are no more Halloweens to grab, here's hoping he'll produce some shinies soon.
  24. Thank you, that fixed it. I didn't realise dragcave links didn't work.
  25. I just posted in the Favourite Sprite thread in Site Discussion and realised I messed up the images, but when I try and save my edit it just comes up with this message. "This comment can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited." My comment hasn't been moved or deleted from what I can see, and I have only just posted so I don't think too much time has passed, so I'm not sure why I can't edit it.