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  1. Keep: Celestial abandon: aegis Kill: Spirit Ward Pipio Pygmy Nebula Seasonal Dragon
  2. By tying their teeth together, tying them to a rock, and dropping them into the ocean. How is do I get an undead dragon?
  3. By copying and pasting other eggs onto your scroll. How do I kill a Leetle tree?
  4. Heartseeker Heartseeker or Nebula?
  5. No, actually it becomes a Guardian of Nature dragon. How do I trade with someone?
  6. Pour Drano into the CD drive. How do you abandon an egg?
  7. Keep: 2G Blue Winged Solstice Abandon: 2G Mistletoe kill: 2G Female Holly My three: Nebula, seawyrm pygmy, soul peace.
  8. crazy, sister’s dog’s girlfriend. If I were a cupcake...
  9. So, you know how the striped dragons have different colors, and you get the different colors through breeding? Can you do the same thing with any of the other dragon breeds that come in different colors?