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  1. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave!! I was able to get Two green and silver egg. In the Coast. One red and gold egg in the Volcano Two blue and bronze egg. In the Alpine. Then I become egg locked so I did not get the last one in the Forest. I am looking forward to using the market and the trading. Thank you TJ.
  2. I don't think anyone is blaming you. I am not blaming you. I you are doing something you enjoy doing. 😉 3
  3. Thank you Lagie for the offer but we only take gifts from people that are members of the group.
  4. Three (Tears 😂 rolls down my check. Maybe next time.)
  5. Wow! Great Job Mnkn10! Keep up the great work.
  6. Thank you for letting me know. I will add them to the list of other dragons.
  7. When I click on the "Move to" arrow and try to select the folder it pops out on the right hand side and goes back in as fast as it came out so I can not click on the folder I am trying to select. I am not sure if I could get a screen shot because it happens so fast.
  8. I did not even know it existed until I read your post about it. Now I can clean up my inbox. But yes I am having trouble moving it to a folder. I go to pick the folder and it close it and will not let me move the message at all. Thank you for introducing this to me.
  9. Welcome to the group! I look forward to working with you.
  10. I just made account today (5-4-2018). If you are on their please message me over there and let me know. Username over there: DreamDragon101