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  1. "I'm scroll-locked for about another day but, awesome for new dragons!"
  2. "Happy birthday to you, Dragon Cave! Here's to many more!"
  3. "Ohoh~ we're playing games here! I've gotten my mint! Thank you!"
  4. "Oh, I love the appearance of both of these beautiful dragons! Thank you for the newest additions, TJ!"
  5. » Sighs because egglock. «
  6. Oh, how exciting! Too bad I don't know how to make pixel art, though. Good luck to those who enter!
  7. "Oh, the new Wyverns are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see what kind of pairings will come out in the future!"
  8. "Even though I don't normally celebrate this day, Happy Valentines, everyone."
  9. "Oho~ a new dragon? But of course, I will have room for a new addition. Happy Valentines everyone~ (even though I don't care for it personally)."
  10. "Happy New Years, everyone. Here's to a good year!"
  11. "I would have to say autumn. It's still chilly but there's the presence of warmth if you stand within the glow of the sun. I personally enjoy the cold much more than the heat, so I stick to the shadows of the shade often. And the colors of fall are very alluring - don't get me wrong, the other seasons also have very nice coloring, even winter, but I find fall the most attractive. Also, it's still nice to drink either hot or cold beverages before we're completely frozen with winter or overheated by summer (or a very warm spring). At least, I think so~"
  12. "Hmm, I normally just type things out on my laptop or phone, but I use the occasional sheets of paper and pen or pencil. So long as I'm able to jot down what I'm thinking and get it out before I forget it or clear up any plan that I have in my mind, I don't mind what I'm writing with. But, all in all, I stick to the electronics."
  13. "R.I.P. I'm still egglocked for another 5 hours. Haaa, oh well."
  14. "Heh, it makes me wonder how many people will be up hunting tonight - myself included. Happy Halloween, everyone."
  15. Happy birthday Dragon Cave! And may it have many more!
  16. "Too bad I was too late to join, else I totally would have."
  17. "I have many songs I enjoy, but I will name the top three I always return to." Assassin's Creed: II Ezio's Family Assassin's Creed: Black Flag Soundtrack Skyrim Atmosphere Music
  18. "Yes, that is unfortunate. But there could be a chance in the future [not really]."
  19. "I prefer the Dusk and Common Pygmies for the Red-tailed Wyrm. All of the others seem a bit... meh. That's isn't to say they are bad, though."
  20. "Hmm. Color-wise, I can see the Tatterdrake pairing up with any of the following: Fell Dragon, Falconiform Wyvern, Sinomorph, Plated Colossus dragon. But to match temperament, I can see pairings consisting: Brutes, Desipis, Guardian Avatar of Destruction, Hellfire Wyverns, Hellhorse dragons, Nexus Dragons, and the Seragamma Wyverns. I personally really like the pairing of Tatterdrakes and Desipis dragons."
  21. "My Falconiform Wyvern is apparently very ASHYE." [ ASHYE ]
  22. "It's been awhile, but it would have to be World of Warcraft, Minecraft, or Wizard 101. I was really young when I began playing those games."
  23. "Who can pick only one? It's practically impossible unless you've sincerely made up your mind. But anyways, I'd have to say that I lean more to the dark or dragon type. But it's a match between the two legendary Pokémon Lugia and Giratina. I cannot pick between the two."
  24. "While playing Skyrim, I was ambushed by a group of bandits when I was, from a distance, shooting down a Giant and their mammoths who were fighting a frost dragon. I tried to get into my favorites for a ultimate healing potion but I was smacked in the face with a steel battleaxe the last second. One re-spawn later and Inigo and I were able to exact our revenge."