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  1. i hope whoever sold me out enjoys their mint X’D i’m loving the sprite updates! the changes to the pillow sprites helps to really accentuate their floofiness!
  2. I just finished Olivia’s route, and, omg, I love her so much! I’m scroll locked with past years’ eggs and I’m out of incubates 😓 I hope I can grab a few later! These hatchlings are cute!
  3. here’s my little thing the visiting script dragon found out about wreathes and went all out, using up all of my wood X’D
  4. this is going to be the third holiday i’ve experienced on the site! i was just able to snatch a mistletoe and holly from the cave within the first few minutes! whew!
  5. i’ve never been scroll-locked like this before, with eighteen hatchlings that will grow up at the same time! seeing the hatchie wall and knowing i was a part of it is super fun!
  6. i’ve been waiting for the halloween event to start and it’s finally here!! i already finished the haunted forest event, and i never gave the apology note to the apothecary... but now it’s time to fill my bag with the eggs of all the rad halloween dragos i’ve missed!
  7. drat! i just scroll-locked myself yesterday 😧 happy b-day dc!